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Repurposed Bread Box Charging Station

The truth needs to be told that not every thing in life is not always cookie-cutter easy. When I first started today’s project, I was mentally boasting how easy this would be and I was really looking forward to it. ahem. No such thing actually happened. With much to learn from this, I am proud to say that I now have the repurposed bread box charging station I was after from this garage sale find.

Bread Box Before Repurposed Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

Let me explain…At first glance you see a shabby looking wooden box (and not the shabby chic kind, right?).  But… oh does this thing have a wicked side. I had flash backs of a certain promise I made to myself while doing this chest of drawers to never buy a previously painted item again. With much head-slapping and asking “Why??”, I finished my project.

Inside of Vintage Bread Box | Prodigal Pieces |


What’s all the fuss you say? Well, it all started out just fine. I tested the paint with alcohol to make sure it was a latex and could be painted over. Then, my sander helps me give it a bit of tooth and even went down to wood in some places.

Sanding Vintage Painted Bread Box | Prodigal Pieces |

I also used my drill and spade biT to create a hole in the back for the power cord.

Drilling Charging Station Hole in Bread Box | Prodigal Pieces |

It wasn’t until after I gave it a first coat of paint that I saw the trouble. Problem was I encountered something else just before I saw these issues.


Ladies and gents, I was attacked by a reader who doesn’t even know me, who apparently has nothing better to do than to be a keyboard warrior.  Worst part is although I knew how outlandish her comments were I let it get to me. Apparently, my last post hit a nerve with Ruth and my grain & gluten-free dessert recipe put her over the edge. Seriously.

Here is what she wrote:

“You are kidding right? Gluten free, taste free, global warming free, animal rights free, politically correct, human rights support, land mine free, woman’s right support, BLM matters endorsed, more love for ISIS is the answer, sheesh. When will the insanity end?”

I was dumb-struck. My heart was broken because I poured myself into my recipe so that I could share it with you and I didn’t even need to. My kids helped me get the project done and were so excited as well. Not many of you commented on it and that’s okay because I’m sharing to teach and to spread my love of real food.

However, her comment hit so hard and made me ready to quit blogging because of this and other things going on. Yes, I get 99% positive feedback from you guys, but it only takes that one at the right time to send a sucker-punch to the gut. ISIS…really?? She even had the nerve to tell me she unsubscribed from my blog. First thought… “don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

I sent an email to Ruth defending myself and my family and our dietary beliefs. She replied that she KNEW that I fell for every huckster trick. Okay…I’m getting angry just writing this.


I let it at that. Blocked her and tried to put it out of my mind. I went back to my project and saw the paint bubbled everywhere. AND I found that the center panel was not the wood I thought it was, but was actually glass. That meant more nitty-gritty work. More frustration, right? I was ready to throw this thing in the trash. I wanted to scream and give up.

Instead of doing so I grabbed my tools and attacked this thing with a vengeance. I AM NOT A QUITTER. How dare she accuse me of such things, how dare this stupid bread box give me trouble?

Then I had some thoughts as I worked. What if God quit on me when I acted up? (you know I do…we all do). What if instead of showering us with love, He turned his back on us because we were too hard to handle.

God put me in the blogging world for a reason and I intend to see it through. I kept working on that box, scraping…sanding…scraping…sanding…until I got this:

Vintage Bread Box Sanded Down for New Look | Prodigal Pieces |

…a fresh slate. The bad was removed and this is where new life begins. Much like us as we need our Savior. I thank God that He gives us new life.


On to the next phase, I chose a nice satin white for my project color and gave it several coats to make it washed as white as snow. Much like I did my repurposed wall clock turned medical kit.

RustOleum Satin White for Repurposed Bread Box | Prodigal Pieces |

Also, I added a few extras here and there, including a power strip for the electronics, and a few resting places for them to sit while charging.


So, this is my repurposed bread box that got me fired up, that got me angry, and forced me to not quit even when I had every reason to. Whatcha think?

Farmhouse Style Repurposed Bread Box Charging Station by Prodigal Pieces |

I really debated on painting the back side of the glass because I loved the window, but I felt most would agree the whole idea was to hide the electronics mess, so paint I did.

Vintage Bread Box Upcycled into Farmhouse Charging Station by Prodigal Pieces |

It is so cute and functional with many ways to get your devices ready for the day.

Inside View of Repurposed Charging Station by Prodigal Pieces |

You can find this repurposed bread box and more of my furniture and decor in my shop. (SOLD)

  • Magic Linen Beige Waffle Blanket available at Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #bedding
    Magic Linen Waffle Blanket ~ $130

Enamelware Style Farmhouse Repurposed Charging Station by Prodigal Pieces |

I pray for Ruth and those like her that spread darkness so that they too may have peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). In addition, you know I do this to inspire others, so please pin and share to spread the love and be a light. ♥

Farmhouse Style Repurposed Bread Box turned Charging Station by Prodigal Pieces |

Up next, I can’t wait to show you how I came to get up-close and personal with this gorgeous dressing table. Head here to see the after.

