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Kitchen Flooring Choices ~ Our Remodel Begins

Have you ever been told,”The grass doesn’t grow under your feet”? Well, that is true for me and my husband. We are always working on something, like my post demonstrated on Monday. Now that “something” is our kitchen. {{applause}} I am so absolutely excited to begin this venture that started a few years ago. Today, I want to show you the before(s) – yes, plural because there’s more than one –  and we’re going to focus on our kitchen flooring. Looking to do your kitchen too? We are sharing our tips on how you can choose the right kitchen flooring to suit your style and budget.

If you want to get caught up to speed on the rest of our home remodel, you can visit our master bedroom, bathroom, boys’ room, and patio. Let us know what you think while you’re there!

Our story begins in 2003 when we bought our house with one kid in tow and another on the way. This is what we saw in the kitchen…

Outdated Kitchen Remodel with New Flooring by Prodigal Pieces |

…yes, this is before we had a digital camera – I’m dating myself. ahem. We’ve got dark cabinets, linoleum, white laminate, and a whole lotta 80’s going on. If you were to do a 180° turn, you’d see the dining area.

Ranch Home with Carpeted Dining Area "Before" by Prodigal Pieces |

This used to be a screened in porch at one time, hence the outdoor light fixture and faux door where the exterior door used to be. This berber carpet ran down the steps connected to our family room and could also be found in our bathroom. yuck.

We wanted to open up the space and create more of a unified room, so we took out the wall on the left and  Read more

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Today’s the day! WAHOO! Yes, I’m excited and yes, I can show you the final product of all our work in our one and only bathroom.

Now, for those of you just stopping in, I’d like to take a minute to catch you up to speed. My family and I are remodeling our house (again) and our latest project was our master bedroom, and sort of at the same time our soon-to-be farmhouse bathroom over the last year (while also having babies and a grand ol’ time).

When we bought our home in 2003, this is what the bathroom looked like. In case you’re wondering, this is a scanned and uploaded photo, so you could get the full effect. Now I am really dating myself. ahem.

Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Cast iron green bathtub with matching green commode, glass shower doors, 3″ creamy white square tiles on the bottom and 1″ white with gold square tiles on top. Berber carpet on the floor, clear corrugated plexiglass type drop ceiling, an indoor/outdoor light complete with outlet attached, and a single mirrored medicine cabinet. Oh yeah, total room for improvement.

First makeover included painting upper tiles dark maroon and the ceiling panels and grids white, added green floor tile, plus mirror and light fixtures, and took out the shower doors.

Second makeover, yanked out the tub and toilet for new fiberglass tub with surround, and put in new floor tile. (another uber old scanned picture)

Budget-Friendly DIY Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

It wasn’t until a couple years later I painted the upper tile a soft green and changed up the decor. This picture shows after we already tore down the ceiling and getting into gutting it from top to bottom.

Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Third times a charm, right? tsk.

Budget-Friendly DIY Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Well, this time was for good because we needed to replace that window and we wanted a clean start, a GIGANTIC do over. All the details about the start of our project, including how we got a massively heavy tub in there are here, and the latest upgrades are all here. Take a minute and catch up…it’s a good read.

Are you ready? We are!!

Budget-Friendly DIY Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces Read more

Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style

In case you noticed I’ve been a little scattered lately, it’s all for a good reason. Back in August, we finally gutted our bathroom – our one and only bathroom for a family of 8.  Yikes!  I can’t believe it’s been that long already. And it was high time for a bathroom makeover.

We aren’t just a tad busy, but busy like nobody’s business busy.  Do you think it’s done yet?  No sirree.  By this time I had hope to share with you the completed project, but since that won’t be happening anytime soon, I thought I would share the beginnings of our remodel.

Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
My hubby had already started to tear the bathroom apart before I could snap a good before photo, but just by this one alone I think you can get the idea that an update is overdue.
Our home is not your typical stick built home, it’s call a Gunnison home that was built back in the 1950’s.  It’s a type of modular home that were being built for soldiers returning from service in the military particularly in our neighborhood.   You can read more about them here.
Yes, our home has quirks, but most any home does and we choose to see our blessing for what it is…a blessing.  Instead of grumbling about wanting bigger and better, we are choosing to make our home the best there is for us.  You can read about our other progress of the master bedroom in Part 1 and Part 2.
The best part is that no one would guess this is a modular home.
One of the perks of this particular package is one lonesome bathroom.  Not only that, but also one bathroom with a window in the shower that faces the street. oh yeah, baby.
Question for builder: Why on earth would ANYONE put a window in their shower???  Does that not pose the problem of water damage not to mention privacy?
Uugh.  When we moved in the previous owner had replaced the window at some point with a wooden framed window.  Ummm, baaad idea.  Of course the sill rotted out and left us with a mess to clean up.
At one point when we really didn’t have a budget, we replaced the commode, the shower stall and tub, and floor (originally it was carpeted and has since had two different tiled floors) and it’s held up for several years.
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 So here we are doing it again, and this time we’re yanking everything out and starting over…clean slate.  It feels sooo good.  I’m going to try to dig up a real before shot for you by the next time I post….promise.
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 On the walls we have 1″ tiles above 3″ tiles.  I’ve painted the 1″ tiles a couple of times over the years because the originals were white with lovely gold streaks in them.  The builders didn’t even tile to the ceiling – most likely ran out of tile – and then just added a clear plastic drop ceiling to hide it all. Don’t you love it?
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 The 3″ tile beneath is also white with gold flecks in it, but at least that was more bearable.
Like I just mentioned, the ceiling was a drop ceiling with clear (that had turned mottled) plastic panels.  When we moved in I quickly remedied that problem with some white paint.
After the ceiling was removed, here is what we were left with…wood panels.
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 The ceiling was the easy part, and that was what we tackled first.
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
*post contains affiliate links so you an find the products I love to use too. (see full disclosure)
 I show you more of that later.
Then it was time for one of my favorite toys…the Sawzall.  (enter in “Tim the Tool Man” laugh)
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 That little gem sent those nasty tiles flying and it was done in no time.  Another good thing about our home is that we don’t have drywall on our walls.  Just good old wood sheets, which are actually kind of nice because they can handle dings and bumps from kids, and can handle remodeling well.
After most was removed, here is what we were left with.  So ugly isn’t it?
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
Needless to say we replaced the window with a new one.  Can I just say I love Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore!  We found 2 new double-hung windows that were the exact fit to our remodel – they are NOT wood. (Since this window is one of our front facing windows, we are also replacing the other front window in a bedroom) Of course, we also removed the damaged interior wall and replaced it with cement board suited for water purposes.
We seriously wanted to wall the window in or put glass block instead of a double-hung window, but since this it can be seen curbside, we didn’t want to ruin our curb appeal and lose light.
In looking to replace our tub, I would have loved to install a claw foot cast iron one, but since we’d like to sell our house at some point, we wanted to make it suit folks of all ages.  I found a brand new uninstalled Kohler cast iron bathtub on Craigslist for pennies compared to a new one.  It has a small chip on the corner, which deemed it unusable by the owner, but it will hide beautifully with trim.
Now, it sounds easy enough to just put the tub in, BUT (there’s always that word!) getting it in place was another issue.  Thanks to our good neighbors help, we were able to get the tub into the house and in the bathroom. However, getting it in place was another story.
This bad boy weighed over 300 lbs. and was almost exactly the size of our bathroom, so squeezing it in was a chore.  My hubs and friend couldn’t get it in for anything because the front apron kept catching on the wall.  grrrr…
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 At this point I am happy to say that I am on this side of the camera during this part of the bathroom makeover.
What to do?  Whip out the Sawzall and cut the wall that was causing the trouble.  Did I mention I love that tool?  It was a gift to self a while back and it’s worth every penny.
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
Alas the tub, is finally in a resting spot.  BUT…(there it is again!) we couldn’t get it to move back in to place snug against the wall.  My husband tried everything he could think of, but the feet of the tub kept catching on the cement board underneath.  grrr…
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 I told him to let it go and we would tackle it the next day with a fresh brain.  I always get wonderful revelations as I’m going to sleep and sometimes that’s a bad thing because then I can’t sleep.  That night, bingo.
Excitedly, the next morning I asked him if we could try to use a lever to lift the tub on the end, while he pushed from the side.  Thank God (seriously) we have access to the pipes and tub on the faucet side of the wall through a closet.
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 I suggested we stick a 2″ x 4″ under the tub and I would stand on it to lift it up.
It worked.  Hallelujah!!
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 Yes, I work in skirts and yes, I’m stunning on that board in this fuzzy photo, eh?
Bathroom Makeover DIY Farmhouse Style: Part 1 by Prodigal Pieces
 I’m going to stop at this point even though we’re way past this part of the bathroom makeover.  But let me tell you, even a tiny bathroom can become a big headache. We tried to pre-plan all the details and even with that effort you will always run into something. At least we can DIY!
If you want to see the next installment come on over.

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