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DIY Layered Wavy Haircut

Times…er…hair is a changin’!! As I embrace my curl/wavy girl hair that I recently discovered I had, the learning curve is REAL. If you want to be caught up to speed, I suggest heading over HERE to read my wavy journey (I promise it’s mind-blowing!) As I continue on my journey, I’ve learned a few things which lead me to my very own DIY layered wavy haircut. It’s chop-chop time!!

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces Before DIY Layered Wavy Haircut with Video | #prodigalpieces

Yes, I am a hot mess in this pic. ahem. As I mention in my video below, this is 4 days after wash day. blah. I haven’t refreshed in days because it’s been either raining cats and dogs or dumping two feet of snow. Anybody spy summer, yet? For real, y’all, I need sun.


Here’s a peek at the back. I cut my own hair, and this is with long layers, even long curtain bangs.

Back of Larissa's Hair Before | #prodigalpieces

However, before, when I believe my hair is straight, I am constantly pulling it up so I can work and just be. With this new wavy hair process, I’m to let my hair be so it can establish a curl pattern. That means I have hair down and essentially in my way. This DIYer needs to work and not worry about hair in the way, right?

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces Planing Pallet Wood |

Mind you, when my hair is done simply with a refresh, this is the result.

Back of Wavy Girl 2b Hair | Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #haircare

At this point, I love my hair, but it needs a cut after 6 weeks (my regular schedule). With a twinkle in my eye and inspiration from online sources, I’m ready to give my hair a good chop. eeeeepppp!!


In my defense, I’m not anti-shorter hair. However, I have tried to get the right cut decades ago and have never found a stylist who understood my hair. Also, I believe that’s because the majority of stylists aren’t trained to style textured hair. They either do a blowout or flat iron. Talk about beyond frustrating!! I haven’t had short hair since I was pregnant with my firstborn.

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces in her Marketing Presentation for Blimpie in College | Prodigal Pieces |

Larissa in College | Prodigal Pieces |

As you can see, I can sport the layers with a bit of fun and enjoy changing it up. It would be boring any other way.

Okay, so I have ideas of what I want with shorter layers and even shorter curtain bangs. Yup. I’m rolling it back to the 80’s with modern flair. Do any of you remember Fashion Plates? Yes, I still have mine and my daughters LOVE them. I have a plate that has my vision! bwahahaha!! Also, check out how I’m sporting the look back in the day. yeah, baby.

80's Throwback Haircut on Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #hair

If you’re looking for great textured hair tutorials, I highly suggest Manes by Mell. She does have sass and is hilarious, but does use few a off-color words. However, she is a trained textured expert and knows her stuff. In addition, if you want more wavy guidance, you can reference the list I created for you:



Let’s start this party, shall we? {{takes a huge deep breath}} First, I decide whether or not to start with my bangs or sides. Because I’m cutting a large amount, I decide on my bangs first where I do have a slight cowlick. I section off the area in an arch shape just where a comb resting flat on the very top of my head lengthwise is just beginning to lift off. Then, I take two side sections in front of my ears and keep out of the way with pins. From the ear back to the back middle of my head, I part down the middle and clip the back sections up. Here goes nothing!!

Scary First Cut of DIY Layered Wavy Haircut with Curtain Bangs by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

To make sure I don’t get scissor-happy, I start long and then cut shorter keeping in mind my hair will tighten its pattern and may end up being shorter. Likewise, sometimes textured hair can experience curl shock where it takes a few washes before it can figure out the pattern again.

Last, once I have my bangs where I want them, I head to the sides and begin to pull out using the bottom length of my bangs as my guide for the top layer of my layers. Note, I am end cutting as I go to create texture as well, not just a straight cut.

Making Layers in DIY Layered Wavy Haircut | Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #hair #wavy #diy

With that in mind, I work one side to center of the back, and then the other side. Additionally, you create more dramatic layers the higher you lift your section. Also, I had my oldest daughter double-check my back length when I think I’m done. You just have to see the video of this…crazy!