Vintage Queen Anne Dressing Table Before Custom Finish by Prodigal Pieces |

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  1. Debrashoppeno5 says

    The bread box is so precious. What a great surprise when you open it to reveal the charger storage. I don’t know why people are so hurtful to each other lately. It is all around us but you handled it with skill.

    • Larissa says

      Thanks, Debra! I just had to make it something new since it begged me to. 😉

      • Rita says

        I love your project and your talent. I have said this before and I will say it again, I love your imagination and wish I just had a little piece of it. Continue on with your lovely projects.

  2. Cyndall says

    Larissa, as always another beautiful result. And the glass top that you uncovered was the most beautiful part of it. Life is like that, the harder something is the better the end result, you just have to stick to it. Please keep ‘sticking’ to blogging, I look forward to your emails every week.
    Sending love from sunny Australia

    • Larissa says

      How sweet of you to say, Cyndall. (I love your name!) I’m not gonna quit that easy, but it is tempting at times to go back to my “normal” crazy life. 😉

  3. Liz Peterson aweiss says

    To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, the only person that can make you feel bad is yourself if you let it. I had a heartfelt article published in the Wall Street Journal. Most responses were lovely but a few were just plain mean. I felt sorry for them because apparently they didn’t have much else in their life than to critized other people.

    • Larissa says

      Good for you to know how to handle it all. It amazes me how people can just be outright rotten. I always attribute those kind of responses as a lack of self-esteem, so that they tear others down to build themselves up. They need prayer. Thank you for sharing, Liz!

  4. Trish says

    What a fantastic idea to use the bread box to hide all those mod cons!! That’s really clever!
    Sorry to hear of the unkindness directed towards you…it is sad to think that there are people out there who thrive on causing others pain..take no heed to her caustic turned it all around by remembering Him who loves us unconditionally..despite our many failings. Have a wonderful day Larissa, and remember there are many of us who love and admire your talents..and appreciate your willingness to share them with us all. Take care. ..and Thankyou for all you do. X

    • Larissa says

      I figured it had to have a higher purpose than just bread. hee hee. Thanks for the love, Trish, I appreciate it!

  5. Diane Stuckart says

    I don’t tend to comment on blogs (I know, bad me, if I enjoy I should say so) but wanted to say sorry you got such a nasty sucker punch from that miserable woman. I’m a writer, so I understand that it takes just one crappy review to make you want to chuck the whole thing and live in a cave. That said, I LOVE your bread box charger. 🙂 Totally awesome. And now I need to go look for your recipe. 🙂

    • Larissa says

      I appreciate you making the effort to leave a comment as it means so much to me and to other bloggers. Our blog is like our home that we’ve opened up to you and hearing a good thing is…good! 😉 Thank you, Diane.

  6. Thelma L Hamilton says

    All I can think of is Taylor Swift, Haters are gonna Hate. so sad what may be going on in her life that she can’t see the goodness in yours. I don’t usually comment as I am very busy in my business, however, I want you to know that I appreciate your posts. I look forward to it. I work in my art studio every day alone and am very happy when I see that you have shared some of your life with us…..your want to be friends. And I love your recipes!!!! Thank you for sharing with me….your fan! LOL

    • Larissa says

      So true, Thelma! Thank you for commenting as it tells me someone is there. Social media is fun, but this is like my home. I welcome all to sit and stay a while. 🙂

  7. Patty says

    I absolutely love all your projects and look forward to each one. People that have never had food allergies or intollerance just don’t understand the underlying issues that they cause. I personally thank you for sharing your recipe and look forward to more! God bless you and I will be praying for Ruth because she has certainly missed the joy and kindness that can only be supplied by the Lord.

    • Larissa says

      There is an unseen war we are battling in our bodies and if we only could know how we are losing that battle, we would be in shock. Thanks for the love and support, Patty.

  8. Susan says

    That miserable woman must not have learned the old fashioned ‘rule’ of good manners: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

    • Larissa says

      I kept saying that to myself too! hahaha… Thanks, Susan.

  9. Sandy says

    Love your bread box project ! As for Ruth … its hard to soar with the eagles when the world is full of turkeys !

    • Larissa says

      hahahahaha!!! gobble, gobble, gobble. Thank you, Sandy. 😉

  10. Deirdre Breau says

    You are such an inspiration to me and my business. I get excited when I see your newest blog show up in my inbox. You come up with some of the most beautiful and unique projects. Keep on doing what God has designed you for and keep spreading HIS love as you do now.
    Continue to pray for “Ruth” as it is terribly obviously that she needs someone to love her.

    Hurting people hurt others.

    • Larissa says

      How wonderful to hear, Deidre! Yes, I agree that prayer is needed and a soft-spoken word. Thanks for your support.

  11. Wendy Olgine says

    You have such a creative spirit and to be creative is to be vulnerable. It’s worth the risk, though! People are struggling internally and externally in this broken world- keep loving unconditionally.

