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Updated Dresser with Pulls, Paint, & Stain

Do you find stress relief in work? I’m one of those the will clean my house lickety-split when I am one hot mama. hahaha… That’s kinda how I feel about furniture and my creative projects too. There are times when I am downright frazzled and wore to the bone, then when I go get creative my woes are gone. I talk to God during that time and it feels so good. We’ve had some major setbacks in the last few weeks and I decided to take it out on this piece today. Let me show you how I turned it into an updated dresser. PLUS, I have an awesome giveaway for you!

Vintage Dresser Before Updating | Prodigal Pieces |

You might be wondering what’s wrong, well we’ve found a pest in the wood we are using for our kitchen countertops. No big deal, just treat and move on, but that set us back 3 weeks finding the source, the solution, and waiting on it to arrive. Then our vehicle had issues and when they were supposed to be fixed the dude who repaired it caused more damage. We even had Read more

Coffee Table Makeover with French Country Style

Do you ever feel like that no matter how hard you try, your good intentions never seem to work out? Here’s my story (and I’m sticking to it): my kids need clothes, right? So, I like to hit garage sales to save money, but it somehow never turns out that way. Why is it they have to stick other things in garage sales that would distract you from intended mission? tsk. Seriously. I was only going to look for clothes and then this coffee table just had to be there.

Garage Sale Find Claw Foot Table | Prodigal Pieces |

*post contains affiliate links so you can find the products I love to use too! (see full disclosure)

It was only $20 and it begged for new life. And boy, did I have the darndest time getting that thing to fit in the back of my suburban. Those gorgeous legs just didn’t want to fit! I even borrowed the owners Read more

Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

To have a creative mind is fun. I love to work with most any kind of medium and it just so happens that furniture has become my most popular at this point. When I find a piece of furniture it tends to speak to me from the moment we meet. Sometimes that isn’t always the case because it can be shy and won’t “speak” to me for a bit , but with this Mid Century Modern dresser I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Before of Mid Century Modern Credenza | Prodigal Pieces |

This long beautiful piece of furniture had not been cared for and had a good amount of damage and wear to the Read more

Two Desks Means Double the Fun!

It feels so good when my junkin’ days pay off like this one did.  Do you ever have that happen to you…I mean, when you head out and score a piece that doesn’t really need touched or is exactly what you needed?Double-whamo desks in this instance.

While out doing the city-clean up run, I was ready to make a right-handed turn on a Y-shaped intersection when I glanced to the left to check for oncoming traffic…there it was.  Perfectly retro desk!!!

Vintage Mid Century Modern Desk Found Curbside by Prodigal Pieces |
I peeled back around and turned on my hazard lights, since there was no side-street parking and didn’t have a care in the world who I was annoying as I snatched up this cutie.
Don’t you just love the original green paint?
vintage green desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces
Or how about the perfect condition wood top?
vintage green desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces
This was perfect for my 3 girls bedroom – they had so been longing for a place to sit a write in their journals.  I snatched up the chair at a garage sale for $3!
Even better was this jewel…a vintage Smith Corona electric typewriter!! GASP! It was curbside with its original case, key, ribbons, instructions, and even those little white-out tabs. God is good!
vintage Smith Corona electric typewriter found junking via Prodigal Pieces
They just love pretending to be the American Girl, Kit. And well…it’s just so much fun! I remind them that the blue beauty is mine, but they can borrow it for now.  I’m such a good mom, eh? hahaha
vintage Smith Corona electric typewriter found junking via Prodigal Pieces
On to the next goodie…

My son and I headed out for the third weekend of city-cleanup and on our first stop picked up this desk.  It was complete with glass top, at least it had a glass top. We loaded it up and leaned the glass on the side of the desk.

painted desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces

We also scored this mirror at the same stop which I put up front…

antique etched mirror found junking via Prodigal Pieces…not taking any chances with that beauty.

Just after we loaded up, we headed down a slightly curved street when CRASH!!! The drawers had come out of the desk and smashed into the glass, completely busting it up.  We seriously were turning at a snail’s pace, but that was all it took.

painted desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces
You should have seen the look on our faces when it happened.  I busted out laughing and said to my son, “Dada is not going to be happy about that!” Needless to say, that stopped our trip and we turned home to clean up the mess.

Word to the wise: Turn drawer side of said furniture to the outside before loading glass.  Uugh.

This desk was my answer to my prayers of needing a sewing desk to replace the tiny one I sold months earlier.  I couldn’t find a single one anywhere that was what I needed.

painted desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces
I even scored this retro office chair in my neighbor’s trash – totally a rubber-neck experience.  Saw it and flipped my vehicle around quick. as. a. flash.
painted desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces
 The desk is a solid piece, but had tons of deep scratches to the top.  After some wood putty and sanding, it was as good as new.
painted desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces
 I put a dark gray chalk paint top with a whitewash on the sides. Spray painted the pulls an oil-rubbed bronze, and bam!  I got a sewing desk.  Yipppeee for me!
painted desk found junking via Prodigal Pieces
 I LOVE junking!!! Not only did I get these awesome desks, but I had fun and that’s what it’s all about. Can I get an amen?

How about you….and good treasure hunts lately?

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