Farmhouse Fall Bedroom Decor with a Story

The harvest season in full swing and autumn right at our back door, I find it irresistible to bring that beauty inside. Most of us see fit to decorate our living spaces, but I’m curious…do you seasonally decorate your bedroom too? I won’t say I always do due to lack of time. However, today I’m sharing my farmhouse fall bedroom decor.

Harvest Pumpkin and Autumn Joy in Garden by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

Truth be told that most often my bedroom is dark when I wake up, and I may go in there a few times during the day to grab something or catch a cat nap. However, with the imminent colder temps on their way, I tend to be inside more, so I want my “sanctuary” to be quintessentially cozy and inviting too.

If you’d like, take a peek at our bedroom remodel in this post. It is quite the journey for us and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Here’s a glimpse at a pic of what my bedroom typically looks like through the spring and summer months. Since I forgot to take a true before, this one will suffice.

Vintage Bed Tray Gets Modern Farmhouse Makeover by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #handmade #homedecor #vintage #homedecorideas #farmhouse

Can you blame me for being too wrapped up in my project to take a before? As soon as I began doing my fall cleaning, I got focused in getting rid of webs and dust. Spiders be gone! This leads me to ask, do you do a fall cleaning, like a thorough spring cleaning, too?

It’s my time to purge before full-on-furnace time and fireplace hits. I feel like it tucks us in for the winter season. Plus, it helps me prepare for the upcoming holidays too.


Okay, so here’s what I did. Pulled E’ERYTHING OUT so I would have a completely blank slate to start from once I cleaned. aaaahhh…it felt so good! At this point I had already washed and ironed the linens and drapes.

Farmhouse Bedroom Before Fall Decor | #prodigalpieces

*post contains affiliate links so you can find the products I love to use too. (see full disclosure)

As a bonus, I have new linen bedding. Lemme just say that I have been waiting years to finally have linen. It is by far a favorite textile of mine and I’ve been tucking away pennies to get us some. Major happy dance by this mama! I purchased the natural linen sheets HERE and the off-white duvet HERE.

Farmhouse Linen Bed Pillows by Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

Though as an aside, I buy a king size comforter and duvet because I have a blanket-stealing husband and the queen size is too short to rightfully defend myself. The problem with that though is when you purchase the king duvet, you get king shams which are far too long for my queen pillows. This is my solution to the problem…fold over and add a button. haha.

Farmhouse Bed Linens with Handmade Pillows by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces


Also, that long bed pillow has a story too. I found a large length of remnant linen yardage at the thrift store a few years back. This was the real deal, not itchy stuff. I was elated and made this pillow with DIY grain sack stripes for our family room. However, a year or so ago this is what my kids did to it when they found a hole.

Damaged Linen Pillow | #prodigalpieces

Yup. That be a HOLE. Anyhoo, I’m not one to quit so easily. This pillow had some sentimental value to me in relation to the babies I’ve lost so I didn’t want to toss it. Instead, I took some scrap gray ticking fabric and a piece of handmade crochet trim and fixed ‘er up.

Handmade Linen Pillows with Ticking Stripes | #prodigalpieces

Now it proudly resided on my bed where the kiddos can come in and beat each other with it. le sigh… I love it though. They adore being in our bedroom and that makes this mama happy.


Back to my farmhouse fall bedroom decor tour. ahem. I had also taken down all my cha-blingy crystals and given them a much needed cleaning too.

Antique Crystal and Brass Chandelier in Farmhouse Bedroom by Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

If you’d like to have my glass cleaning recipe that is AH-MAZING. I use it on my mirrors and windows for a streak-free shine.

  • 2 cups water
  • 1 Tablespoon cornstarch
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol
  • 8-10 drops of essential oil, if you like

Meanwhile, in the background you can see my chippy white cupboard I use as my armoire.

Chippy White Antique Farmhouse Cupboard Before Farmhouse Fall Bedroom Decor | #prodigalpieces #farmhouse

I’ve removed the items on top, cleaned and have that blank slate I was looking for. As I turn around you’ll see my antique dresser in all its time-worn loveliness.