    • Larissa says

      You nailed it, Wendy. Being creative opens yourself up to feedback in all forms. I usually blow it off and it took a bit more this time. Thick skin is good! 😀 Thank you.

  12. Jen says

    Larissa, your bread box charger is very cute and functional. And don’t let negative people spoil your blogging. Keep sharing your creations. Many people will say things in an email or a blog that they would never say to your face, Not everyone is a nice positive person, That woman is probably miserable to everyone she encounters. Brush her off like sand on your shoes! I look forward to seeing what you create, so keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Larissa says

      I don’t intend to quit as that would make me the loser in more ways than one. If I let every comment get to me like that I would have quit long ago, but I try to use them as building blocks. This one just made me stumble a bit. I need that! Thank you, Jen. 🙂

  13. Parri says

    Great job on the bread box charging station…very useful these days! Be happy and never give up just because someone needed a pedestal (your blog)to stand on while blowing off steam. So long and good riddance to all of the Ruth’s in the world?

    • Larissa says

      I certainly have my moments too, and hope that was it for her. 😉 Thanks for lovin’ on my little project, Parri.

  14. Deirdre Breau says

    OK!!!! Just to show you how God works. Just after I finished my last response and returned to my email, I found today’s devotional. Guess what it was about?!!!! The fruit of the spirit. WHAT!!!!! YES, that’s right.
    Ain’t God good! 🙂
    I am going to email the link to the devotional. Let God’s word encourage you and propel you to achieve even greater things and do it all to glorify HIM!

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. — Galatians 5:22-23

    • Larissa says

      So sweet to hear! Thank you so much, Deidre. I know He has it all in His hands.

  15. Rebecca Drake says

    God has your back! I often wonder what his purpose is when other people invade my thoughts and cause me anguish. I may never know his purpose, but I pray for guidance and go on with life. I love your blog and follow it every day. Don’t allow one bad apple to stop your mission in life.

    • Larissa says

      Amen! Yes, He does things we don’t understand, and honestly, I’m glad I don’t. I got enough to worry about! 😀 Thank you so much for the support, Rebecca.

  16. Sheryl Danner says

    The box is fantastic, and you were so right to paint the glass. What a great and useful keepsake. Brilliant!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks so much, Sheryl! It makes the project all the more fun. 😀

  17. Edwana Long says

    This is so pretty and decorative! I’m often amazed at some of the comments people make. Mean and rude. And the political opinions are ridiculous – when friends/family post these, I just hide them. Happy day, sweet lady and creative kiddos!

    • Larissa says

      We all have bad days and have a rant or two, but I didn’t need it at that time. Ah well. I’m all the stronger for it. Thank you so much, Edwana!

  18. Catherine Cooper says

    Certainly Ruth was extremely unkind. I don’t read other people’s recipes–it’s just not my thing, but you have a right to post it. Ruth was in a bad way and it’s hard to imagine what put her in that dark place. Please don’t take it so personally, Larissa. Like you said, sometimes just one small thing will hit you in the gut and knock the wind out of your sails. But God may have been testing you also. You responded well by not being a doormat, extending prayers for her, and then letting it go. God bless you for your charity in this muddled and confused world we live in!
    I really love your breadbox idea. Kudos!

    • Larissa says

      She was and I feel bad for her. Even with a biblical name and her email had “mendingwall” in it. She just needs redirected and prayers. Thanks for the love!

  19. Susan says

    Wow! First of all I say Goodbye to Bad Rubbish! Secondly, speaking of rubbish, you certainly made a gorgeous save on this one! I love the whole thing and the fact that you turned it into a charging station is amazing too. Don’t let the crazies get you down! 🙂 Susan

  20. Deb Wostmann says


    First of all love the breadbox idea. Secondly, it’s a shame you had to have such negativity from a reader. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that feel the need to express their anger and self-loathing onto other people. It’s almost impossible to not take it personally, but you are probably not the only person who has been the receiver of her anger.

    You inspired me to tackle my first project this past weekend when I found the perfect buffet for my dining room at an antique mall, but it is distressed in blue. I’ve started sanding the top and will paint the body with a black chalk paint and wax over that for a nice finish. See you do inspire!!!!

    • Larissa says

      Yes, and that’s why I’m praying for her. Sounds like you scored a great piece and I’m sure you’ll be so happy to have it! Thanks for the love, Deb. 😉

  21. Cecilia says

    Oh Larissa! How painful to be attacked like that. When will people realize being ugly and rude just doesn’t work? You have to pity people like that; they probably live sad and miserable lives. I applaud you for finding ways to feed your family with healthy and wholesome foods – in today’s world it’s too easy to buy convenience. You are a good mom. And I’m sure sharing that recipe helped many people.
    As for your breadbox, it turned out beautifully. I love the painted glass with the graphic! Please don’t let one sour grape ruin it for the rest of us. Your blog is wonderful and I really enjoy all you share. God bless you and your sweet family.

