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Refresh Old Wood Easily (Faux Wood Garage Door Update)

It was almost exactly 3 years ago that I decided to do something drastic. My husband and I took on the exterior of our home in DIY form as we are known to do. He tackled the stone veneer on the front, while I took care of painting the entire house top to bottom (yep, all by my lonesome self). I decided to take our builder grade garage door to a new level and give it a faux wood look. Many have asked, “How has it held up?” So today I’m going to show you the 3 year anniversary reveal, plus give you a few tips on how to refresh old wood with my latest treasure.

If you haven’t read about our garage door makeover, you really should head HERE to not only see it in full, but I also share the steps of how I achieved it so you can too. Here it is in summation:

Before and After of Faux Wood Garage Door with Tutorial by Prodigal Pieces |

Boring before, but oh-so-good after, isn’t it?

Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here it is 3 years to the day since I first worked on my garage door Read more

Faux Wood Garage Door Tutorial

It has long since been my husband’s and my desire to give the exterior of our home an overdue makeover.  When we originally purchased our house we didn’t have a garage, but a carport with lattice as a wall on the one side.  A few years ago we walled in the garage and added a builder grade garage door with carriage windows. That suited us just fine and matched our scheme, but once we got to work adding a new color and stone veneer, that BIG white door just didn’t suit the rustic feel we were after.  I wanted a faux wood garage door, and I decided to DIM (Do It Myself). Here it is in its prep mode.

DIY Faux Wood Garage Door Tutorial by Prodigal Pieces www.prodigalpieces.comI wanted some pizzazz, some curb appeal, some I-don’t-look-like-I-came-from-the-big-tool-store-type attention.  Mind you this was a vast improvement over no garage door which showcased our auto loveliness.

Since it is the norm for me to add texture to the pieces I paint with glazing for my shop, one day I thought to myself, “Why not the garage door?” So off I went to create a faux wood garage door.

Luckily our custom garage door we chose a few years ago already had a faux wood grain inlaid to the panels.  So with some paint, I went to work and made our garage door look like this…

DIY Faux Wood Garage Door Tutorial by Prodigal Pieces

Want to give this faux wood garage door a try?  I’ll show you how. Read more

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