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DIY Bike Garden Shed Tutorial from Cedar Wood

It’s nothing new that organization keeps a body sane. There’s no hassle with clean-up and definitely saves time and can even keep your investments in a better state. What you’re looking at is a spot that has kinda been an eye-sore to me and my family for a couple of years. I’ve promised to show you our project when it was time to build, so today I’m sharing our DIY bike garden shed. (giveaway alert!)

Outside Bike Storage Before DIY Shed |

Back in 2003 when we moved in, this spot held a small shed that would house trash cans. We never used it for that, but did store other items inside. After a few years it became dilapidated and I took it down. The wood from it became part of my coffee table for our patio makeover seen HERE.

Right Side of Bike Storage Before |

This spot already had concrete laid down from our previous shed there and was the perfect spot for us to tuck our bikes away. However, the tarp look wasn’t doing it for us. It was annoying to fuss with, caused a trip hazard, and wasn’t the best use of the space.

Side of House Before DIY Bike Garden Shed Addition |

That’s where the DIY bike garden shed comes in. With 7 of the 8 of us in our family having bikes, we needed something to solve our problem. Some bikes were here, some bikes in our garden shed, and helmets a mess in our workshop. My goal is to build a rubber boot storage spot here when we got the helmets out. Boots off the ground is a blessing!

Helmet Storage Mess Before |

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Okay, so I’ve established that something needed to be done. Since our code says that we are allowed to rebuild since there was already a structure there, we didn’t need to do anything else. To make this easy to understand our process, I put together a short video demo below of how we assembled and attached the shed.

For the build plans we saw no need to reinvent the wheel and found a fantastic design by Ana White using affordable cedar fence pickets. If you’ve made use of her site yet, it’s surely a must see. We’ve used several plans to help us DIY our home projects. While we used her plans as a basis for ours, we made our dimensions different as well as our door design. It needed to work for our space and what we had in mind. Our rough all-in budget was $350-$400. If we had bought a shed this size it would have been around $2K. Yikes!

I call it a garden shed too because we realize not everyone has 7 bikes or that we will always need storage for that many. However, this shed design is versatile enough for your garden tools, grilling tools, toys, etc. Here’s what we used to create our DIY bike garden shed.

Tools & Supplies:

Let me just say that I have the best work crew on the planet. JC is my obvious sidekick in this whole project, but also our children helped out immensely. There’s nothing like a family project to promote bonding, right?

Step 1

First, we built a fame out of ripped treated pine 2″x 4’s and attached it to the wall.  The plans above have an added back to the design. We felt no need since we were building this as a lean-to.

Attaching Shed Frame to Side of House |

Bike Shed Lean-to Assembly |

Step 2

As the video shows, we then built the walls and then attached them to the frame.

Husband and Wife working to build DIY bike garden shed |

Assembling Garden Shed Wall |

You can see the roof line was pitched at a 15° angle, so when we got to the top we used our jigsaw to cut it to size.

Trimming Shed Wall with Jigsaw |

Trimmed Cedar Shed Wall |

Step 3

Attaching the walls, was pretty straightforward. We just needed to be sure all was plumb and square so that our finished project of a lean-to wasn’t…er…leaning. tee hee.

Attaching First Wall of Cedar Garden Shed |

Assembling Second Wall of Cedar Garden Shed |

Using Builder's Square to Check for Shed Squareness |

Step 4

Next, it’s time to add the roof. First we added the header to the front. This will support the roof framing. built the frame and attached it.

Attaching Shed Header |

Then, we built the frame and attached it to the top of the walls.

Shed Roof Framing Added |

It always pays to have a little helper. ♥

Daddy's Little Helper |

Once the frame was up, we added the ply sheathing, a water barrier on that, and then the cedar shingles.

Adding Roof Sheating to Garden Shed |

Attaching Shed Roof |

Rubber Roof Underlayment for DIY Bike Garden Shed |

Nailing Cedar Shingles onto DIY Bike Garden Shed |

Step 5

Next, we built the doors out of the same cedar pickets, but attached them in a vertical position to a cedar 1″ x 4″ frame.

Building and Nailing Shed Doors |

I can’t say enough how having the right tools make the job not only easier, but safer too as it makes a better build. That’s why my motto since a teen has been: #toolsoverjewels!

Kreg Jig to Create Pocket Hole Joints in Garden Shed Door Frame |

Since we are building bi-fold doors, I first assembled the doors with hardware. That would give me the correct line-up of hinges and such. Then, I took the doors apart at the middle and hung the outer door on each side. Once I got the outer door square and level, I added the second inner panel.