  22. Mary Lea says

    What a cute project! I never would have thought to repurpose it into a charging station…very clever! And there are plenty of people who really enjoy your posts… Focus on those and try to disregard those who want to cause you grief! You are so inspirational to many…keep up the fabulous work 🙂

  23. Sharon Holbert says

    I think your bread box is absolutely adorable! So many of your creations make me think, “Wow, how did she ever think of that?” I just want you to know how sorry I am that someone was mean to you and hope the memory of it fades quickly. As is always the case in God’s timing, He knew I needed to be perked up this morning, as someone was very hurtful to me last night. Reading your blog and through your comment section made me get some perspective and I am feeling better now. What you went through was horrible, but please know that by sharing your experience, the ripples of healing are touching others. Blessings to you in your work. Too bad that bread box isn’t in your store!

  24. Jolinda says

    love your creativeness and what you did. thanks for sharing

  25. Kisti says

    I love your project! Way to endure with it to make something beautiful and useful. It hurts when people say mindless things, but I try to remember that God is revealing things I need to learn through the criticism. I think you saw that and grew through it! Grace is always needed. What a witness when grace overcomes hatred.

  26. Frances Dykes says

    Larissa,I think you made a silk purse out of a sows ear. I also think Ruth’s job was to get you fired up enough to jump on this project . Sometime it does us good to get mad. Makes me work harder to prove myself. Love your messages as much as you projects.

    • Larissa says

      I might have quit on it if she hadn’t commented. I am too stubborn to let someone win like that. hee hee hee. Thank you so much, Frances!

  27. liz says

    Very cute redo. You have a real talent and knack for upcycling. As well as teaching your children really important skills that will travel with them wherever they go in life. Please don’t let the trash talkers convince you to stop posting. I really look forward to your posts and seeing what you do. Honestly, I’m less interested in the food part right at this moment but that’s just where I am, totally get why you are sharing that as part of your service to the world. Keep up the grand work and know that we really enjoy what you are doing. If it wasnt for you, my adorable desk wouldnt be wearing a really fabulous coat of chalk paint. P.S. I find myself seeing everything with a questioning (what could Larissa do with that?! 🙂 ).

  28. Sharon Clements says

    The breadbox is adorable. I understand the problem with the lady who wrote such a hateful message. I’ve been painting/refurbishing furniture for about four years, and selling it on Facebook yard sale sites. Every once in a while, I’ll get attacked about it by someone who thinks it’s a crime to paint furniture. I know how it feels, and I’ve considered quitting at times because it can really get to you, all that criticism directed at you for no reason. I just don’t reply, block the person, and feel down for a while until I get past it.

  29. Kimm at Reinvented says

    Oh sweet friend, I am so sorry that happened to you, but I am also so impressed with the way you handled it! And how you channeled your extra “energy” I’m to this amazing project! Such a cool idea.

  30. Bonnie says

    Larissa, I love the way you are teaching your children to hone their DIY skills. I know that it goes against our human nature to be criticized by someone and especially by someone that doesn’t even know us. I’m so glad that you have taken the high road and that you are praying for them and choose to forgive. I haven’t been a subscriber very long but I truly am enjoying your blog.

  31. Jo says

    Very sorry you were hurt. I’m an atheist but I’m glad you had your faith for comfort and inspiration. You should get mad more often if the bread box/charging station is the wonderful result!! You have such good taste and flair to complete such mini masterpieces as this.


    Jo from Western Australia

    • Larissa says

      hahahaha…I thought the same, Jo. I am a lean, mean cleaning machine when I am upset, so instead of sitting and moping, I get at it. Thanks!

  32. Ally Lindsay says

    Larissa, I came across your blog one day while searching on Pinterest and I was immediately captivated and thoroughly impressed with your talents, faith and creativity. I can’t wait to see what you will post and write about next! It’s such a shame that people take enjoyment in bringing others down and spreading their negativity, but you didn’t allow her to bring you down, you rose above; good for you!

    Your charging station turned out beautiful! Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

    • Larissa says

      I am definitely stubborn (ask my husband), so it would take more than Ruth, but there has been much going on in my life that has worn me out. I am trying to pace myself so that doesn’t happen, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Thank you for sharing your love, Ally, and I hope you enjoy my work as I continue!

  33. Linda Johnston says

    Hi Larissa,

    I am writing this without reading the afore going comments. I want you to know some things and I want you to know that they come from the heart. I want you to hear me with the ears of a granddaughter. I am sure old enough to be your grandmother.
    Sometimes God challenges in ways we don’t understand by having us cope with unexplainable anguish. Just when we have done our very best with all good intentions, WHAM! – RIGHT IN THE KISSER!!!! We are befuddled, overwhelmed, hurt, and frankly, embarrassed that someone – for no good reason- would blindside us. And, while I know you felt and still feel the sting of this experience, you responded exactly as God wanted you to. You defended your position, you (for the most part, after all you are human!) let it go, and you retaliated with the word of God through a medium (blog)that allows you to reach all numbers of positive people. What more could a girl want than to have the chance to spread God’s word because of an unsolicited, unexpected attack! Whoa hoss!!! You should write that jerk one more time and thank her for the opportunity to work for God just like you do every other day. Keep up the great work. I love u, your blog and your projects. So THERE!!

