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Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets into Home Decor

We are currently in kitchen demo mode and what better way to participate in Trash to Treasure Tuesday than by creating something with my repurposed kitchen cabinets , right? My friends and I love to take unwanted items and turn them into something new, so be sure to check out the rest of their projects later in the post too!

Trash to Treasure Tuedays - Thrifted Makeover Fun | Prodigal Pieces |

So, the other day I was as giddy as a kid in a candy store because I got to yank out some of my upper kitchen cabinets for our remodel. (You can read about our remodel HERE) We are finishing up the flooring and will be moving on to counters, sink, and bar soon. I’m excited!!

Removing Kitchen Cabinets for Remodel | Prodigal Pieces |

Once I was done giving myself a workout, here is what was left…

Pile of Discarded Kitchen Cabinets for Repurpose by Prodigal Pieces |

Since my house looks like a complete tornado hit it right now with my appliances in my living room and furniture coming out the wazoo, I wasn’t about to stuff this mess into a corner. Oh no, it was going to find a purpose and quick. (plus I don’t throw anything away if I can help it)

The first subject for my repurposed kitchen cabinets idea as this wooden scalloped valance that went above our sink.

Vintage Wooden Scalloped Valance | Prodigal Pieces |

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Though our house was built in the 50’s I think this was pretty much original to the kitchen and hated to remove it, but it didn’t suit our new look. I took it out to my my new compound miter saw and gave a few buzzes.

Using Miter Saw to Repurpose Kitchen Cabinets | Prodigal Pieces |

Can I just say this saw has made my life so much easier! And…notice the chaos everywhere after I just got a garage makeover? tsk. Never fails.

After a little bit of assembly, here is what I came up with for that valance…

Table Centerpiece made from Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets by Prodigal Pieces |

…a sweet centerpiece for my newly refinished table! I love its spring-like feel and the scalloped design.

Repurposed Valance Flower Centerpiece by Prodigal Pieces |

I just cut the pieces to size, added a piece of plywood to the bottom, and then nailed it all together with my nail gun. Easy and effective – my kind of decor.

Top View of Repurposed Valance Centerpiece by Prodigal Pieces |

Table Centerpiece Made from Repurposed Kitchen Valance by Prodigal Pieces |

My next choice of “junk” from my repurposed kitchen cabinets pile was the face of the cabinet. I had to tear it apart to remove it, but it still has life.

Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets Face | Prodigal Pieces |

I gave it a good sanding with my orbital sander, and then filled the holes with wood filler.

Preparing Cabinet Face for Repurposing | Prodigal Pieces |

Once prepped and ready to go, I used my other life-saving tools,  my Kreg Jigand drill to create a few pocket screw holes.

Creating Pocket Screw Holes with my Kreg Jig | Prodigal Pieces |

It wasn’t long after that I decided to turn it into this…

Message Center Created from Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets by Prodigal Pieces |

…a message center fit for a family. I added a piece of chipboard on the one side painted with chalkboard paint and on the other a piece of cork board to create a place to tack up a memo or reminder.

Message Center made from Repurposed Kitchen Cabinet by Prodigal Pieces |

For the bottom, I added a piece of board to create a shelf with a tiny canning jar I found while fleatiquing. My favorite part is the hand-carved wooden buttons I nabbed from my stash and I adhered to push pins.

Hand Carved Wooden Buttons Repurposed for Message Center by Prodigal Pieces |

Aren’t they cute? They jar is glued down as well with some E6000®, so it isn’t going anywhere and makes a great place to store chalk, pens, pencils… whatever.

Chalkboard Side of Repurposed Message Center by Prodigal Pieces |

By the way, did you know you can sharpen regular ol’ chalk with a pencil sharpener? Makes for nice clean lines with your chalkboard art and much like chalk markers. I love hacks like that!

If you would like to own these sweet pieces, you can find them in my shop (SOLD!) available for purchase.

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how my nutty brain works. Oh, and yes, I do have more plans for the remainder of that pile. hee hee hee. You can see what I did with that shelf HERE.

Do pin and share so that others can be inspired to see the goodness that lies in their junk. ♥

Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets become Home Decor by Prodigal Pieces |

Later on this week is our Themed Furniture Makeover time and it’s all about CHOCOLATE. My subject is my very own sideboard. eep! It’s coming out of my kitchen remodel and the question is….will I keep it? Come on over to find out.

Vintage Duncan Phyfe Sideboard Makeover Before | Prodigal Pieces |

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28 replies on “Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets into Home Decor”

Looking good.. it’s always cool to repurpose that which has done it job and now takes on a new role. Have fun remodeling your kitchen , looking forward to seeing the end result.

You are so creative and talented. You inspire me in so many ways. Keep up the great work. I love your blog the BEST! You are so “down-to-earth.” Love it. Sherry

OK. you’ve done it again! Now I have to hunt down a piece of scalloped wood. NOT just any wood. SCALLOPED wood! lol No, I don’t want to jigsaw my own….you didn’t work that hard! I just love that centerpiece. It could be used so many ways. Thanks for all the good work.

I feel your renovation chaos pain Larissa. Just think how amazing your kitchen is going to be when it’s done. Did you guys recently add the stained beams on the ceiling or were they already there? Repurposing the cabinet trim into a planter is perfection – it’s like it was begging to become one! The command center is perfect too. Pinning to share your repurposing talents!

Word, girl. It complete chaos with furniture work, remodeling, homeschooling, cooking…yes! Thanks for loving on my projects, Marie. You know there’ll be more to come! 😉

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