Assembling DIY Bike Garden Shed Doors |

Shed Doors Being Added |

One set on and we’re almost done. Yay! Huge thanks to my oldest daughter for being the extra pair of hands I needed. During this entire build we battled rainy day after rainy day, so when we had sunshine we had to bust a move!

Step 6

Last, but not least, we need to add a protective coat to our shed. Yes, it’s cedar and would do fine without it, but this will add longevity to our hard-earned efforts. We chose to use a simple clear Thompson’s WaterSeal because we like the idea of the cedar taking on the natural gray patina. You could certainly use a stain too.

Now, because we are battling the weather and have to move fast (and also because I have no intention of brushing this entire shed by hand), it’s time to pull out my favorite HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer! I love saying that name as if it gives me super hero powers. mwahahaha!

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra to Spray WaterSeal on DIY Cedar Shed |

If you want to see how to assemble and use the sprayer, you can view my video demonstration HERE. I simply follow manufacturer instructions on the WaterSeal, fill up the canister, and get ready to have a blast…literally!

Spraying Shed with Thompson's WaterSeal for Added Protection |

I had this shed finished in less than 10 minutes. You just can’t beat that!

DIY Cedar Garden Shed with WaterSeal Protectant | Video demonstration by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

I was even able to tackle the cedar shingles on top. Imagine having to brush all of that. NO THANK YOU.

Cedar Roof Shingles Sprayed with HomeRight Finish Max Extra Sprayer & Thompson's WaterSeal |

After the WaterSeal was applied, I added our other latching hardware and finished up the interior.


Here it is complete and restoring my sanity. Yahoo!

DIY Bike Garden Shed for Outdoor Storage | Video tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #outdoor #storage

DIY Cedar Garden Shed on a Budget by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #garden

Open Bike Garden Shed with BiFold Doors by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Subscribe to Prodigal Pieces on YouTube for DIY video tutorials and a whole lotta fun |

Here’s a look at the setup inside. All 7 bikes fit and helmets too – even our pogo stick and stilts! I may have done a happy mama dance.

DIY Bike Storage Shed Tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Bike Helmet Storage | DIY Outdoor |

DIY Cedar Bike Shed Interior | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #outdoor #storage #garden

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest adventure. Feel free to ask questions as we are here to help.

It’s time for some more fun! HomeRight and I are all about giving you the best tools to get the job done DIY style. We are giving away HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra. Yay!

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Also, pin and share this DIY bike garden shed. So many are looking for affordable, space-saving storage too.

You can build this DIY bike garden shed on a budget | Video tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #outdoor #garden #storage

Up next, our garden got pummeled over the winter and we’ve got to remedy that DIY style. Stay tuned!

DIY Raised Garden Beds Before Rebuilding |

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110 replies on “DIY Bike Garden Shed Tutorial from Cedar Wood”

What a great use of your space! Love reading about all your projects. I have a workshop and love to redo furniture also, but seem to find so many other projects, like life, that take up my time.

What a terrific shed! Storing 7 bikes can not be an easy task- this shed will serve you well! The Homeright Finish Max sure did the trick as far as sealing! My shed is in dire need of a paint job. This sprayer would be a timesaver for sure!

WOW, and what a great job! The little DIY project that I’ve got my sights on is a “hidden,” wall-mounted jewelry organizer/cabinet. What you’ve done here looks so much more intense— you’ve definitely given me a boost of motivation + inspiration!
With this product, I might want to tackle our old garage-turned-shed first. It’s in so much need of attention!

Your storage shed is beautiful!! What a great look for that space! I am working on our side porch…cleaning and reorganizing the furniture. Just want the space to be inviting. Maybe we will use it more. A paint sprayer would come in handy for all my paint projects here!

What a great looking solution for your fleet of bicycles and gear! I really love the doors that you designed on this shed. Way to go Team Prodigal, you got her done even though the weather would not cooperate very much!

This is an amazing and beautiful use of space. I have 3 teenage boys and storing 5 family bikes is a challenge. Great idea! I would use the sprayer to redo some bedroom furniture and the shelter for all of my weekend projects. Thanks for sharing!

Larissa this is one great build. It’s functional and pretty. Love the cedar and family building together is great bonding and teaches teamwork.

Bravo job very well done.

Can’t believe another week of rain in NJ. Will it ever end?


Oh goodness! Great minds think alike! My husband and I nearly built the same outbuilding near our backdoor for our water softener. You guys did a fantastic job! I Love the doors! The HomeRight sprayer would surely be handy in getting our deck and storage barn looking good again! The spray shelter would help me a lot with smaller projects!

