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Pretend Play Grill from Upcycled Bread Box

I am definitely a kid a heart and love creating for kids. So, of course, when I first spied this stainless steel bread box at the thrift store I had an instant vision. Do you ever do that? I couldn’t get past that it needed to become a pretend play grill. Let’s have some DIY fun!

Thrifted Bread Box Before Upcycle by Prodigal Pieces |

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In the picture below, this was what I saw at the thrift store. I first thought that it actually was a pretend play grill set based on the fact that it was sitting on that cart. Because of that I actually walked past it thinking we didn’t need one of those. However, I came back around to grab that wire vanity stool and took a closer look at the bread box. It was a must to grab it, right?!? You can see how much I love making toys in these past posts. (fun reads) In addition, you can see what I did with that wire vanity stool I nabbed too – Head HERE.

Thrift Store Collection of Goods |


First, my goal in this entire project was to not spend a cent putting my vision together. I wanted to use up what I could from my stash and let the creative juices flow. Thankfully, I have plenty of wood and #trashure to keep me happy for a long time.

I found a length of plywood that fit what I needed, except it needed shortened. Also, I already had some 2×4’s that only needed ripped lengthwise on my table saw. No problem. Then, I used my drill and Kreg Jig to set it up to be ready for the bread box to be attached.

Drilling Plywood for Pretend Play Grill Set from Upcycled Bread Box by Prodigal Pieces |

After that, it was pretty straightforward from there. my nailer helped my knock out a few more assembly parts and then it’s time for more fun. If you ever want to see a full list of tools and supplies that I use, just HEAD HERE.

Nailing Pretend Play Grill Cart Together with Ryobi Nailer |

Another bonus was that I found a set of four knobs out of my scrap stash.

Wooden Knobs for Pretend Play Grill by Prodigal Pieces |

Not only did I find those, but also I had these fun blue casters that I had purchased to use on the pretend play farmer’s market I built HERE.

Blue Locking Casters for Pretend Play Grill Set by Prodigal Pieces |


Now that everything’s assembled it’s time to bring on the paint. First, I wanted a dark base coat to work with, so I used this Rust-Oleum Flat Black paint. It took a couple of coats, but was done in a flash with my Small Spray Shelter and Turn Table.

Spray Paining Play Grill with Rustoleum Flat Black 2X Spray |

Then, to add even more fun and whimsy, I used my Square Brush to add blue to the face plate. Last, I added red to the knobs and decorated the interior of the bread box.

Painting Play Grill Faceplate with Zibra Paint Brush by Prodigal Pieces |


Let’s take a peek at my completed pretend play grill, shall we?

DIY Pretend Play Grill Set made by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces from an Upcycled Bread Box | #prodigalpieces #diy #handmade #kids #toys #pretendplay

Pretend Play Ribs on Toy Grill by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #handmade #toys #kids #playtime #pretend

Needless to say, I didn’t have to coerce my littlest to help me out in giving it a test drive. tee hee. We all love how it came out and I’m smitten with the adorableness of it all. This set of wooden grill food was perfect to finish off my creation.

Pretend Play Grill with Food Set Created by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #handmade #toys #kids #fun

Toddler Girl with Pretend Play Grilling Food Set and Grill made by Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #handmade #homedecor #kids #toys

Since the food set came in a cardboard box, I built a cedar crate out of scraps to contain it all and make it portable. Every mom loves storage, right?

Kids Grill Food & Grill Set by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #kids #toys #pretendplay #handmade

Handmade Toy Grill Set Created by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #handmade #home #toys #kids

So…can you tell I had a blast not only creating this, but playing with it too? haha. I’m just glad I can share my fun with you.

Upcycled Bread Box Becomes Pretend Play Grill by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #handmade #home #kids #toys #pretendplay

Kids Toy Grill Set with Wooden Food by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | DIY fun at #prodigalpieces #diy #handmade #toys #kids #home

If you are smitten with this set, you can find it available in my shop (SOLD) along with all of my other handmade, vintage finds, and furniture collections. No worries as my kids already have plenty of toys like this already at home. Are you surprised? Just wait until I have grand-kids….mwahahaha.

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

Miniature Pretend Play Grill Set with Wooden Food by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #handmade #home #toys #kids #pretend

Adorable Pretend Play Grill Set made from Upcycled Bread Box | DIY fun at #prodigalpieces #toys #handmade #kids #fun #pretend

Do pin and share my upcycled bread box turned pretend play grill. Creating kids fun is the best!

What an absolutely adorable idea! Larissa of Prodigal Pieces upcycled a bread box into a pretend play grill set with all the bells & whistles. Take a peek at #prodigalpieces #handmade #kids #toys #shopping #fun #pretend

Up next, it’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday, and I’ll be reviving this vintage lingerie chest for my daughters. Come see its new life HERE.

Vintage Lingerie Chest Before Restoration by Prodigal Pieces |

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What a clever idea and it’s so adorable as is your daughter. First order coming up; tell her that I’ll take a hamburger – well done please. 🙂
Your daughter is going to have many fun hours playing with that.

What a great idea, it’s adorable! You never ceases to amaze with your visions and ability to make them reality!

Oh my goodness! I could not imagine what you were going to do with that poor, ugly, outdated breadbox… until you said “kids”. I said “A grill! It’s going to be a grill!”, and you’ve never seen anybody scroll so fast before in your life! 😊
That is Thee Cutest grill of all time! Your details are… SO… so perfect! Adorable! Thanks for giving me a vision for “impossible” junk. Your imagination is top notch!

This is adorable! Larissa, God has blessed you with such a great creative talent! Thanks for sharing that talent!

By far one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a long time!! Your daughter must be so excited! Good for you mama!!

Hi Larissa, Wow, that breadbox is so perfect for this project! I certainly can see how much fun you had with this grill and that your littlest loved it too! Great job on this awesome toy.

Ok. That was totally unexpected and totally adorable!!! What a great idea! I’ll keep my eyes open for a bread box now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Oh My Gosh! This is Such a cute and creative idea!! I just love your creative thought process. Any child would be thrilled to cook along side Mom or Dad on the patio with this. Love your blog and look forward to each and every repurposed piece of trashure you do.

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