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Broyhill Saga Dresser ~ Mid Century Modern Update

Happy dance! Today is another fun Furniture Fixer Upper day, where my blogger friends and I get together to share some DIY fun with you. However, today I’m taking the back-burner and letting my oldest son, Mr. I take the helm. He shares with you how he updated with vintage Broyhill Saga dresser. Isn’t it cool?

Vintage Broyhill Saga Dresser Before Makeover |

I actually had an exact match to this set in a tallboy chest which was a custom request by a client. However, you can see how it was updated HERE. Not only has this style has always caught my eye for the lines, but also those carved and etched star designs on the front and mirror.

Then, when I presented this to my son as a project piece, he was excited because he likes this style too. It has that modern vibe with a retro throwback feel. However, the dresser had much wear to the top, but really only needed some minor TLC.

Broyhill Dresser Top Worn and Aged |

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Since Mr. I is not a newbie to furniture makeovers (see his past work here), he knew how to get started. In the end, he left the finish design up to me. haha. No problem! He grabbed my orbital sander and got to work.

Teen Sanding Dresser Top |

I suggested that since the top had veneer worn through that he save the parts that could still be stained, and do a paint/stain combo. (one of my favorite ways to finish these pieces) Since he wanted a masculine feel to the dresser, I suggested he use a mix of grays.


First, to get this party started, Mr. I began painting the cabinet in the darker gray with the 2″ Angled Brush.

Painting Dixie Belle Gravel Road gray paint on vintage Mid Century Modern Dresser | Prodigal Pieces |

Next, while the cabinet was curing, he moved onto the drawers. He stained them all in Early American, one of my faves seen in these posts. Last, he decided to add a twist of fun. Also, with the remaining colors, light gray and white, he used some tape to create the crisp lines you see below.

Vintage Broyhill Saga Dresser Updated with Dixie Belle Paint for a Modern Chic Look by Prodigal Pieces |

Vintage Mid Century Modern Broyhill Saga Dresser by Prodigal Pieces |


Isn’t that sharp?! I just love it. Everything was topped off with a couple of coats of a poly to really make it shine. In addition, the pulls were repainted in a Pure Gold spray paint to add that bit of contrast.

Mid Century Modern Dresser in Dixie Belle Grays and Whites for and Updated Look by Prodigal Pieces |

Vintage Broyhill Saga Dresser by Prodigal Pieces |

My favorite part, aside from the whole thing, is the etched mirror. I love how adds drama.

Vintage Broyhill Saga Mirrored Dresser with Modern Chic Vibe by Prodigal Pieces |

You can bet I’m a proud mama to see my son do a fantastic job on this piece. Also, I’m proud to say you can find this piece and all the other gems I have for you in my online shop. (SOLD) Stop by to see!

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

Also, pin and share this vintage Broyhill Saga dresser makeover to inspire other to give DIY a try. It’s fun!

From dull and dated to modern chic. This vintage Broyhill Saga dresser got the update it needed to give it new life. New look done by a teen and can be seen at Prodigal Pieces |

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Vintage Lyre Coffee Table Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

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202 replies on “Broyhill Saga Dresser ~ Mid Century Modern Update”

The paint and stain combo look great! I just started using Dixie Belle paint and have loooooved it! It goes on so well, especially with my Zibra paintbrushes.

Really nice job Mr. I on the dresser – LOVE the look! I keep reading about how you prefer the Dixie Bell paints. I’m one to not throw out, but use, all my old stock, so I’m still working my way through cans of latex and oil….but I sure think Dixie Bell would be a much better choice in fixing up the old furniture. I am always impressed by the coverage and the colors are awesome! Another wonderful read and great inspiration. Thank you.

Wow, your guy did a GREAT job o this makeover. Very masculine and love the clean lines. I’m sure it won’t last long in your shop. 🙂
I have a TP holder tower in my bathroom I need to paint. 🙂

Love it ! My son and I just scored a dresser, desk and treadmill off the trash Cant wait for tje weekend to start on one

Fantastic job on this sweet piece and what a great eye for detail he is developing! I an new to refinishing and refurbishing and haven’t tried anything outside of standard latex YET. You guys inspire me so much.

Good job, love the combo of colors and stain! I appreciate that you kept the “feel” of the piece while giving it new life.

I love the way that turned out, he did a great job. I love painted pieces that keeps some of the wood showing. I would paint a dresser my son has in his room that needs an update.