    • Larissa says

      God has done that many times for me and sometimes it takes a moment for me to realize the lesson. I’m always like, “Didn’t I already learn this?” hahahaha… Thanks for your words of wisdom and support, Linda. It means so much!

  34. Katie says

    I never leave comments, but after reading this post, I will try to. Your efforts are not unnoticed. They are grately appreciated by me and I would think a lot of others. Thank You for your time and sharing your beautiful talents.

    • Larissa says

      You will touch many a soul when you leave comments as bloggers are typically underpaid (or not paid at all) people who are just sharing their love for what they do. Thank you so much, Katie!

  35. Michelle says

    I am so sorry that such a hate-filled person felt the need to share their ugliness with you. I was heart broken thinking about how you must feel. The saddest part is that you are the 2nd blogger that I love to be treated unkindly. I also follow Refunk My Junk and while she was doing a live Facebook video someone commented while she was talking that her son was ugly! What in the world is wrong with people?! As much as I enjoy the benefits of social media I think the anonymity of it makes people feel more brazen about sharing their hate. It is so sad. If people could just follow the Golden Rule it would be a much better world to live in. Like I tell my 2nd graders every year, “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. That’s a direct quote from Thumper’s mom! As far as your recipes go, they look delicious but I’ll just go ahead and say. I HATE to cook! So even though I always read the posts I don’t usually comment. I am going to try to be more like you and forgive and pray for hateful people like “Ruth”, but it is a challenge.

  36. Laura says

    Larissa, Thank you for sharing your experience with an unpleasant fan. I say fan because to read your blog is a choice, and this person obviously chooses to read your blog! No matter, sometimes we all need to be reminded that life is filled with all kinds of people and we need to handle and dismiss from our minds that which does not add to our journey to heaven.. You seem so very together and sharing that someone was able to get under your skin, and then take us through the process of reaching forgiveness from hurt and frustration…..very nice teaching moment. Thank you

  37. Sherry Fram says

    ISIS really?? Here is the south we would just tell Ruth “Bless your heart” ( code for you poor ignorant soul) & leave her to stew in her own miserable world she has created for herself! I do not eat gluten free but I am willing to try a recipe that is & I have you recipe written down to try. If fact I have some of the ingredients on my grocery list to buy! I for one love your blog & read it every day! God Bless & don’t let one poor miserable soul take that from you!
    Love the bread box recycle! Perfect for a charging station!

    • Larissa says

      hahaha…yes, when I lived in Georgia for a few years that phrase caught on. Much like, “here comes a wind”…and people who have nothing nice to say are an ill wind. Let them blow right on by! Thank you, Sherry. 🙂

  38. Gwen Simmons says

    I only occasionally take a moment to comment on a post, and when I do, it is because I loved it, it taught me something, it moved me emotionally, or otherwise rose above the crowd. If I don’t like something or disagree with an opinion, I quit reading and go somewhere else. No one chains us in front of these screens.

    That said, the world seems too full of those who want to judge or lash out these days. The rest of us just have to try and be the example for love, acceptance and tolerance.

    I love your bread box. I would probably have shoved it into the unfinished project pile. How lucky that you finished it. It is amazing. I also loved that white repurposed clock medical kit you did. Great work, and keep at the blog. I so enjoy learning about how you go about projects.

    All the Best,

    • Larissa says

      I’m with you, Gwen. We can choose to move on when we don’t connect with what we’re reading. Thank you for the compliments and love – it means so much!

  39. Marie, The Interior Frugalista says

    So happy to read that you didn’t let Ruth take away what you have worked so hard to achieve. Love that you had the courage to so eloquently write about it here in this post. You are uber talented and have so much to offer, like what a clever makeover you gave this box! I think the glass insert turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Ruth, if you are reading this (which I suspect you probably are), didn’t your Mama not teach you that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all?

    • Larissa says

      You go, girl! Yes, I wouldn’t let something petty like that take me down, but it does add up and when you included normal life woes too. This event is my stepping stone onto making me all the more stronger. Thank you so much!

  40. Anne says

    Love your breadbox charging station. what a cool and clever idea! Wow, seems like the rude people are coming out of the woodwork. I’ve heard several other bloggers say the same thing. And yeah I had one too. I just ignored it because it wasn’t worth my time to reply. Keep on sharing your awesome ideas and recipes, we love them!

    • Larissa says

      Maybe they’re trolling together to shake us up. Ain’t gonna happen! 😀 Thanks for taking the time to show love, Anne.

  41. jen says

    I don’t often comment but I follow your blog and felt the need today. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and today’s creation is no different. You are amazing and creative and so giving of your time and knowledge and a better person than I am to offer prayers for these people. Keep being you Larissa!

    • Larissa says

      Hearing from readers fuels my blogging fire. Thank you so much for taking a moment to encourage, Jen!

