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Thankful Sign ~ DIY with Rope and Wood

Thanksgiving is not the only time of year would should give thanks for all of our blessings. In hopes to keep my mind on what to be thankful for, I have a fun DIY Thankful sign for you. It’s all about some wood and rope. Woot!

Make Your Own Thanksgiving (or Anytime) Thankful Sign with Tutorial by Prodigal Pieces |

It’s a simple build that you can create with reclaimed wood, and can even be built from new wood. This project is versatile and can be changed up to suit your decor – paint it, change the word…do whatever you feel. The mini chalkboards make this thankful sign unique since it can be changed as you see fit. Have fun with it! Read more

Thrift Store Glass Made New ~ Budget DIY

Today, I have a fun project that most anyone can do utilizing a sort of “gold mine” if you will. Have you ever been to a garage sale or seen those dreaded collections of thrift store glass vases and dishes?  They are aching to pawn off that cheap glassware left over from a wedding or a recent bouquet. We’ve all been there, right?

Thrift Store Glassware Display | Prodigal Pieces |

Let me show you how to create some gorgeous decor and make use of those unwanteds by using paint. Here is what I chose on my latest thrift store run only spending around $5 for the entire lot. (You can even find some for free at garage sales too.) To start, I picked a collection of varying sizes and different designs – that will help make this project unique. Don’t be afraid to grab bowls, candy dishes, and even plates to mix it up.

Thrifted Assortement of Glass Vases and Jar | Prodigal Pieces |

First, give each piece a good cleaning with hot soapy water and let dry completely.  The, once dry Read more

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