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Vintage Vanity with French Country Cottage Style

Having a bedroom vanity used to be a thing of the times and then they faded out. However, not long ago they have been making a comeback and I love it! I feel they add a useful piece of furniture to your decor while creating that timeless feel. One of my most requested custom pieces from my shop is a vintage vanity. It’s been awhile since I have done one, so today’s the day and it includes a giveaway! (fist pump action going on!)

Vintage Kroehler Vanity Before Whitewashed Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

*post sponsored by Zibra  (see full disclosure)

Let me introduce you to this gorgeous vintage vanity made by Kroehler. This gem is made of walnut. Oh yeah…they don’t make them like this anymore! It has a broken pull and some worn-through wear to the surface, but otherwise is perfect candidate for my makeover. This is when my heart starts to beat faster at the anticipation. Can you blame me?

Top of Damaged Kroehler Vintage Vanity | Prodigal Pieces |


My first step is to take off that top finish and see what I’m up against. I know there are chemical stains, but not sure if they’re bad enough to warrant paint. After using my favorite sander to knock it down, I find gold. Am I the only one who like to smell wood when it is revealed? My husband and I can be found sniffing around…hee hee hee.

Now, at this point I feel this vintage vanity talking to me. My end vision comes alive and I start. First, I have to tell you that although I love my sprayer for endless uses, my first love is my brush. I must confess that I am anal about my brushes. What I mean is, I am PICKY. It all started, mostly, when I worked on our college paint crew. I quickly learned how important having the right brush is.

The right brush will afford less work time, it can relive stress on your body, it can take an average job and make it superior. Plus, it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Yes, I am the queer lady that will go to the store and take a brush out of the packaging and run it over my fingers to give it a test drive. My kids used to be embarrassed, but now they get it since they work on their own projects too.


As of late, I have been sorely disappointed in my local store selection of brushes. So, when Zibra contacted me about trying their brushes, I told them I was picky, but that I would give them a try. Here is what they sent me…

Set of Zibra Paint Brushes for Every Kind of Project Imaginable | Prodigal Pieces |

To be a fly on the wall when I was opening these would be a funny thing! I was like a kid in a candy store touching and oohing and aahing. They have every kind of brush you could possibly need and my mind began to reel. This is such God’s timing as well as my husband I are working on some new and exciting things for the new year. (stay tuned for updates!) They quickly passed my touch test and then it was time to put them to the paint test.

Zibra Brushes are Soft and Sturdy and Ready for your Project | Prodigal Pieces |

My first test drive was using the square brush designed for windows and ledges. I will apologize now for being giddy, but this thing worked perfect on my drawers! I didn’t have to make numerous passes to cover those edges, and it filled in the beveled areas perfectly. It held paint well in the bristles which means less dipping and brush strokes, well…what brush strokes?  😉

Zibra Square Chisel Brush on Vintage Vanity Drawer Fronts | Prodigal Pieces |


Raise your hand if you love painting chairs with spindles? (if you raise your hand, you’re WEIRD) hahaha. Painting spindles and legs can be tedious and a dripping nightmare. When I used the round brush to work on the mirror harp, my kids kept looking up from the schoolwork because I keep squealing with excitement. Can you tell I am a passionate person?

Instead of having to flip my brush over and get in between and up and down, I just circled the brush on the spindle and it filled in perfectly.

Round Tip Zibra Brush for Spindles and Furniture | Prodigal Pieces |

You have to keep in mind I’m normally a one brush per project kinda gal, but I didn’t mind switching out to suit my needs because it went faster that way. Okay, one more brush I just have to show you because it’s so cool!

The vanity didn’t come with a matching bench or chair, but I snagged one from my stash that would work. The only reason I still had this chair was because I really didn’t want to go through all the work of using an artist’s brush to catch all the angles and was saving it for my sprayer.


This Zibra triangle brush is designed to aid in cutting in corners on a wall. However, I found it the perfect solution to this chair! Happy mama here because I can’t always get outside to spray in the winter and this will save me time.

Zibra Triangle Paint Brush for Cutting in Corners | Prodigal Pieces |

Okay, after a base coat of Kilz stain blocker (because the stain would bleed through), I gave it two coats of one of my favorite custom colors. You can see it in action on this French country bedroom set. Ya can’t go wrong with blue. tsk.

Anyone who know style knows that you can have a sweet design, but it’s the hardware (or jewelry) that makes or breaks a piece. Enter in bling! I love me some glass antique door knob looking knobs have stolen my heart. Aren’t they gorgeous? Just look at those faceted faces…yum.

Rustic Brands Antique Glass Door Knob Style Knobs for Vintage Vanity | Prodigal Pieces |


Giddy is the word for this project because all these elements make for a sweet surprise when you see it all come together. Now take a peek at the vintage vanity made new with a French country cottage style…

Vintage Kroehler Vanity Made New with French Country Cottage Feel and Whitewashed Finish by Prodigal Pieces |

After I had added the blue, I use a white wax to give the entire set a wash. It makes the grain pop out and softens the overall appearance.