Wow, that came out beautifully! Really nice job, Mr. I!!!
Where to start with all the painting?! I’d paint my trellis first, then my girls bedroom furniture!

Kudos to Mr. I. He has obviously had a good teacher and has learned well. I would never have thought to do the color blocking on those right hand drawers . It is stunning.

Beautiful make-over. He done a wonderful job.
I would start off with my chest of drawers that has been sitting in storage for sometime now.
Thank You for this giveaway opportunity

Mr. I is as talented as his mother! Beautiful makeover and the wood/paint job is stunning! Even though I’m old enough to be your mother, could you adopt me and teach me how to do what your family does with repurposing trashures…lol.

You’re training your children well – he did a wonderful job on that dresser! I’ve got several projects in my garage – just waiting for some nicer weather to be able to paint them, perhaps with some Dixie Bell colors!

He did a great job. The colors reminded me of early modern. I have some old night stands that need a good make over!

This dresser looks incredible! The stripes and color choices are excellent, and I’m not even a fan of gray. How do the drawers on the left side open? I can’t tell from the pictures. My first project with Dixie Belle paint would be a jewelry box upcycle 🙂

You must be so proud the talent that all of your children have shown. Thanks for being the wonderful parents who take the time to teach skills to their children (and others like me!).
I have not been impressed with the chalk paints I have tried in the past, but have been wanting to try Dixie Bell because of all of their unique products and because I have heard wonderful things about them.

I truly am and amazes me what they can do. I wasn’t impressed with chalk paint for years and actually gave up until I tried the Dixie Belle line. It floored me right out of the can. Hope you win to try!

I truly like the dress make over. It displays talent, creativity and patience. I have not tried Dixie Bell, as of yet, I am just getting into the painting of furniture. I was one of the refurbish and stain people…and have decided to make the leap.

We are delighted to hear it. Thank you. I am also a refurbish and stain when possible, but paint is oh so fun for those pieces that need some help like this one did. Makes me wonder how veneer gets worn through, like what were they doing to it? haha.

He did such a great job! I love the mix of paint and stain! You must be so proud! Did he sand down the drawers before painting? If so… what grit?

You’re very welcome! Ok great, thank you! I have always been afraid of scratches showing through… so I will try that! I have a couple tables I would like to darken the tops on 🙂

You’ve got to be so proud of him and what he’s learned! What a fabulous makeover! I’d paint a few golden oak bookshelves that need a new life.

I look for your posts every day because they are always inspiring. I like how your children are anxious to learn and do. Their projects are very good and professional-looking. I have a modern dresser too and would like to make it look sort of French country — Ha Ha you say. Good luck with that, right? I’m still hoping something will pop up somewhere.

You’ve just made my day, Pam. Thank you! They would work with me daily if they could. Maybe one day! 😀 Sounds like your project piece will be fun. You can do it!

Beautiful job! Mr. I takes after his momma!! Love the color with the stain & the stripes with the offset mirror are just perfect! Awesome job!

What a great job on the dresser. It turned out beautifully. I’d love to try out Dixie Belle paints on an end table.

Very nice! He’s very talented.. I love paint and stain combos. I am on a break between semesters, for about a week and a half, and I’m finally going to tackle the dresser I’ve had sitting for over a year. I haven’t decided on paint/stain colors yet… I’ll decide after I strip it down..

Mr. I did an amazing job on this broyhill dresser! Love the masculine dorm vibe he has going on. This would look amazing in a modern industrial space too. A+ again for you boy, proud Mama! Pinned

WOW! Mr. I has a great eye!! This would have been a great piece in Zibra’s One of a Kind contest! I can’t wait to try Dixie Belle paint. I started sanding a shelf for our bathroom, but haven’t painted it yet. It sure would look good in Gravel Road! I was planning to paint it Orion Gray by Behr. Hey, I may even try some stripes! I do enjoy your posts so very much and am amazed at the talents of your children as well. You are an inspiration as an artist and a parent. Thank you for sharing!

The first thing I would paint with Dixie Belle paint, is a small cabinet in wheels I want to make into a beverage bar!

Great job Mr.I! I commend you for instilling great work ethics in your children, Larissa. I have several pieces that could also use a face lift.

Larissa, Yes, proud Mama indeed! Mr. I really did a super job updating this dresser! I love the colors that he chose, the design and the hardware painted gold. You deserve a huge round of applause Mr. I!!!!