Cutting Long Wavy Hair Short with Larissa of Prodigal Pieces DIY Layered Wavy Haircut | #prodigalpieces #haircut #diy #wavyhair

Wavy Haircut Wet | #prodigalpieces #wavy #hair

Larissa in Wet Cut DIY Layered Wavy Haircut in Shoulder-Length Style | #prodigalpieces #hair #diy #wavyhair


Y’all…here is my DIY layered wavy haircut that is rockin’ those waves!!

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces with her DIY Layered Wavy Haircut | #prodigalpieces #wavyhaircuts #diy #wavyhair

Video Tutorial of Larissa of Prodigal Pieces for a DIY Layered Wavy Haircut | #prodigalpieces #haircut #video

If you notice, my hair is deeper in color than it used to be because my hair is getting the right nourishment inside and out. I’ve always had reds with blonde highlights, but not the red tints are really coming out. Plus, my pattern is tighter as I thought it would be. Yay!!

Wavy Bob Haircut with Layers by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #homehaircut #hair

Not only that, but I cut off much of my original hair that was still curl training and in transition, so that lightened my transition time.

At Home DIY Layered Wavy Haircut in Bob Style by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #haircut #women #style

My process is simple for wash days as I mention in my original post with recipes for wonderful gel and hair mask. However, one thing that has changed is I no longer co-wash and only micro-plop. My hair does best with a light wash most days with occasional co-washing to give my hair a rest. I find that my hair LOVES protein, so rice water once a week, and masking once a month is a must.

These pictures are of my second-day refresh, and I do believe my hair is having a bit of a curl shock, so time will tell the eventual result. Either way, I’m smitten. While I cut my bangs a little longer in case of curl shock, I’m stoked that I didn’t need to make any adjustments to my other layering. I pull from each side to check, and all came out spot on. {{more happy dancing from years of practice!!}}

Side View of DIY Layered Wavy Haircut by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #ladies #hair

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces with New Wavy Haircut | Video Tutorial at Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #wavyhair


What are some tips for doing this yourself?

  • make sure you have sharp scissors suited for hair and a great wet brush like the Tangle Teezer I have shown in my video
  • give yourself time to figure out your plan – do research. There are plenty of videos and bloggers like me out there to help
  • cut on the long side in case you make a mistake – you can always go shorter but can’t put it back on
  • consider the season – maybe now is not the best time?
  • enjoy the fact you are blessed with hair to cut in the first place

Got questions? Feel free to ask. If I can’t help you directly, I’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Shoulder Length Bob Haircut by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #haircut #diy #wavygirl

Now I really match my sweet, curlfriend pup, Loula! haha!

Larissa with her Black Goldendoodle Puppy | Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #puppy #dog #wavyhair


As always, leave me some comment love below. I want to hear from you! In addition, pin and share my DIY layered wavy haircut ’cause you know there are others wavies and curlies waiting to embrace their blessing.

Whoa!! Larissa of Prodigal Pieces takes her long here to a short wavy bob and shares her DIY Layered Wavy Haircut Tutorial with video | | #prodigalpieces

Now, as promised, I will have my new Reduce, Reuse, REFASHION project for you with this scrumptious linen shirt. (happy dance!!)

Reduce, Reuse, REFASHION series hosted by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | Come learn to create for you and your home | #prodigalpieces

Thrifted Linen Shirt Before Refashioned into Couture Jacket |

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  1. Shirley says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! What a huge difference! You look like a different person and doesn’t it feel good! I just did mine too and I am just loving it. I put it off for years. I wanted it cut and I didn’t want it cut but when I finally did it, what a huge difference. When it’s long it’s just long and you really can’t do much with it. I have just as much wave in mine as you do in yours. It just makes you look so much more of a woman! It’s just perfect!

    • Larissa says

      aww…yay!! From one curlfriend to another, enjoy the and ride the wave! 😀 Yes, I adore long because of what I can do with it, but this length with my texture suits me more for my crazy-busy lifestyle. Thanks for the smile!

  2. Sherin says

    Oh my goodness Larissa! You look AMAZING! I have enjoyed watching your journey; thank you for sharing. And your hair looks SO healthy. Are there no end to your talents?

