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Upcycled Wooden Signs into Farmhouse Decor

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…the wood section of the thrift store is veritable gold mine of sorts. You might be scratching your head at what I mean, but you have to remember all the fun I’ve had with the loot I’ve had. I’m going to have some fun and show you […]

Crafts DIY / Tutorials Home Decor Project Gallery Repurposed Thrifted

Thrifty Makeover of Two Wooden Boxes

Who doesn’t love to find cool boxes to hide their junk in? If you don’t then we can’t be friends. JUST KIDDING! Seriously though, do you see potential in these two? I say they are fantastic candidates for a thrifty makeover. Bring on the DIY fun! The smaller box on top was given to me […]

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Repurposed Candle Sconces from Barn Wood

Mmm…I feel like doing a little junk stash lovin’ today. Do you ever get the itch to create? It sparks exciting times, I tell ya. Especially when it includes junk. aaaahhh yeah. When I found these metal trays all rusty and what not at the thrift store for a quarter, I had to have them. I believe […]

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Wooden Chest Made Farmhouse Chic

My thrifting adventures can surprise me sometimes and that’s what keeps me hungry for the hunt. Does that happen to you? I was out looking for one thing and then found this child’s wooden chest stuffed in the back. It is totally sporting the 1980’s vibe and was begging me to bring it home to […]

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DIY: Reclaimed Wood Fall Harvest Sign

Fall is just around the corner and it’s one of my favorite seasons. For me, living in farm country, it means harvest time! All the wonders of creation performing their grand finale and we get to reap the benefit of such splendor. There’s nothing like a cup of hot cider on a cool fall evening, a […]

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Repurposed Barn Wood Coat Rack

My stash of furniture is dwindling (I’m purging, cleaning, and starting over!) and I’m so happy to have room to work and finally get to create with all my other goodies in my shop. There’s such joy that comes from taking what some would consider trash and turning it into something functional and fun, especially repurposed […]

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Build a Reclaimed Wooden Tote

After just coming off of a long holiday weekend, it can be hard to get back to a normal grind. Sometimes though, I’m aching to do a project and it isn’t long before I’m back at just to get it off my mind, and assure myself I could do what I was scheming. I’ve said it […]

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Custom Reclaimed Wood Projects

A few weeks ago, I told you about a reclaimed wood resource that I had stumbled upon while on the search for a custom request.  Remember the angels sang that day? What a story lies in this stash.  This is wood from mainly old disassembled barns. In addition, also some salvaged treasure dating back to […]


Letting Go ~ Knowing When to De-Stash

A few weeks ago I shared with you on the Blogland Tour how my stash of furniture was in need of a de-stashing. Just a little don’t you think? (I’m proud enough to watermark it!) In working through my treasures, I came across some that I either didn’t have a heart for or would just […]