Antique Farmhouse Bedroom Dresser Before Fall Decor |

The story of finding this piece is funny. I sent JC on a go-get-um errand about an hour away. When he got there the guy was happy drunk. The man kept saying how he and his wife thought it was so ugly and just wanted rid of it. No problem! Come to mama. Then I was like…”did he have any more ‘junk’?” You know I would’ve asked. tsk.

You can also see my hand-me-down chartreuse yellow embossed chair in the corner. It has a bit of damage and wear too, but I love it. When I removed everything to clean and start again, I put back everything I wanted to keep in place – like my antique lamp I scored at a garage sale for 15 bucks and my handmade crochet runner from the thrift store. My kinda treasure right there.


I’ll begin my farmhouse fall bedroom decor tour by sharing a peek at the what you see when you walk in the bedroom door.

Minimalist Simple Farmhouse Fall Bedroom Decor with Antique Finds by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #farmhouse #bedroom #home #homedecor #fall

As I mentioned, we have new bedding which is a great start, however, let’s take a closer look. What you see above my bed is trash…er…#trashure. The large plaster frame was in the trash, and the oval wooden frame with domed glass (not seen) was in the trash. However, the typeset drawer and mini art were from the flea market and thrift store. Layering is where it’s at y’all.

Rustic Fall Farmhouse Bedroom Decor by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #bedroom #farmhouse #diy #home #homedecor

Layered Frame Vignette in Farmhouse Bedroom by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #antique #home #homedecor #trashure

JC’s eye might twitch with the chippiness of it all, but it’s telling me a story of nostalgia I could listen to over and over again. Since I’m after fall touches, I love the oranges and golds paired with the wood tones to give the cozy feel.

Fall Farmhouse Bedroom with Antique Finds by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #farmhouse #bedroom #fall #home #homedecor

Vintage Farmhouse Vignette for Cozy Fall Feel by Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #farmhouse #home #fall #homedecor

My barn wood rack with 1800’s hand-forged nails found in a box of junk a guy gave me is simple and functional. I also found that basket for a quarter and filled it with Autumn Joy (aka. sedum) from my garden. In addition, all my hats are second-hand too. I’m a sucker for natural hats. This one reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. Plus, my mix-n-match thrifted curtains are hanging on the 1920’s swing-arm rods I found on eBay.

My laundry basket cart is one of my most favorite flea market finds. In it holds my extra crochet pillows I’ve sourced from thrift stores too.

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Decorated for Autumn by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #farmhouse #bedroom #autumn #home #homedecor


Chippy White Farmhouse Cupboard used as Armoire in Bedroom by Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #home #farmhouse #bedroom #homedecor

When I do an about-face, my cupboard is showcasing another fall vignette. I always have my childhood laundry basket there. It used to sit in my bedroom as a child filled with my stuffed animals. Along with the basket are some amber apothecary bottles, a miniature oil painting, and an empty oval wooden frame.

Amber Apothecary Bottle Vignette for Fall Decor in Farmhouse Bedroom by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #vintage #farmhouse #home #homedecor

Collection of Antique Amber Apothecary Bottles on top of Antique Cupboard for Fall Decor by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #farmhouse #home #fall #homedecor #bedroom

As I back up you can see my piano face closet transom with my thrifted drapes on a scrap barn wood rod as a curtain. In the corner is a thrifted basket made of coconut hulls with an antique cider gallon jug inside to hold the grass from my garden.

Reclaimed Piano Face as Closet Transom in Farmhouse Bedroom by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #bedroom #home #farmhouse #homedecor

Antique Mirrored Dresser in Farmhouse Bedroom with Fall Decor by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #bedroom #fall #home #farmhouse #homedecor

Last, but not least, my dresser got a few autumnal touches as well. I can never resist trimming all my limelight hydrangea and drying them. You can see how to dry them in this post HERE.

Farmhouse Fall Bedroom Decor by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #farmhouse #bedroom #home #homedecor #diy

Vintage Dresser Vignette for Autumn Decor by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #autumn #bedroom #home #homedecor

I’ve kept it simple and brought back a few of my favorite things: my mirrored tray, my mother’s glass vanity set, and a few things from my grandmothers’ that are near to my heart.