    • Larissa says

      You’re so fun, Sherin! 😀 I still can’t believe this is my hair, so at this point in my life, I am feeling like a brand-new gal. Thanks so much!

  3. Becki Z says

    You look so pretty! I could never cut my hair even with 100 tutorials. 😂 This is so flattering, fun and feminine!

    • Larissa says

      hahaha!! Been there! I at least have 6 guinea pigs…tee hee. 😀

  4. Gina says

    Gorgeous! You look amazing.

    • Larissa says

      I’m just so happy all is coming together for the better. All those years of frustration! 😀 Thank you, Gina.

  5. Rebecca - NC says

    Beautiful!!! I’m so proud of you for taking the leap!!! Change is scary, but no risk, no reward!!! It’s a New Year and a new you!!!!! Go Larissa!!! 🥇🏆🥰

    • Larissa says

      aww…thanks! I’ve been wanting to do something for ages, but nothing made sense with the hair I thought I had. This makes perfect sense!

  6. Sherri says

    I love your new do! You always look beautiful as your heart shines through. By the way, I adore my adorable mice made from the vintage table cloth!!! I have them on doll stands in my studio. There truly is no end to your talents! Blessings and hugs!

    • Larissa says

      You just made my day, Sherri. Thank you oh so much for the smiles, support, and love.

  7. susan says

    Larissa, it’s BEAUTIFUL! Wish I had those wonderful curls! Great decision!

    • Larissa says

      You’re making me tear up, Susan! aww…thank you so much for the hug.

  8. Jennifer says

    First of all I think you are so brave to cut your own hair especially since it is curly/wavy. I would be terrified to try to do mine! Luckily I have a great hairdresser who understands my hair type. Your hair looks great and I am going to check out your resources for curly /wavy hair. I can always learn something new. Thanks for providing inspiration everyday!

    • Larissa says

      I’ve done it for decades and I knew what to do, but also knew I could mess up since it’s been a while for such a transition. I knew it would be fine either way. Thanks!

  9. Mary says

    You look like a different person Larissa! I say yes to shorter hair and easy to care for hair. It looks so healthy and vibrant!!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! Honestly, longer was easier for me before I knew what I had. Plus, I love having the option to do more with it. This hair is somewhat limiting, but I wanted a change for a bit.

  10. Sandra says

    You did a great job and it looks so good on you!!! That first cut had to be a bit nerve wracking!

    • Larissa says

      Thank you for sharing such affirmation, Sandra. I knew there was no going back!

  11. Noelle says

    Ohmigoodness, your hair is SO CUTE!! And it’s very becoming on you!! I’ve been styling my hair curly since I had it cut shorter almost a year ago, but I struggle with what to do with the top and bangs area, as they aren’t curly/wavy like the rest of my hair. I will have to look into your methods more to see if I can get those areas to curl.

    Eeeeee! SO CUTE!!

    • Larissa says

      tee hee hee! You are a hoot! Thank you, Noelle. Yes, it is a trial-and-error process, especially because seasons change and so does our hair. Here’s to learning!

  12. Linda K. says

    This is a super flattering cut for you! And I am beyond impressed that you did it yourself! My bestie discovered the curligirl products, book? blog etc a few years ago and has never looked back! She is SO happy embracing her curl/wave and not fighting her hair every day. The time saving itself is amazing! So congrats to YOU, it’s a beautiful look for you and I’ll share this with my friend too. We are both great admirers of all you do, and past paintbrush set winners too! So you go girl!!!

    • Larissa says

      How fun!!! Good on her for being willing to embrace and learn about her hair. It’s truly empowering. Thanks so much, Linda!

  13. Caye Cooper says

    So VERY CUTE, LARISSA!!! As we gain wisdom (got it?), it shows on our face and long hair can make us look old. Shorter hair brightens the facial features, in most cases.

  14. Audra says

    Looks great Larissa! Kudos to you for cutting your own hair!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! It’s pretty simple once you get the basic do’s and don’ts. It was time for a change. 😀

  15. Sheryl Danner says

    WOW, it is perfect! This style is so becoming with your face shape and you look younger too!I have curls too and your style is exactly what I’m going for, just from the other direction. My hair has been short for many years, and I’m now letting it grow about as long as yours. I know I just need to be patient, but this growing process is awful. However, if the end result looks as great as yours does, it will be well worth it❤️

    • Larissa says

      Thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say. Good on you for sticking it out. I’ve had long hair for about 20+ years and love it, but wanted a change. It reflects part of my life story currently. I would love to see a pic!