  42. Jen says

    I love your repurposed piece! I enjoy your blog tremendously & look forward to your diys that you pass on to us all. It is really a testimony to the world of your faith in Christ when we do not repay evil with evil, but repay evil with good. Difficult to do, but thru Him we can do all things. Blessings, jenny

    • Larissa says

      Thank you, Jenny, for supporting not only my projects, but my take on life. It is fun to share and I plan to continue to!

  43. Cathy says

    Larissa, I know exactly how you felt. A year and a half ago I opened an Antique Store in a small town in New England. The first year things were slow. Two main reasons were I was hidden behind a farmhouse and a fruit store, and the town has rules where you can’t put signs on the street. I tried everything to get seen and finally last fall I bought one of those big red SALE pennants and put it on the street. A few hours later I received a very nasty phone call from some woman in town telling me that it was illegal to put signs on the street and the town didn’t need me and she was going to call the town offices to report me. I tried to stay pleasant and invited her to come to my store and check it out. She wanted no part of it. People in my shop at the time heard me on the phone and couldn’t believe how nice I was to her. They said they would’ve told her where to go, etc. Once they were gone I couldn’t help crying and wondering if I should have even opened my shop (a lifelong dream). Needless to say I perservered and yes, several months later when I dared to use the sign again she called again. It didn’t bother me that time. So Larissa, I completely understand what you went through and we can only turn the other cheek and keep on keeping on! Good for you. The charging station came out beautiful! I love everything you treasure!

    • Larissa says

      What a pain!! Oh my, I am so glad you persevered and never quit. You will be blessed for all that you do. Thank you for taking the time to share and show love, Cathy!

  44. Kathy says

    Sending you hugs, and love. Never stop blogging. You have a God given talent and you MUST share it. Besides…I’d really miss you.

  45. Edna P. from NH says

    I’ve only been following you for a short while as I’ve just been given assistance on how all this Pinterest and these blogs work. No I’m not in my 70s,80s or 90s, but I’m just not very computer savvy on certain things. I wanted to let you know that I love your repurposing projects very much and again, love this bread box one as well. Yes, it hurts a lot when someone posts something nasty or condescending, but don’t ever forget that there are the rest of us that want to see you continue blogging and posting your projects and recipes, etc. There are so many more of us that the few naysayers. Have a wonderful day!

    • Larissa says

      hahaha…you made me giggle, Edna. I, too, would be lacking in skills if I hadn’t started this blog and that would suit me just fine. You are so sweet for taking the time to leave me some love. You are 100% correct that all of your good far outweighs the bad. {{hugs}}

  46. Pam Petersen says

    Just wanted to let you know that there are many of us readers out here that love what you do. I’m not a big one on leaving comments but I needed to leave you a few words of encouragement. I love your projects, love that you are a woman of Christ, and a homeschooling mom. Please keep up with your wonderful blog. I love all of your tips and directions. Keep up the great work.
    In Christ, Pam

    • Larissa says

      I wholeheartedly appreciate you taking the time to comment. It really does mean so much to bloggers in a way you will never know. Our blog is like our home and we welcome all to come in, so hearing those words makes us glow. Thank you, Pam!

  47. Jolena says

    Larissa, sadly one of the draw backs of blogging and the world wide web is the anonymity it offers to others who have noting better to do than to attempt to build themselves up by attacking others. It is so easy to focus on that one person in a sea of compliments and encouragement. That is our nature as fallen man, we are men-pleasers. By the grace of God you have been freed from that and your sole audience is the Lord; I do love reading your blog but ultimately I and others are secondary. The Lord alone knows the intents of your heart. I am glad you pushed through, persevered and you’re still writing. We are more than conquerors….

    • Larissa says

      Amen to that, Jolena. Thankfully He is in control and knows all things. I don’t want that kind of responsibility! Thank you so much. 🙂

  48. Betsy says

    Good for you, Larissa, for sticking with this awesome project and for moving forward. I’ll never understand what makes some people tick and why they feel it’s necessary to spread so much negativity. Keep on doing what you’re doing!!!
    Great job!

    • Larissa says

      Not gonna go down that easy! 😀 Thank you, Betsy and I hope you never encounter the same in your awesome work. You rock, girl!

  49. Mary-the boondocks blog says

    I am really saddened to hear that this happened to you. You are an angel in this world and do not deserve this in any way. Sometimes we get tested and maybe this was one of those times.I also had the pleasure of my first nasty comment the other day. haha. Keep on doing what you do and keep on inspiring us. You were one of the first bloggers I followed and it was with your encouragement that I was able to open my eyes and become a blogger. You are the most giving person I know, and so extremely talented. Don’t let her anger and hate feed you. You are so much better than that. And you see how you took something negative and turned it into a positive that beautiful box! That is God’s light shining on you.

    • Larissa says

      All bloggers have those wonderful internet trolls (sarcasm intended), but no one gains anything from any of it. Thank you for you continued and fantastic support, Mary. It is amazing to see how much you have grown and are inspiring others.