Vintage Vanity Made New with a French Country Cottage Feel by Prodigal Pieces |

Whitewashed Vintage Vanity with French Country Cottage Blue by Prodigal Pieces |

Doesn’t the toile fabric really tie it altogether? I think I’m in love!

Blue Toile Upholtery on Vintage Vanity with French Country Cottage Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

My favorite feature are those knobs…they make the entire set sing.

Whitewashed Blue Vanity with Antique Style Glass Knobs | Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

Vintage French Country Cottage Vignette with Vanity Transformation by Prodigal Pieces |

I wish you could see up-close for yourself at the paint finish and how smooth the Zibra brushes allowed me to work. I pride myself on my brushed finishes. i’ve often been told it looks original. Would you like to have this vanity as your own? You can find it available in my shop. (SOLD)

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Pin and share to inspire others to see past the wear and brokenness of a piece and see the full potential. After that, head below for some awesome stuff.

Vintage Kroehler Vanity Gets French Country Cottage Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

I had a blast working on this vintage vanity set and I want you to have this fun too. I’m beyond excited to be able to give one of you this awesome Zibra brush set. Oh, and just so you know, these aren’t just for paint – they work awesome with stains and topcoats too!


Prize Package of Zibra Paint Brushes by Prodigal Pieces |

  • Round Brush
  • Square Brush
  • Triangle Brush
  • 2″ Chiseled Wedge
  • 2″ Palm Pro
  • Wooden Box
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  1. Debrashoppeno5 says

    It all works perfectly together. The toile is the perfect fabric choice and the knobs the crowning touch. I will need to check into the brushes. I am for anything that gives a good paint job.

    • Larissa says

      I just had so much fun with this one and am pleased at the result. Thank you, Debra!

  2. Jessica says

    I would paint my son’s McM dresser!

  3. Maria says

    Hello! I have an antique china cabinet Ive been debating how to redo and I’ve just been inspired lol Thx!

  4. Elaine says

    The vanity looks so lovely now!
    I so get what you mean about good brushes…I have one, it is at least 15 years old, and I confess I treat it like a princess in the hopes it will last many more years.
    The first project I’d love to do with new brushes is a Henry Link dresser that I have sitting here waiting for a makeover.

  5. Cindy says

    Beautiful!! And lucky you on the brushes. Super nice of the company.

  6. christina kintyhtt says

    Beautiful work as always! So much fun bring life back into a piece of beautiful furniture . Have a wonderful day!

    • Larissa says

      It really is and I’m so excited that you won! Now you need the brushes. 😉

  7. Jewell Styles says

    I would repaint a buffet I use in my living room.

  8. Gret Herb says

    I have a well-loved (i.e. lots of dings and watermarks) buffet that would benefit from a paint/refinish makeover! Your pieces are definitely inspirational.

    • Larissa says

      That’s so nice to hear! Sounds like the perfect project piece. 😀

  9. Amy says

    Love the triangle brush! Looks like a real time saver!

    • Larissa says

      I have my brain all over that one when we redo our living room. BAM!

  10. Kenda says

    These look awesome! I’ve been using the cheap Wally World brushes because I just have a hard time coughing up the cash for something better. Your vanity looks beautiful; love the contrast between the natural wood and the blue.

    • Larissa says

      I know what you mean. That’s what’s awesome about these as they are more affordable than the ones I was using that I didn’t care for. YAY!

  11. Melissa says

    I’m about to start refinishing a dresser and two nightstands. These brushes would be terrific! I only hope my efforts turn out a fraction as well as yours. 🙂

    • Larissa says

      Aww…you are too sweet, Melissa. (your name is close to mine!) I’m sure you’ll rock the DIY.

  12. Wendy says

    It was like a moment of clarity when I saw the round brush doing spindle work! I have some pieces that I have been overlooking for the very same reason. Now they are going down!

  13. gwen says

    love the blue, the white wax and the largeness of those drawer pulls! simply lovely!

    • Larissa says

      This one should be mine, right? I mean, I don’t need a bed in my bedroom. tsk. 😉

  14. Sarisa says

    You’re work is inspiring. When I need some help I always browse through your pictures. Amazing!
    I have several pieces I would like to do. One is an upright antique dresser that has seen better days, but couldn’t pass it up for $10! The other is a vanity that was wallpapered and spray painted. Not well either. Both of these projects could use some love.
    I understand the love you have for spindles. (Haha) I painted 11 chairs with a bad brush and no sprayer. Not fun!

    • Larissa says

      That’s what I’m here for! Thanks so much for the love, Sarisa. I truly am blessed to be able to share what I do. Sounds like a sweet score and I know you’ll make them shine again. Have fun!