  16. Lynne says

    I love your new look! Wow, it’s awesome! Plus you did it yourself! Love it!

    • Larissa says

      Thank you. This style is relatively easy and give good effect. I sure am glad it all worked out. I’ve never messed up my hair, but if I did…it will grow back. Just thankful to have hair…period.

  17. Kimberly Ridgway says

    You look amazing and even younger! Love your curls and it looks like you paid to have highlights! Beautiful!

    • Larissa says

      How fun to hear! Thank you for the smile, Kimberly. I sure am happy with it. I finally made time for me to be outside more this past summer and finally got the highlights I missed for so many years.

  18. Stephanie Harris says

    Love the curly do! Girl you have educated me on curl training.
    ALSO,I love a shampoo wrap towel, but like you ,not the micro fiber ones. I Always have to travel with one. So I decided to make one while it is thunder sleeting here . I had a cute tshirt with a logo that shows across back, of my new wrap, left over flannel, and a cute button. I’m so exited to wash my hair if only I could leave the house! Thanks. Love the new do

    • Larissa says

      You made me gasp! I love that you did it yourself and are loving just being you. Yay!! That is so fun and made my day. Thank you, Stephanie!

  19. Susan says

    It looks great. I’m not quite at your stage. I wear glasses so I need to figure that out. I’m actually wanting to go to my sister’s stylist. It’s been 3 years since I’ve had a cut. Had it trimmed this summer, but it’s time for a cut. And color@

    • Larissa says

      Thank you, Susan. I am actually headed down the glasses path as well as I age, so I’m curious as to how that will play in…reading glasses, anyway. I hope you have a wonderful time with a new, fresh feel.

  20. Laura says

    It’s gorgeous! And shows off your beautiful smile and eyes!

    • Larissa says

      Thank you for the sweet affirmation, Laura. I sure am happy it was very easy to do. No fussing and DONE.

  21. Michele says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Since covid I have been cutting my own hair also. It’s not curly, but a bit wavy so I’m always looking for something to accentuate that. I’m going to check out your recommended sites and see if I can come up with something new.

    • Larissa says

      Sweet! I’m excited for you, Michele. If you have questions, I’ll help in any way I can. Feel free to email me.

  22. Niki says

    As other have already said you look amazing, and younger. Your face is beaming!! You look so great and happy. I’m digging how curly it is now with some shape!! Hugs!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks so much! The before here is really a bed-head start because of our weather and I have done nothing to accentuate my hair. However, I do love the long layers I’ve had added recently, but wanted more bang while my hair transitions.

  23. Rae says

    “But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered. But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.”
    ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭11‬:‭5‬-‭6‬, ‭15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    • Larissa says

      Rae, you need not quote scripture to me as I have a Bible degree. As for your Scriptural reference, that is written in context to the women living in Corinth where women are directed to cover their heads because it was assumed if you didn’t you were worshipping Dionysus, a pagan god. There are other references in Numbers 6 where the men and women grew their hair and then shaved their heads for Nazirite vows. Why would they take the vows if God didn’t want them to cut their hair? Consider more research before judging me. 1 Samuel 16:7

  24. Judy Burnside says

    YOU LOOK AMAZING!! I admire you daring to cut your own hair, but I totally understand, as it is indeed difficult to find a stylist that truly understands our hair and our own personal style. I’ve been watching your transformation and I love how beautiful your hair is, the lovely natural curls and waves. You are an inspiration to so many people in more ways that you know.

    • Larissa says

      awww…I’m blushing!…really! Thank you, Judy. You are so sweet to send love. I found it so fulfilling to do it myself all these years and am teaching my kids the same so they feel confident too. It’s fun!!