  50. Lynn says

    Ugh! Haters gotta hate, but we don’t have to listen. I’m sorry that Ruth hurt your feelings, but I’m also really sad for Ruth. Anyone with that much ugliness has to be unhappy. Keep your chin up and keep on keepin’ on!
    Hugs, Lynn

    • Larissa says

      So silly to get upset and I just had to say something for all bloggers out there. Thank you, Lynn!

  51. Amy says

    Oh man that bread box was worth that fired up scraping, it turned out so so cute!

  52. Jennefer says

    Out of bad always comes good! I am also one of the people who read your blog “religiously”, but do not comment as much as I should. Blog bashing is never something I have understood. If you don’t like something, don’t read it! I think praying for this poor, sad, woman is all you can do. Then walk away, look at everything you have accomplished, and smile. It was just a recipe for goodness sake!

    • Larissa says

      That’s the thing, don’t bash it until you try it. Yes, prayer moves mountains and I’m all for it. I truly thank you for leaving a comment as it means so much to me and other bloggers, Jennefer. Hugs!

  53. Liz says

    Glad you didn’t quit blogging! 🙂 When you write it on paper, (or a computer screen) it sounds silly to think of quitting over 1 persons crazy words… but when you’re going through it, it’s a different story how so many negative thoughts and lies can suddenly pile together to feel legitimate in our minds. Btw: this project turned out super cute… glad you stuck with it too!

    • Larissa says

      It was actually more than just her, but it was the straw that temporarily broke the camel’s back. Just too much on my plate dragging me down. Thanks for the encouragement, Liz!

  54. Patty says

    Larissa I am so sorry that this woman was so mean and hurtful to you. I truly believe that when someone strikes out like that they are so miserable in their own lives they make everyone around them miserable.
    You do the most beautiful work, and you work so hard. I don’t know how you do all that you do, you home school your children you fix healthy meals every single day, your blog takes time, you sew and clean house and anytime your kids are sick they need you.
    My mom and dad taught us at a very early age, “If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all” and to live our lives by the golden rule, and I have tried to do just that, I have had my moments, but I can honestly say I have never intentionally hurt anyones feelings, I know what it feels like.
    You are so right we do need to pray for this woman, Isis, really!!
    Please never think of quitting for you do teach and inspire us with every post you do.

    • Larissa says

      Your words are so sweet and I appreciate your efforts, Patty. I truly do believe that love conquers all and that “killing them with kindness” is the only way. Thank you for the support!

  55. Virginia says

    I LOVE the way this project turned out! I’m so glad you decided not to give up. Seriously, there are so many haters out there. It has nothing to do with you. You are an inspiration to so many Larissa.

    • Larissa says

      That’s the sad part, Virginia, that I get more than just this Ruth. It’s all good as long as I don’t let them get to me. Thank you for the love!

  56. Mel says

    Thanks for sharing the inside also, now I will be able to fix my station that my husband bought me. (and he hates how it functions) so it will actually be useful 🙂 Ignore Ruth she is obviously wound too tight, LOL

  57. Dawn Lasich says

    Hang in there Larissa, you are a beautiful light that God uses to shine on all of us. I love how you re-purposed this into a charging station. I need to make one of these!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks, Dawn! I sometimes just need to go to the beach or the woods – both are so therapeutic because I can scream! hahaha…

  58. sherry weiss says

    precious lady .. prayerful hugs.
    there’s a rash of unkindness in blogdom lately. unkindness is really too gentle of a term..
    i’m thankful for your site, what you share (recipes and projects), and your faith.
    bless you dearly this day.. ♥ ♥ ♥

  59. Jan says

    I look forward to your posts and share them more often than not , your positive nature comes through on every project and post . Let’s all just be happy that the negative person you dealt with took it out on here instead of maybe on a child or defenseless elder or pet . Keep inspiring us !

    • Larissa says

      keep on keepin’ on is what I say to myself. Thank you so much!

  60. Suzanne says

    To quote Michelle Obama “When they go low, we go high.” Good advice when dealing with the Ruth’s of the world! Keep doing what you do!

  61. Cheryl B says

    As I read this I am sitting here with .I can’t quite understand such creulty?You have been nothing but a wonderful ,I look forward to your .It is uplifting when so many things are not.Please know your positive spirit and kindness shine ,you showed much grace in the face of cowardice. In glad. Your still here. The the fact you were so kind to me. about my spouse who is ill,you didn’t have to say a word but you took the time and it did not go unnoticed.Thank you for all you do Larissa.

    • Cheryl B says

      It should say wonderful teacher. Look forward to your posts,

    • Larissa says

      You are so sweet to show love and support, Cheryl. Thank you for taking the time to lift me up. 🙂 We are to be about our Father’s business and spread love. Moving on for sure!

  62. Teri says

    Ruth’s comment reflects on Ruth, not you. Someone would have to be a profoundly unhappy person to respond like that to a gluten free recipe. And your breadbox is the coolest. Thing. EVER!! Loved it.