  15. Donna Gonzalez says

    I love vanities, although I don’t have room for one.

  16. Donna Gonzalez says

    I would use the brushes to paint the Jenny Lind bed I’m turning into a bench.

    • Larissa says

      Ooh…that will be sweet! These brushes will make those spindles easy-peasy.

  17. Pam says

    I love the color choice. I was kinda hoping you would take it back to original, unpainted, but this is really beautiful with painted accents!

    • Larissa says

      I really debated, but I kept seeing blue. (it is stuck in my head, I know) Mainly painted due to some flaws, but am so happy with the result. Thanks, Pam!

  18. Becky says

    The vanity is gorgeous! I would use the brushes to finish staining my French doors and the windowsills and casings that need refreshing.

    • Larissa says

      Now that would be sweet! Thanks for the encouraging words, Becky.

  19. Patty says

    I also have an old vanity that I know longer have room for in our bedroom. I hesitate painting it but I want to get the most money I can. A big decision.

  20. Marie from The Interior Frugalista says

    Okay, that triangle brush has been added to my MUST HAVE list. Dang, this Canadian girl is sad that I miss out on so many great giveaways. Your vintage vanity is gorgeous, Larissa and yes, those glass knobs are the jewelry on this piece. Pinning to share.

    • Larissa says

      Girl, if I could send you some I would! Check out my links to Amazon or Home Depot. Thanks for the love!

  21. Kimberly says

    Beautiful job as usual, Larissa. I’d like to try out those brushes on my nemesis chair spindles, too!

  22. Kristina Austin says

    I adore vanities! I became hooked about 30 years ago because my mother in law had one in her bedroom and I always thought she looked so regal looking there getting ready for a night out. I have now inherited her piece and i love it!

  23. Renee Pedersen says

    Oh My Gosh! I want those brushes! I have been doing lots of chalk painting lately and to find a brush that works well for that is very hard to do! I have invested in cheap brushes and expensive brushes; neither have done the job to my satisfaction. These look like they would do the trick! I have an end table and a wine cabinet that I have to finish yet. These look like they would do the trick; especially the round one for painting the cutouts on the wine cabinet.

    • Larissa says

      You and me both, Renee. These are my new found favorites and I wish I could send some to each of you!

  24. Denise says

    Hi Larissa! Lately I’ve been stocking your site and FB Page and LOVE what I see! Amazing furniture restyling and this vanity is so charming. Like Marie, I’m in Canada so won’t be participating in this giveaway but thanks so much for the review. I’ve never seen a triangle brush like that – definitely a must try! Best – Denise x

    • Larissa says

      Bummer! I wish I could send you some. Thanks for the stalking…it means I am loved. 😀

  25. Tara Rose says

    I would love to use those brushes on a similar vanity I have in my room!

  26. Morgan says

    Wow. That vanity turned out amazing! … the colors!!! I am just starting to get into refinished furniture and i LOVE the look of paint and stain on one piece. If I could win the zibra paint brushes my first project would be my old radio hutch that I found at an estate sale. My vision is to paint it a distressed black, but leave the radio (wood veneer) original. I love using the original hardware, so I would most likely clean up the knobs (some really cool old metal ones) and There ya have it!!

    Thank you for being an inspiration! I love all the work you do.

    • Larissa says

      Thank you! You got a score right there. I have another radio to do in my stash too. I’m so excited about it!

  27. Penny says

    I have quite a stash of dough boards & bowls I want to paint & would love to try these new brushes. I also have brushes that I take really good care of & dare anyone else to use them, LOL!!!

  28. Cathy Klose says

    I am going to paint my kitchen cabinets. Yes, I know – a huge undertaking but I’ve been doing my research as to techniques, paint etc. And with these brushes, I would do them first. You see, we’re living in my parents home and they are the original cabinets complete with the nicks/dings from my childhood and I would love to give them the TLC they need.

    • Larissa says

      I’ve done oodles of cabinets with a brush and it has always held up well.

  29. Stacy says

    I never knew this existed! This would be so nice…thank you for finding these unique tools.

  30. Mary says

    Where have these been all my life !!!! Painting would be a breeze with these beauties !!!! What would I paint? What wouldn’t I paint !!!! Thanks for the chance to win these. If I don’t win. where can I buy them?????

    • Larissa says

      You GO girl!! You can find them via the links in my post and I believe at Home Depot.

  31. Karen S. says

    What a beautiful vanity! I wish I had room for it.

  32. Janet says

    I love this vanity! I have a similar one, but mine has a triple mirror, and I can’t wait to try to give it a new look. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Larissa says

      Love the trifold mirrored ones!! Those have my heart every time.

  33. Alison S says

    I want to paint my dining room table and chairs!

