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Upcycled Bird Cage for Farmhouse Decor

I doubt I’m the only one that sees bird cages at garage sales or thrift stores and gets a quickened heart rate. My family and I adore birds, but don’t keep any of the caged up. However, the cages themselves are so unique in design that they can be a work of art. Take this one for instance. It is somewhat petite and ready to become my upcycled birdcage project.

Thrifted Birdcage Before |

I just love learning bits about how trends began, like bird-keeping.

The history of the bird cage ties to the adoption of birds as pets. Birds were caged for their beauty and mystery nearly four centuries ago in Read more

DIY Bird Feeder from a Log ~ Gift Idea!

The fall season is full upon us and our feathered friends will be either heading south or getting ready for the winter months ahead. Why not create a backyard oasis that will have them coming back for more?Β We are avid bird lovers in our home. We were delighted when a friend of mine gave us this DIY bird feeder made from a piece of firewood and rope. How easy is that?

Create a backyard bird oasis for your overwintering and migratory birds (Great gift idea too!) with DIY bird feeder tutorial by Prodigal Pieces |

Did you know that if you provide a back yard feast, birds will rememberΒ your yard as a place to return to when they come back from migrating? It’s a sweet reunion each season. Also, the birds that overwinter will love you for the protein packed goodies. Read more

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