Vintage Bedroom Dresser decked out for autumn by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #homedecor #bedroom

Simple Farmhouse Bedroom with Flea Market Style Decor by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #fleamarket #diy #home #homedecor #farmhouse

Have you enjoyed this tour? I sure have. My style is not a box-store decor for sure, but rather is intent on telling a story of love and happiness in all things found and handmade.

Farmhouse Bedroom Window with Antique Chartreuse Chair by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #homedecor #bedroom #farmhouse #fall

Do pin and share my farmhouse fall bedroom decor to inspire others to create their cozy home story.

Create your own cozy sanctuary for the autumn season with farmhouse fall bedroom decor | by Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #farmhouse #bedroom #home #homedecor #fall

Up next, I’m taking these bits of what’s left from a curbside bed I repurposed and making something new. HEAD HERE to see.

Salvaged Antique Bed Rail Parts Before Upcycle by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

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  • Shelley S

    Larissa, your room is just lovely! That dresser is gorgeous, and the linens and lace beautiful. Our bedroom in this house is itty-bitty, and there’s not a single closet in this house, so we inprovised and built a closet in the attic. We have a small rack on the back of the door which works for us for now, but storage is a real issue. We have a queen sized bed set up on a waterbed base with drawers, one tall dresser, one mirrored lower dresser. one bedside table on hubby’s side and that is all that fits with a small path around the bed, usually filled with dogs We have 4 large dogs who alternate spending time on the bed, so I have a large collection of quilts and comforters whch are our top layer on the bed to keep the down comforter clean. I do the same king quilts on queen bed for the same reason!

    One of the only things my hubby and I differ on is window treatments. He like blackout shades and I’d prefer none, or light lace. I’ll be looking for some swing arm curtain rods. I’ve never seen them and they loom a perfect compromise!

    October 22, 2019 at 8:39 am Reply
    • Larissa

      Thank you! Your situation sounds similar. We definitely live in our bedroom. haha. We have black out curtains behind my lace so that we can have the dark we like due to neighbors and such. It makes it nice.

      October 22, 2019 at 9:38 am Reply
  • Ann

    Larissa the bedroom is beautiful I especially luv the layered frames💁🏼‍♀️

    October 22, 2019 at 8:51 am Reply
    • Larissa

      Thank you, Ann. This felt good to do.

      October 22, 2019 at 9:41 am Reply
  • Karen Wheat

    Your talent always amazes me!! It is so beautiful….;-)

    October 22, 2019 at 9:59 am Reply
    • Larissa

      Karen, you just made me smile from ear to ear. Thank you for the love. 😀

      October 22, 2019 at 10:11 am Reply
  • d brossy

    love it all! cozy, comfy, inviting.

    October 22, 2019 at 10:53 am Reply
    • Larissa

      Thank you for the affirmation. That is what I was after. We just love this space! 😀

      October 22, 2019 at 11:28 am Reply
  • Robin


    October 22, 2019 at 6:59 pm Reply
    • Larissa

      Thank you, sweet Robin.

      October 22, 2019 at 9:14 pm Reply
  • Kaycee

    Hi Larissa, boy have you been a busy bee! Your room is a warm and inviting sanctuary, and I love all your textiles. I am just about to start our fall deep clean. Thank you for sharing your glass cleaning recipe, I am looking forward to using that on my mirrors, windows and glass front cabinet doors.

    October 22, 2019 at 7:02 pm Reply
    • Larissa

      Yes, just a bit. oy! It felt so good though. I just finished my cave-dwelling cleaning of my boys room and I nearly got lost in there! 😀 I’m all about not using toxins to pollute my home and this is by far the best recipe I’ve found that actually works.

      October 22, 2019 at 9:19 pm Reply
  • Joanne

    That was fun. Enjoyed your tour and the stories. Beautiful room for respite and sleep. I love a piece with history. You always inspire. Thanks.

    October 28, 2019 at 11:57 am Reply
    • Larissa

      What fun to hear, Joanne. Thank you. It was a long time coming to finally get a space done for us.

      October 28, 2019 at 9:22 pm Reply

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