I love the shed! I also use Anna White’s site for plans. She is amazing, and her plans are free!
Thank you for the giveaway!

What an awesome project. It looks so nice and I was surprised that seven bikes fit so nicely in there. I shouldn’t have been though, you are so talented and creative.

Great job Larissa! Love all your work! I would love to win the paint sprayer to tackle many projects waiting to be completed around my home…my shed and kitchen cabinets are at the top of the list. I also have some furniture projects waiting until I can get a paint sprayer. The home right paint sprayers are not available in Canada, that I have found anyway, and I have been hesitant to purchase online…so I hope I win….my fingers are crossed!! 🙂

Love your shed. I would love a sprayer to paint my Muskoka chairs, outside tables, restrain my deck, paint my shed, and more….

Love the beauty and function of the shed! When I first saw it I thought there’s no way you’re going to get all those bikes in that. Boy, was I surprised and amazed. Awesome job.
I would love to win the prizes so I can use them on my shed full of ‘projects ‘ I have. It would be so much faster and easier.

I love that shed! I would use one just like that for two different functions. In the summer, it would be my pool shed for the chemicals, pool covers, toys, skimmers, etc. The winter time, it would serve as the holder of the backyard shovel storage, bird food, fountain heaters and again pool storage!!! I would love that sprayer! It would soooo help me with all my projects! I paint a lot of furniture with chalk paint but want to use a tougher lasting paint and a sprayer would give me a much smoother finish! Thanks so much! Renee

I love this! I’m going to see if I can utilize this under my deck for storage. It has a small profile from the house and I like that.

Consider this project another winner! Great job. I would so love to win the paint sprayer! I will never be able to get one on my own!

What you did with the shed is amazing! Passing this on to my daughter-in-law. If I win the sprayer, I would use it to restore a desk you advised me on and two chair with woven backs. Thank you for the opportunity!

The shed looks great! And could definitely have multiple uses. Thanks for the inspiration!

I have a small spray shelter and love it, but I’ve been thinking about upgrading to the medium or even large size so I can work on larger pieces. I really really really don’t like brushing by hand! (I actually have both a larger spray shelter and this sprayer in my Amazon cart right now – just haven’t pulled the trigger yet!)

Maybe I can add this to the backside of the existing shed on our “New-to-us” home? Thanks for the idea…AND THE INSTRUCTIONS!!

Fantastic job! I wish I had this idea when I built our first house. We always had to remove all the bikes just to get something from the back of the shed.

Wow that turned out amazing! I didn’t think you could fit all those bikes in that shed, great job on using the space you had for all of them to fit. I would LOVE to win the sprayer!!

The shed looks so good on the side of your house and what a smart use of space. Wow, going vertical with the larger bikes made all seven fit in there snug as a bug. My yard could use one of these as a garden shed. The roof on ours is about to cave in and we have a shed build on the to-do list for this summer. Definitely showing hubby your smart extra wide bi-fold door system.

Thanks, Marie! We maxed out every inch. I made the hooks on hinges so we can swing them out of the way. My kids are elated they don’t have to drag them out of our other shed or mess with the tarp anymore.

The shed project came at a perfect time as I need a place to store my garden tools. I do have a question – can I make this shed and attach it to the stucco?

Larissa you are so creative and talented! I love your outside storage project. Not only does it solve a storage problem, but it is so attractive, too! I have never used a paint sprayer, but if I had one, I think my first project would be some chairs that have lots of time consuming spindles, which I have been ignoring for too long.

Your talent is amazing! I have patio furniture to spray along with other projects so the Homeright sprayer would be a wonderful blessing. I love your blog and all of your projects, thanks!

Your new shed looks wonderful! We have some prefab vinyl sheds, and they do the job, but they are not lovely to look at! would be great to build something like you did! Hmm, sounds like a sprayer might be very handy. . .

I love so much reading your blog, finding inspiration not only for projects and transformations but simple life lessons to. How to remember to be grateful for the little things in life. Thank you Larissa

What a great idea. We are planning on building a small lean to for the generator this year so it was great to see what you built. Needless to say the paint sprayer would come in handy for finishing our little lean to!!

I like how you arranged the bikes thereby requiring only one small attractive lean-to. The Home Right sprayer would allow me to refinish my sad patio furniture.

Oh, I have so many things to tackle if I had this sprayer. You make it seem so easy and doable! Thanks for all of your inspiration!!

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