Larissa, you’re lucky! My boys love me to make things FOR them, but aren’t so interested in the MAKING part! You’ve got a happy thing going there! (-:

Love it!!! And I’m so glad your children can see value in not tossing out loved furniture that it still has use 😊

I love how you made it a family affair and are passing down the recycle not discard gene! Another beautiful piece! I’m sure the memories and the piece will be with you son for years to come!

Forgot to say that Mr. I has a good handle on turning out beautiful work and well done on choosing really good colors.

Well heck, I hope I remember how to paint better than I remember how to comment! I have been reading lots of praise for this paint but live in the boondocks so haven’t bought any yet. If some landed in my mailbox and it was black, I’d use it to paint a round coffee table I’ve had in the basement since last autumn and that needs to replace a trestle style table from the late 70s. . Black and round will fit in well with my persian, middle-eastern and asian influenced living rom.

I have so much stuff in our garage I would use this paint on!! I’ve always wanted to renew the furniture- this would be the time!

You have done a wonderful job of sharing your amazing talent with your kids. My grand kids were home schooled until they started 9th grade and one of the best things about it is the time they have with mama to learn and do fun projects. This dresser is so masculine, and the choice of paint colors was perfect. Really good job!

Hi, I have a Dixie campaigner dresser with big scratches in the top. I don’t like to paint old wood pieces but this one, or a MCM desk I bought, both seem beyond touching up and should probably be painted. Your son did a nice job!

I usually do not like mid-century modern furniture makeovers because they just do not do the furniture justice. Mr. I’s, however, NAILED IT!!! I absolutely loved what he did with this dresser right down to the gold handles! This is one of the best makeovers I’ve seen of mid-century modern! You have a very talented young man Larissa! I would love to try the Dixie Belle brand of chalk paint. I have used off brands and I have used Anne Sloan, which is my favorite and which is also the most expensive with the least variety of colors. Dixie Belle has a nice variety of colors and looks like it has a nice consistency to paint with. Win-win in my book! Thanks for the opportunity to try some!

That is the sweetest thing for him to hear. Thank you for that, Renee. Made his day! Yes, I have tried so many brands and gave up on finding one I liked and just used latex. However, when I reluctantly tried Dixie Belle, I was sold on the first dip. I can’t wait for you to try some! 😀

WOW! Fantastic job on the dresser. Mr I had a great teacher and he has learned the trade well. He has every right to be so proud of his work, as do you.

What a great piece! So neat to see what the kids do. If I won this sweet giveaway, I would no doubt start with a table. I have a thing for tables.

Wow! This is fantastic. He did an awesome job on the dresser. It looks great! I just started a side business of flipping furniture. I would love to give Dixie Belle paint a try.

It is masculine! Always so happy to see young people with skills.
I would love some Dixie Belle paint to use on a dresser that I rescued from the side of the road and would like to turn into a potting bench. My tools and pots are scattered everywhere and need a home.

I LOVE this piece! This style has really been catching my eye lately & those colors &stain really compliment it. Your son did a beautiful job on it!

Your retro Broyhill dresser looks fabulous! I love seeing old pieces of furniture renewed and given a good life in someone’s home. Far too many people think they’re trash and just toss them. Thank heavens for people like you who envision a better life! Thank you for sharing this marvel with us.

Love this dresser! It’s a challenge (to me) to paint mid-century style furniture and have it look “right.” But you and your son were spot-on with this transformation!

GREAT Job! I love Dixie Belle products! I would use prize paints to paint more jewelry boxes. I’m stuck on them (in a good way!)

Thanks for introducing us to Dixie Belle! I have used Fluff and Cotton and am ready to get my hands on more colors. I love seeing your kids working on projects.

Wow Larissa! Even your children have been blessed with creativity and a desire to execute! Mr. I did wonderfully!

Great makeover, looks very modern. I’d paint my daughter’s dresser, she has had it since she was 3 and now she’s 13 and it was second hand when we got it for her, it’s been through a lot. I’d love to refresh it with a new paint job in an off-white eggshell color.

Your son did an awesome job! Love the colors and design. He’s definitely gotten some talent from his mama. I’m not sure yet what I would paint with the Dixie Belle paint, but next weekend is my home town’s annual yard sale day – I’m sure I will come up with something!

I have this exact dresser. I love it so much! I just refinished mine and painted the body white, leaving the wood drawer fronts. We use it as a stand for our tv now. It’s my favorite piece of furniture!

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