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Metallic Paint Makeover ~ A Table Tale

It’s been a while since I’ve done a furniture makeover and with fall on the way I wanted to add some autumn colors to the mix. One of my favorite things to do in the evening is enjoy those gorgeous sunsets that light up the sky. It looks as if the whole event was painted in glory, and boy, does it sparkle like gold. I decided to capture a bit of that color in this vintage Mersman table makeover using metallic paint.

Vintage Mersman Side Table Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

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I am partnering with DecoArt and Michaels Craft Stores to showcase a new line of metallic paints that seriously have me drooling. A girl loves some bling!

New Americana Decor Metallic Paint now available at Michael's Craft Store | Prodigal Pieces |

Wouldn’t you say that my project of choice is lacking some spunk? It has potential even though the top is a faux marble type material and it has wear. My vision sees a whole new look that will draw out the beauty being hidden.


Top of Vintage Mersman Side Table with Faux Textured Top | Prodigal Pieces |

One of my all-time favorite metallic colors is Champagne, so I was eager to use it on this table. It is so soft and can easily fit into most any decor. Since metallic paint can have a sort of transparent effect, I decided to use the Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting as my base coat. You can find the chalky finish in the Craft Paint aisle, but to find the metallic paints you would need to look in the Stain & Finishes Section of your local Michael’s store.

DecoArt Americana Metallic and Chalky Finish Paint for Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

The 8 oz. jar easily gave me enough paint to do two coats of Everlasting and some to spare. Love that! I painted everything, even the center panel on top and the faux pull on the front.

Once the two layers cured, I added a single coat of Champagne using a dry brush technique. I wanted to create an old world look that told a story and created dimension. For fun, I did a harlequin design to the center panel using basic math and a ruler.


Ready to see the after? I’m excited to share!

Vintage Mersman Side Table Makeover with Americana Decor Metallics Paint by Prodigal Pieces |

Isn’t it fun! I just love how the paint drew out the details and the champagne color gives this once dated table a sense of style.

Metallic Paint Makeover for Vintage Mersman Side Table by Prodigal Pieces |

And you gotta love the harlequin top. I did a similar table just like this a few years back and have been wanting to do it again ever since.

Vintage Table Made New with Metallic Paint and Harlequin Design by Prodigal Pieces |

Vintage Table Gets Harlequin Top Design with Metallic Paint by Prodigal Pieces |

I’m pleased with the results of this makeover and hope you are too! If you love this sweet table, you can find it available in my shop (SOLD) along with my other work and vintage finds.

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

My goal is to inspire you to try different things and create awareness to new products and methods. In addition, pin and share to inspire others too!

Refresh Your Outdated Furniture with Metallic Paint | Harlequin Design and Style by Prodigal Pieces |

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Good morning Larissa,
I so love opening up my email and seeing your name in my feed. Your projects are always creative and thoughtful. I am always inspired by the projects that you pick.
I too am very ready for a break in the weather. We are entering my favorite time of the year, with the fall colors and crisp feel to the air. However this will be a year that we will never forget. It has been a milestone year for sure. On August 12th we began a journey of magnitudes that I never dreamed we would take. We live in the city of Central, Louisiana which was devastated by torrential flooding. Some homes in our area received up to 8-9 feet of water and may not be rebuilt due to FEMA and their outlandish requirements. If you have not seen the images of our area, you would truly be amazed and shocked. The devastation and stories of rescue from rooftops, attics, rivers etc. rival the best of the Hurricane Katrina stories of 2005. My heart grieves as I travel the streets of our great city because I dont know what is going to happen to us. The number of homes that flooded is astronomical. I believe we saw approx 60% of the homes in our city with flood damage anywhere from mere inches to being completely inundated.
Our home however was spared. PRAISE GOD!!! We actually took in 8 extra family members, 2 dogs and 2 snakes for a period of time. We are now back to “normal” at our home but that “normal” is and will never be the same. I struggled with survivors guilt for a couple of weeks. I kept asking God why did he choose to spare me? Then I made a conscious decision to do everything I could to help. I have not looked back since. I am busy every day and collapse in to bed every night exhausted but fulfilled.
So my friend I could tell you so much more about our situation however what we could use more than anything right now is prayer. Please pray for our citizens, that they would find favor in very part of their rebuild process and in the process come to know you either as new Christians or have the faith renewed. Also pray for our city officials who have the task of permitting and handling all of the city affairs. That they would make fair and educated decisions that will help and not hinder our city. Pray for all of the relief workers who have come and are still coming to help with tear outs and cleanup. That they would be kept safe from harm and find rest at night when they finally lay down their head. Pray for our local volunteers who are on the ground being the hands and feet of Jesus. That they would find comfort and super natural strength to accomplish their appointed tasks. Also that they would have an opportunity to share Christ with everyone that crosses their path.
If I could also ask that you share our story with your blog readers. I can send you some links to photos and stories to include. The media has basically turned its head to us. It took FEMA and the Red Cross, DAYS to get relief supplies to our area. This area is far and wide also, not just Central. However, we didnt wait for them to tell us what to do. We jumped in and took care of our people. Private citizens actually did most of the high water rescues in their own private boats and high water vehicles! Private citizens have spent their own money to buy supplies for flood victims. Private citizens have cooked meals and fed flood victims out of the back of the vans in the flooded neighborhoods. Private citizens have gone in to homes and hauled out flood damaged items and cut out sheetrock all the while FEMA and the Red Cross drags their feet. The list just keeps going. I have never felt like I wanted to blog but this recent life changing event has made me think about it. However my days are long and I am not quite sure where I could squeeze it in to my day.
OH and I also just celebrated my milestone birthday on September 9th. I turned 50! I had grand plans for my 50th too. I wanted to take a cruise to celebrate, I just didnt think it would be in my own back yard!!!!
Well anyway, I have taken way too much space on your blog. I do hope you will stand with us and pray for our area.
Your friend in junk,

For Deirdre Breau in Louisiana,
I happened upon Larissa’s blog and saw your sad sad posting. Please try not to despair, darlin’. Just as in the story about Footsteps in the Sand, Jesus is with you, loving you and giving you strength so you are able to share that love and strength with others in need of it. God bless you, sweet Deirdra. My prayers are with y’all and may your next birthday be the best ever!

Oh my, who says you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. That is incredible, just beautiful.
Larissa you do such beautiful work and are so creative.

I love that table, and yes it looks as if it was meant to be beside your bed…keep it, I can tell you love it, too. It is so different from your other pieces and you did that poor little table proud.

Unfortunately, I took two tables like this to Goodwill because I couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Wish I had your vision!!!

Still have this beauty boxed up just as you packaged it when I bought it last year. Going to pare it with an antique iron bed painted linen color with a little gold and silver leaf trim. I want another one if you find its mate.

It was a pressedboard simulated to look like leather. You can paint it, just takes different steps. My friend, Kandice, at Just the Woods has many pieces she’s done with leather tops. I’ve also taken the leather out if damaged and replaced it with a decorative inlay of wood. Many ways to go with it. 🙂

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