  25. Mary says

    Oh my gosh. I had to do a double take to ensure it was really you! I love your bangs and cut! So very flattering on you, Larissa! You radiate health and joy! And! Your example to us is to research, educate ourselves and not be afraid to try new things that stretch us! Thank you for continuing to inspire and walking to the beat of a different drummer! 🥰❤️

    • Larissa says

      If I could hug you I would. Thank you for getting it, Mary!! I think trying is half the battle and being willing to let go…and be. Sending hugs!!

  26. Rita says

    The new look is fantastic. Your new do is bouncy, curly and the color is beautiful. It suits you to a T!!!
    Change is good and on you it’s spectacular!

    • Larissa says

      Yes, change is good! I am having a blast with it and thank you for the sweet words. It’s been quite a day…

  27. Wendy Couchman says

    You were beautiful before of course, but you look like a movie star now! I can’t believe you did it yourself. Gorgeous!

    • Larissa says

      Wendy, you sure know how to make a gal feel special. Thank you for being so sweet and lifting my spirits. Hugs!!

  28. Kelli Kuhn says

    Wow! Just wow. The cut, the curls, the shiny bounce. Brave woman with a spectacular result. You couldn’t have chosen a better style to frame those eyes or your megawatt smile. And if I may say you took 10 years off of an already annoyingly young-looking face. (As I’m coming up hard on 60, you look like a teenager…impossible that you’re the mother of any, let alone “many” children.). Congratulations on a job well done. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Many blessings.

    • Larissa says

      Well, aren’t you a fun gal, Kelli! haha! I’ve been mistaken for being my daughter’s twin, so that floors me all the time. 😉 Thank you for the wonderfully sweet words. They mean so much to me.

  29. Shelley S says

    Absolutely ADORABLE!

    I’ve got very curly hair that has undergone so many changes over the years. When I was a teen I spent literally hours every morning washing, drying and straightening my hair, only to have it frizz up until i resembled Gilda Radner’s SNL character Roseann Roseanne Danna. But there were NO decent hair products in the 70s!

    I too use rice water. I do it about once a month.

    My hair is very much thinner these days (I’m 63), but I’m wearing it longer than I h ave since my 20s. I have some significant challenges with my hands so the simpler it is to style my hair the better. Until about 3 years ago I’d worn it shorter and tousled for many, many years – about the length yours is now – but I’ve found wearing mine about the length of your longest hair before your cut, with some wisps trimmed around my face is WAY easier for me to deal with these days. After washing it I simply put in a little leave-in conditioner while quite wet, section it into 6 sections and use a round brush to make 6 long banana curls, then allow it to air dry. Once dry I run my fingers (or a pick) through my hair just once and I’m done. I’ve never in my life gotten more compliments!b

    I will suggest one thing. Next time you trim your hair you might try doing it dry. You can see the curl pattern and the risk of cutting it too short once your wet hair dries is MUCH less. The last two stylists I’ve gone to have trimmed my hair dry.

    Anyway, welcome to the curl club my dear. You’ve certainly done a great job with it!

    • Larissa says

      Thank ya, thank ya, Shelley. 😀 Things have changed so much and I’m delighted that there are folks educating others in textured hair…finally. I actually prefer long hair because it’s easier…at least when I didn’t have as much texture. Now, if I want my curls it take a bit of work, but so worth it. I’m glad I learned it now so I can easily keep up. Yes, I use my tangle teezer brush to do the same at times depending on what I want. I have done dry cuts over the years and find I prefer wet. Manes by Mell I mentioned has a demo video of the difference between dry and wet cuts. It’s a fun watch and interesting.

  30. Anne says

    Your new style looks amazing, and very professionally done. I, too, had to take a double take because you looked so different. What a wonderful and easy to maintain update. Your new “do“ makes you look years younger, and exudes confidence. You are totally beaming both inside and out!

    • Larissa says

      My before was me in the very, very rough…haha. My hair never looks that bad, but being out with my new pup has made hats paired with rain and snow make a hot mess of my styling. I loved my hair before when I learned about texture, but wanted to hurry my transition time along. Short hair is definitely more work, but also fun. Thanks so much!

  31. Darlene says

    You look beautiful, it shows in your eyes and smile. You did a lovely job. Very impressed with your skills.

