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DIY Tiered Stand from Repurposed Junk

You know I have a stash of trashure and I have been trying to make more room around here by creating more of the things I have had planned in my head. For instance, I have had a collection of wood turnings, pie pans, and cake pans since summer and have been waiting for the time to put them to use. Today, I want to show you how to make a DIY tiered stand using repurposed materials because it’s Power Tool Challenge time. Yay!

How to Make a Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

Be sure to read through to see what my bloggers friends have whipped up for you too.

Here is my assortment of garage sale goodies…a few cake pans, pie pans, and a couple of wood turnings I showed you in my curbside rocker makeover.

Repurposed Garage Sale Finds Make Tiered Tray | Prodigal Pieces |

I mean, who doesn’t love to have extra storage for their collections, fruits and veggies, and whatever you’d love to have off your surfaces cluttering up space? Just so you know, there are several tutorials out in Blogland. Some that use dishes, bowls, and so much more. I don’t plant to reinvent the wheel here, but you can check those out on my Pinterest pin board.

Want to give it a try? Let’s go!

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  • wood turning approx. 1½-2″ diameter (table leg, any kind of spindle, even store-bought – be creative!)
  • 3 pie plates, cake pans, enamelware in varied sizes – you name it!
  • 2 double-ended screws
  • 1½” wood screw with washer
  • pliers
  • drill and drill bits
  • wood round or circles cut from plywood
  • optional: jigsaw, sander, paint, reclaimed drawer or door knobs

For my project, I used wood turnings that were 2″ in diameter and about 12″ long. So if you’re using a table leg or something longer than 12″, cut it to length. After it is the desired length, cut it in half.

Using whatever pans or bowls you have, drill holes in the center of each. Beginning with the base, drill  1″ into the bottom of the wood turning, and then using your wood screw and washer, attach the bottom pan/bowl to the turning.

Grab one of your double-ended screws and drive it into the top of that wood turning (or table leg) using pliers.

Double-Ended Screw for Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

Place your next pan/bowl on the screw sticking up, and then add your other half of the wood turning. (note: You could stop after the first turning is added for only a two tiered stand, but if you desire more layers, repeat the double-ended screw process until your top layer of pans/bowl is added.)

Since I grabbed some cake pans with a drop-out bottom, I needed to figure out a way to attach them together. I decided to cut circles to attach the cake pans too out of ½” plywood. Just trace the pan bottom, cut with jigsaw, and sand smooth.

Tracing Cake Pan for Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

Tiered Stand Plywood Circles Cut | Prodigal Pieces |

Sanding Plywood Wood Rounds | Prodigal Pieces |

I decided to use a glass knob from my VW chest of drawers makeover (BEEP) and a wooden door knob from our closet renovation as finials to the top of each stand. It makes for a decorative accent and a way to carry the stand from place to place if needed.

Assorted Parts for DIY Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

To give one of my stands a time-worn feel, I used antique white paint on the wood turning and plywood rounds.

Painting Wood Rounds | Prodigal Pieces |

Once you are done painting, you’ll need to attach the cake pans to the wood round. Just pre-drill holes in pan, wood turning, and wood round, then attach using ½” wood screws. I’ve found adding a wood round to any of the tiered trays can add stability where needed.

Pre-drilling Tiered Stand Holes | Prodigal Pieces | www.prodigalpieces

Attaching Wood Rounds to Cake Pans | Prodigal Pieces | www.prodigalpieces

To add the top drawer pull or door handle, simple screw them in through your top pan/bowl. Then for added protection, I used E6000 adhesive to glue on some felt pieces to protect my surfaces.

Gluing on Felt Pieces to Bottom of Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

Now you’re done with your DIY tiered stand!

Shabby Chic Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

I think these are fun and offer so many possibilities of ways to help us get organized. These are some of my vintage trims that I adore and love to display.

Collection of Vintage Textiles | Prodigal Pieces |

Doesn’t that glass knob on top add the perfect touch?

Antique Glass Knob Top of Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

The other stand I made with the pie pans came out just as cute, though this one I staged in a different genre.

DIY a Tiered Stand | Prodigal Pieces |

We are avid bird lovers in our home, so showcasing our treasures is a fun addition to our decor.

Darren Gygi Sparrow Print | Prodigal Pieces |

Natural Treasures with Nest and Nuts | Prodigal Pieces |

If DIY is not your thing or you’ve fallen head over heels for my stands, you can find them available in my shop. (SOLD)

Top of Tiered Tray with Wooden Knob | Prodigal Pieces |

Pin and share to inspire other to get organized using their repurposed “junk” (aka trashure). Show us how you create a DIY tiered stand.

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27 replies on “DIY Tiered Stand from Repurposed Junk”

hi, I love your Tiered pie plates. I recently did this with some yard finds, but did not add the wood. Mine seem slightly unsteady. I will be redoing and adding wood. Thanks for sharing

Oh I love this. I have some old cake pans.Im going to paint them teal and white morracan tile pattern and the wood white to match the “grout”pattern on my “tile” it will be so pretty..

I love this project so much I de ided to make my own. I found two black speckled porcelain antique pie tins at mt fav local antique shop. Because they are extremely sturdy tins I didn’t need the round wood to reinforce them. I used antique spindles from an old church bench. For the handle on top I used the glass doorknob from tbe house I grew up in. My mom and dad bought the house in 1941 and my mom lived there until she passed away in 2006. My two sister and I each took one doorknob when we sold the house. I’m so glad I found a project where I could use it. Thank you Lori❣❣

Another idea…if you wanted to spend some money, you could buy different size cake pans. To save a bit of money, buy them at different craft stores and use their 40% off coupons.

I want to try this for my next project. Something else in the picture caught my eye and I could not believe it. The stems with stickers on them. They look just like some weeds that I scraped the thorns off of the stems and then spray painted them. My boyfriend told me that he had found me some pussy willows! LOL

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