  34. Karen Baumgardner says

    Ooooooooohhh..Those brushes look awesome and I am very intrigued by the triangle one. I think I’d work on this fancy schmancy curlicue mirror in my stash. It reminds me of a Princess mirror- I’ve been thinking of what to do with it for a long time, and it seems like a fun project – and we have a 3 yr old to twirl and smile in front of it when finished…thanks for sharing the chance to win!

  35. Patricia says

    Wow the vanity turned out so pretty! And great information on brushes — I’ll have to invest in a few more, especially for painting spindles!

  36. Marti VanRavenswaay-Waddell says

    I’d finally tackle refinishing my mother’s drum end table. It’s been sitting for four years because it has a lot of intricate work on the doors which is the only reason I kept it and also the only reason I hesitate to refinish. I think I’d need several different types of brushes to do my best work…so I chicken-out and try to avert my eyes every time I have to be near the table! I’d love to think I might produce something in the Larissa-Style!!

  37. Tina F says

    I have several old pieces of furniture I’ve collected over the summer waiting to be repainted. I’d start with a buffet or cabinet.

  38. Patti says

    I want to paint an old wooden bread box that I thrifted. Then, who knows what else!

  39. KC F says

    Larissa, this vanity is so beautiful with the white wax, the toile on the bench, & the gorgeous knobs! You did another amazing transformation, thank you for sharing as well as the contest opportunity!

  40. Sue Pagels says

    It turned out beautiful and I love the bling….however, when I tried to get on Rustic Brands before, it wouldn’t let me….I will try again thru your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. Sue Pagels says

    Oh – I also have a vanity chair I need to paint and reupholster – that would be what I would paint!

  42. janice says

    I’d love to do an old dresser just like yours. Loved the colors and combination of wood and paint/

  43. Cecilia says

    Wow, that turned out fantastic! Oh to have great brushes – so important! I’m picky too. Would love to try these out!

    • Cecilia says

      And I’d paint my mom’s old vanity! It’s ready for an update.

    • Larissa says

      They are hard to find and I’m stuck on these for sure.

  44. Genia says

    Love this! Would LOVE to win t he brushes!

  45. Sian says

    I love vanities and yours looks awesome!

  46. Pam Perry says

    I would paint 2 salvaged doors to transform into a headboard for our master bedroom! I want to add
    some decorative wood trimwork/molding & applique as well <3 Thank You for your pics & blogs!

    • Larissa says

      That sounds perfect with all the dimensions you’ll need to be hitting. Fun!

  47. Bonnie says

    Thanks so much for providing information about the Zibra brushes. I could put a set to good use. I actually have a vanity myself that I want to paint plus 4 other pieces of furniture in my home. I love, love, love the Rustic Brands glass knobs. I’m going to check out the website that you provided.

    • Larissa says

      That’s wonderful! You sound like a gal after my own heart, Bonnie. 😉

  48. Marcia says

    Love seeing how you give new life to old pieces! I’m just beginning to have the courage to paint some furniture in our home and would love to try these brushes!

  49. Debbie SMith says

    Oh my goodness those look amazing! I’m taking on painting my parents kitchen cabinets, and these would come in handy!

    • Larissa says

      That can be a chore, for sure and what a difference these brushes would make!

  50. Paige Williams says

    Oh my goodness, this brand of brushes is my favorite! I was literally just at home depot looking at these this evening. The first thing I’d paint is the trim in my family room! You’ve got to start somewhere, right!?
    I love looking at your projects and getting inspiration!

  51. Niki says

    I am currently working on a dresser myself, inspired by one you posted up on your blog. I hadn’t decided what to do with the top of the dresser yet, but I took it down to the original wood (I too can be found leaning a bit too close to the wood once it’s bare taking in deep breaths). I noticed there is a bit of a difference from the drawers to the top of the vanity. Can you tell me how you did that? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Now back to scoring your blog for more tips/learning opportunities.

    • Larissa says

      How fun, Niki!:D You are a kindred spirit. As for the drawers, I’m not sure what exactly you’re referring to – do you mean the whitewash? Feel free to email me with questions using the contact button on my page. Thanks!

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I love it! Larissa is amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then she took care of the rest! This is my second piece I've bought from her and I'm in love! I highly recommend her.

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I love it! Larissa is amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then she took care of the rest! This is my second piece I've bought from her and I'm in love! I highly recommend her.

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I love this cart, it's exquisite. The item was received in extremely secure packaging, no damage to the item. The delivery person was very professional and courteous. Larissa of Prodigal Pieces is so very amazing. A rating of 10 is deserved. Thank you, Larissa.

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I should have left this review MONTHS ago! I absolute love this lunch bag. I honestly carry this 5 days a week. It is the perfect size! Not only can you put your lunch in it, it can also hold your book. I enjoy reading at lunch, so I have all I need in one cute bag. Thank you so much Larissa!

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