    • Larissa says

      Thank you for saying so. When I cut my hair in long layers it felt so good. This feels the same just new. 😀 Cutting my own hair over the years has always been very rewarding for me, then working on my family and friends’ hair, and now teaching my kids to do the same.

  32. Toni says

    Oh wow Larissa, you look amazing, and so much younger! Your new style frames your beautiful eyes that really pop now.

    I’ve done Curly Girl too, well, like you I’m more wavy girl but people now ask me if I got a perm. I’m with you on the hairstylists, they just don’t get it.

    Also, I finally found a mouse I like by Shea Moisture that really works well, for me, and it’s not full of junk. I need to look into how to do a refresh you mentioned because I only wash about every 3 days and the last day looks sort of rough.

    Cheers to the new you ❤️

    • Larissa says

      That’s awesome that we’re on the same hair adventure! So many that know me are floored it’s just my hair being my hair and I don’t really do anything to it. woot! If you want to see how I refresh, I have it in my blog post with video. It’s just a misting bottle, scrunch a bit, and diffuse or air dry. See HERE.

  33. Kim Domingue says

    Wow! Amazing! You were lovely before but this hairstyle knocked about a decade if not more off your perceived age. The style suits your facial shape just beautifully, Cutting your own hair is terrifying the first time you do it, isn’t it? I chopped my long hair off a few years ago as it was thinning (thanks menopause) and haven’t looked back. I had also gone very salt and pepper which, combined with the long hair, was very aging. Cutting my hair short gave me an instant youth boost more in line with how I feel inside. And I’ve, evidently, given a number of other women in my age range the confidence they needed to step away from the long hair that was making them feel like they looked old and tired. I’m so glad that you’re as happy with your hair experience as I’ve been with mine. Oh, and please ignore all of the naysayers and online bad mouthers. Some folks just aren’t happy unless they’re wagging their fingers and tongues at others..

    • Larissa says

      Thank you. I’ve been cutting my hair for over 20+ years, plus family and friends so it’s been awhile since I have had extreme nerves. However, this was different because of the new-found texture. I figure it can grow back, which I plan to do at some point. This just helped me transition my hair to wavy much faster. Thanks so much! Ain’t no skin off my back, but someone needs to say something.

  34. Patti M says

    I love your new haircut! It really looks gorgeous on you! You did an awesome job cutting it too!

    • Larissa says

      Patti, you are so very sweet to say so. I’m elated how easy it was even with textured hair. I was nervous because I’ve never done wavy on myself before, but have cut hair for over 20 years.

  35. Ginny says

    I too have fine hair (alas, without your curl) and have also had a hard time finding a stylist to understand my hair and how I like to style it.
    Kudos to you and your new Do!

    • Larissa says

      You ROCK, Ginny! And your hair too. It sure is frustrating when you go to a professional that doesn’t know what to do either. been there!

  36. Trudy Eby says

    What?! People tried shaming you over a HAIRCUT? I am so sorry that happened to you! I think you look adorable with your new ‘do. That you would try it yourself after watching videos makes perfect sense to me, you are an adventurous life long learner. Don’t let the negative Nellies drag you down for even a minute.

    • Larissa says

      What’s crazy is all my hair is cut by me or my kids or husband, so I’ve never went to a salon since college. People are weird. haha. Thanks for the giggle!

  37. Debbie W says

    Wow Larissa….I’m so sorry and truly shocked that you were bombarded with unkind comments regarding your haircut. I wasn’t going to comment when your post was originally published but after reading your post from today I felt inclined to comment on your haircut. I think it is absolutely beautiful and looks gorgeous on you. What a difference it makes in your appearance. I LOVE it and if you ever decide to go into the hair cutting business, I will be your first customer.

    • Larissa says

      I could hug ya, Debbie!! You’re so sweet to leave words of encouragement. I fly high as a kite when my readers leave comments – you’re who I write for! 😀 Thanks you and I know that if I had actually styled my hair, wore makeup in my before, many would have had less to say. I’m typically a naked face gal as that’s just being me, so I’m loving myself. Joy is contagious!

