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Farmhouse Tools Become Rustic Decor

One of my favorite things to do is take unwanteds and give them new purpose. You can imagine my excitement when I got to hook up with several of my favorite DIY bloggers to bring you Trash to Treasure Transformations. Yay! It’s a monthly challenge to see what thrifted or yard sale finds we choose to giveΒ new life. I’m all about some farmhouse decor. mmmm….

Trash to Treasure Transformations by 5 Awesome DIY Bloggers

I know you’re going to love this series! Let me show you what I chose to work with. Rusty objects are somewhat of an addiction for me, and when I had a chance to snatch up a box of farmhouse tools, insulators, and what-nots, I jumped on it.

Rusty old farmhouse tools are perfect paired with reclaimed barn wood to make functional decor. Just grab a hanger, Ball jar, and a DIY attitude. by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Any guesses as to what these are? I know you see a piece of chain, but do you know what the hooks are for? They are hay bale hooks – a farmer would have one in each hand and grab up a hay bale with them and stack or load the bails in a much easier fashion. Pretty cool, huh? That round piece with holes in it is a bit of a mystery to me. It’s embossed with a serial number and I believe was part of a tractor.

So, what would you do with this rusty goodness? Well, I dug into my stash of reclaimed wood and pulled out some pieces that I thought would suit my project. Read more

DIY : Bathtub Tray Tutorial

Last week was our big farmhouse style bathroom reveal, and I was so excited (still am!) to be able to share with you the completion of our project. In all the excitement, I was asked several times if I would provide a tutorial for the bathtub tray I made in this photo:

Build a Bathtub Tray Using Reclaimed or New Wood and Repurposed Materials with this DIY Tutorial by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

It’s perfect for when you need that therapeuticΒ soak at the end of a long day for holding your bathtime essentials. Makes a perfect gift, don’t you think? With one power tool and a few basic materials, you’ll be saying, “Calgon, take me away!”

Let’s get to building, shall we? Read more

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