  63. Serena Wolfard says

    Oh my! I LOVE the bread box media center! You are incredibly creative and SO positive! Though the person who decided to bully you that day does not warrant another thought, I will say that this person clearly has so many self worth issues to lash out in that way. I ALMOST (but not quite) feel sorry that someone is living such a loathsome existence. It can’t be a good life. You are living a good, kind and loving life, so you become a target for people who want to spread misery. I’m sorry that happened to you. Please do not quit!!! I, for one, enjoy so much all of your posts!!!

    • Larissa says

      You are so kind to say so, Serena. Thank you! I found it to be a good lesson in prayer and getting a thick skin. I get those kind of statements on a daily basis, but that one really struck me. Using it as a stepping stone is the best I can do.

  64. Julie says

    What an unhappy, ugly person to comment like that. I enjoy your posts and projects- are they all right for me-no- but that doesn’t make them bad. You have brought a great amount of enjoyment & inspiration to me & I thank you with all of my
    heart. I started following you at a
    difficult time in my life & you have been an inspiration! it takes great courage to put yourself out there in your posts. I find them very honest& without pretense.

    • Larissa says

      I am so happy that my work has meant something to you. Thank you for telling me so. Hugs to you, Julie!

  65. Leslie parker says

    hey! You got this,Larissa. I’m getting where I sew a post I recognize it as yours. I’m sure many readers do the same thing because you’ve touched something in each of us that make is look forward to reading your posts. I too would be hurt and senative if I’m criticized but
    put it in perspective look at all the positive feedback you get. The problem is hers not yours.
    keep blazing your trails. we love your work, your vision, your faith, and you. 🙂

  66. Naomi says

    Keep up the good work! I enjoy all of your posts and projects!

  67. Lorena says

    WOW!! I just LOVE that bread box!! Especially the way you painted the back of the glass, so it makes it look like milk glass, which is super retro…GENIUS!! We have so many electronics at my house, and I’ve been looking for a way to corral them into one spot, so that I don’t have to hear my husband ask “Where did I put my phone?” for the hundredth time, only to find it nearly dead. Plus, I want my boys to charge their phones FAR AWAY from their beds at night, Dr. Oz says it’s bad for your sleep to have electronics closer than five feet from your bed at night, messes with your sleep patterns (or something like that). I’m sorry you had to deal with that nasty lady, especially over a GF recipe, we’re all GF/DF around here, so I’m going to have to hunt down your recipe!
    Thank you for your inspiration!! I’m going to a vintage flea market this Sunday, and I’ll be looking for a bread box of my own!

    • Larissa says

      How awesome to hear. Thank you for your kind words and tenacity. I love it!

  68. Molly says

    I watched a very interesting show on PBS last night on the power of forgiveness and how it can affect us and those around us. We need to answer negativity with forgiveness, if just to give us peace of mind, but also to teach others to forgive. There is too much negativity in the world. If you cave in to negative people and let them affect your life, they have power over you. Continue on your path with joy and forgiveness!

    • Larissa says

      It sure is powerful. I choose to forgive and move on as ain’t nobody got time for that. haha… Thanks!

  69. Susan says

    Larissa, thanks for sharing that experience, and the beautiful breadbox. Today I turned 58 years old, and I am happy to say that the older you get, the less those kinds of negative, bitter remarks hurt. It felt personal, and in a way it was…it was personal to her, and she turned it outward. Unhappiness has a way of bubbling out if you aren’t careful, as it did in her case. You used your unhappiness to create a truly beautiful piece of work, and aren’t you glad you did? Thanks for all of your happily shared information and inspiration. And now I’m going to go look at your Gluten Free Dessert recipe because my daughter goes gluten free. P.S. Her comparing your GF recipe to ISIS did give me a bit of a giggle. Drama much? 🙂

    • Larissa says

      Most definitely glad that I stuck it out. It’s all a lesson to see what I’m made of. I’m glad that I moved on from this over a year ago. Thank the good Lord He doesn’t quit on me. 😉

  70. Cyndi says

    Larissa, you are a beautiful soul and I am sorry that someone made you feel that way. But, thanks again for sharing your faith with us. God bless you and your family!

    • Larissa says

      Thank for the kind words, Cyndi. Truly this was a lesson to be learned.

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I love it! Larissa is amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then she took care of the rest! This is my second piece I've bought from her and I'm in love! I highly recommend her.

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I love this cart, it's exquisite. The item was received in extremely secure packaging, no damage to the item. The delivery person was very professional and courteous. Larissa of Prodigal Pieces is so very amazing. A rating of 10 is deserved. Thank you, Larissa.

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I should have left this review MONTHS ago! I absolute love this lunch bag. I honestly carry this 5 days a week. It is the perfect size! Not only can you put your lunch in it, it can also hold your book. I enjoy reading at lunch, so I have all I need in one cute bag. Thank you so much Larissa!

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Awww…I love this sweet Cat with an attitude!! SO SO adorable! Well worth the money, and he will become a priceless treasure in my home! Thanks Larissa for always making your ideas turn into true treasures!

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