  38. marcie says

    I love it! but JUST YESTERDAY, I had the same hair as your “before”, and tried , tried, to cut my own for an “after”. It didnt work out nearly as perfect as yours. I will watch your tips, and give it another go.
    (story of my life; a day late and a dollar short)

    • Larissa says

      You and me both, girl!! I have been cutting for decades, but this was my first textured haircut in this extreme. A few months ago, when I thought I had straight hair, I cut deep layers in my length and it went wonderfully. Originally, I wore long hair to put it up and out of my way. If I’m going to style, it made sense to go shorter. I love the ease of simple long hair, though!

  39. Barb says

    That, girl, is a great cut for you! I absolutely love the transformation! And, may I say, you look even younger now! So happy for you…..

    • Larissa says

      How fun to hear!! Thank you for that giggle and smile, Barb. I am loving it and still learning.

  40. Lynda says

    Love the new “Do”. It really looks fantastic! You did a great job cutting it yourself. Amazing!

    • Larissa says

      How fun to her, Lynda! I truly am enjoying it to the full, bounce and all. 😀 I have made a few changes to my routine based on how my hair has responded to the cut and will share an update soon. Yay!

  41. Marie B says

    Whoa, you look at least ten years younger! I’m impressed with your courage to cut it yourself and even more impressed with the results. Girl, is there anything you can’t do? lol

    • Larissa says

      haha. Well, I’ve been cutting my own hair for many years, so this was only different because it had texture (which made me nervous, but at the same time is just hair). Thanks so much for the love, Marie.

  42. Amanda P says

    Thanks so much for this! I had not visited your site for a while due to a stolen phone and all of my bookmarked sites like yours being gone. I decided to try and find you again today and it was providential. I discovered I had curly hair after my 4th child and have been trying to figure it out since (im in my 40’s). The haircuts I’ve gotten have made it somewhat better, but I haven’t been really happy with how it looked in years. It just felt heavy and matronly, although I got compliments often. Anyway, I’ve cut my family’s hair for years and trim mine sometimes, but you inspired me to brave a bigger leap and cut several inches off and reshape it. It turned out great and I wish I’d done it sooner. It looks so much healthier, full, more curl, etc. I still can’t believe that I gave MYSELF the best haircut in years. Yay! Sure appreciate the tutorial, links and encouragement. You look fabulous with your new ‘do and I’m so glad you shared how to make it happen for others. Blessings!

    • Larissa says

      Oh happy day!!! That just made me smile from ear to ear. I’m so super-excited for you, Amanda! What a joy to have that confidence – I totally feel the same in many areas of my life. Here’s to DIY!

  43. Debbra says

    Loved your video, I’ve spent all day looking at different ways I can layer my hair.
    I cut my long hair into a bob a few days back, but I too have similar hair to yourself so it’s looking rather bushy at the bottom..
    I feel confident now on how to fix the Bush lol
    Ps your hair looks so much bouncer now, looks really nice, thankyou for showing how to do this 🙂

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! I actually just cut my hair into a short bob as well to give it oomph and I’ll be sharing that tutorial soon. Thank you for the love, Debbra! 😀

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I love it! Larissa is amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then she took care of the rest! This is my second piece I've bought from her and I'm in love! I highly recommend her.

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I love this cart, it's exquisite. The item was received in extremely secure packaging, no damage to the item. The delivery person was very professional and courteous. Larissa of Prodigal Pieces is so very amazing. A rating of 10 is deserved. Thank you, Larissa.

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I should have left this review MONTHS ago! I absolute love this lunch bag. I honestly carry this 5 days a week. It is the perfect size! Not only can you put your lunch in it, it can also hold your book. I enjoy reading at lunch, so I have all I need in one cute bag. Thank you so much Larissa!

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Awww…I love this sweet Cat with an attitude!! SO SO adorable! Well worth the money, and he will become a priceless treasure in my home! Thanks Larissa for always making your ideas turn into true treasures!

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Perfect purchase from start to finish! Absolutely adorable piece so creatively thought out. Packed with the greatest of care with lightening fast delivery. Very customer-oriented and friendly crafter. Could not ask for more! Thank you!
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