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Closet Update and Upgrade for the DIYer

Doesn’t it always seem that the minute you turn your back you have to clean again? Sometimes those jobs creep up on us, but there’s there’s times when we know the inevitable is looming and we turn the other way. Yup. That’s me and my paint closet. Thankfully, my 1952 home is full of storage – some preexisting, and some I built. However, it is in much need of a closet update and upgrade. Don’t you agree? ahem.

Closet Mess Before Update by Prodigal Pieces |

You’re looking at a hot mess of seconds paint, waxes, cleaning supplies, and so much more. oy. At the same time, I’m also excited because this means I finally get to take care of a space just for me. Not being selfish, but we’ve been here nearly 20 years and it’s yet to have been touched and I use it daily. Let’s get this DIY party started!


As you can see, there is tons of space in there, but not a great use of it. It’s always made my brain tick on how to make use of it in the best way possible. If you recall in my kitchen/laundry room remodel, I have a set of the original metal kitchen cabinets to make use of and I love them!

Farmhouse Laundry with Utility Sink |

You can see how I have some of my paints and supplies tucked inside this one above the sink. Plus, I have two others with tools, batteries, stain, and glues. They all got filled as life went along. Finally, it’s time to wrangle them all together.

Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinet Storage | #prodigalpieces

First-Floor Laundry in Farmhouse Style Home |

Additionally, I built in shelves by the washer, and also in the other corner as well….around to the left there. Then, you can see this paint closet o’ mine. Hidden just as it should be.

Laundry Closet Closed | #prodigalpieces

Paint Closet Door Open Updated and Upgrade | #prodigalpieces

*post sponsored by HomeRight (see full disclosure)


First, I drag it all the contents out and stuff it into boxes to sort through later. Yes, I actually enjoy doing this kinda purge thing.

Empty Closet Before Update and Upgrade |

Notice those crack in the bottom? That’s because the board on bottom are awesome for letting all kinds of things fall and SPILL on my basement steps. Ask me how I know…ahem. I will remedy that!

Paint Closet Bottom |

Aside from vacuuming out the dust and dirt, I also wipe everything down. Then, I build and build. I want to bring all the stuff tucked into my metal cupboards and have it in one spot. Therefore creating a DIY hub and freeing up my cupboards for things that make more sense to be there. whew!


Aside from adding a few strips on the sides for paint, I also try my hand at building a sliding shelf. I will say that I’ve never installed self-closing hardware (leftover from our kitchen remodel), so I’m a bit anxious, but I know I can do this. {{fist pump}} And, after a bit of frustration lining it up, I got ‘er done and in on the first try. Yeah, baby!

Custom Built Shelves in Closet Update by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy

However, before I go any further, it’s time to paint. I’ll be adding a new bottom after that, but for now it’s time to break out my tools.

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer for Closet Update by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

Not only is it perfect for paint, but also poly, stain, and pretty much anything you can spray. You can see how I’ve used it in these past posts too. Check it out in my video below where I stained our backyard fence.

How to Stain a Fence the Easy Way by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces

For today’s purpose of my closet update, all I need to do is fill the canister per paint manufacturer instructions, check my nozzle and flow on a piece of cardboard or scrap wood, and then have at it. If I use a brush or roller to do this space, it will take me over an hour.

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces Spraying her Paint Closet with a HomeRight Super Finish Max | #prodigalpieces

Not only am I done with the first coat in less than 15 minutes, but also the clean-up is done in less than 10 minutes. YEAH, BABY!! Who needs to waste time with the wrong tools. This sprayer saves my joints, my time, and my sanity. All I need to do is spray and second coat, let it cure, then fill it up! Isn’t that SO much better?

White Painted Closet Update by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home


Last, here’s my closet update complete and definitely better than the before, is it not? My DIY heart is happy, and my eye no longer ticks at the mess.

DIY Paint Closet Update by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #crafts #diy #storage #home

Right Side of Paint Closet Update | #prodigalpieces #diy

Left Side Paint Closet by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #paint #storage #closet

Now I just need to head to one spot for my needs, including my kids who love to DIY too and often dig into my stash. Likewise, I now have 3 empty cupboards to use for better use of space as well. Yay! Did you see the shelf I built? It’s a self-closing handy-dandy shelf for my quarts. Much easier than stacking and digging!

Pull Out Shelf for Closet Update by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #closet #storage #diy #crafts

Unfortunately, my only bummer was I had a hydraulic shelf designed for the top empty space and my hardware didn’t come in. So, I hope to get back to that in the future.

Top View of DIY Paint Closet Update by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #storage

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Additionally, let’s inspire others to do a closet update – pin and share. It’s fun to DIY.

Check out this DIY closet update and upgrade using scrap wood and paint by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #closet #storage #paint

Up next, a wooden casserole trivet needs to have a new look and purpose, don’t you think? Come see it now HERE.

Thrifted Trivet Before Makeover | #prodigalpieces

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  1. Rebecca - NC says

    VERY inspiring!! My pantry looks like your “before” pic…. ?
    With sleet on the ground….. I now have my cabin fever project!!! ?

    • Larissa says

      I feel ya. I’m anxious to get much done before summer so I can enjoy it. 😉

  2. Laura McLaughlin says

    I would paint my house! We just bought a little house that has peeling paint on the outside. We are plaining on going from white to navy. It will need several coats and being 61, a paint sprayer would be wonderful!
    Your cabinet do-over is great. So nice to smile when you open a door instead of sighing because you have to search for what you are looking for.

    • Larissa says

      Congrats on the new home! Yes, their sprayers are definitely wonderful. It’s projects like these that make my home peaceful. Thank you, Laura.

  3. Trudy Eby says

    Very creative use of a deep cabinet by lining up the paint on the sides! Your pullout shelf is super handy, too! Every thing is visible, so much less digging required. I have a very cool child’s wardrobe that I got free off the side of the road that needs a lotta love, that is what I would use the sprayer on. But I love to refinish, repurpose, and reimagine furniture so I have LOTS more projects in mind 🙂

    • Larissa says

      My brain is now at ease…woot! Yes, everything is much easier for me.
      Sweet score! That will be a perfect project piece.

  4. Kim says

    Wow! Great change. I’ll bet you’ll smile every time you go in to get something.

    • Larissa says

      Yes, just for the clean feel alone. I’m so smitten with the ability to see everything now. Thanks!

  5. Holly says

    Closet envy! My home only has 3 in the entire house, that we actually added ourselves (our home was built in the 1800s, apparently they didn’t use closets) Not nearly enough for a party of 5.?Love you organized/ redo so much easier to find things I’m sure!

    • Larissa says

      I feel you! Yes, older homes used wardrobes instead. I’m elated to get this done. Thank you, Holly!

  6. Melanie Mixon says

    Wow! That paint closet looks great! You are going to be so glad you did this!

    • Larissa says

      I am already elated. It’s so much easier and I’m at peace. Now to rearrange the other empty cabinets. woot!

  7. Marilyn says

    I love your new paint closet! I would paint….everything! I think I would start in my pantry, though. The shelves are just bare particle board. Oh, what fun I could have with a paint sprayer!

    • Larissa says

      woot, woot! Me too! This sprayer is da bomb…literally. It saves me so much work and gets a pro finish every time.

  8. Sherrie says

    I have furniture in the garage waiting to be refinished and I got a painting tent for Christmas. Can’t wait to start them. And I love your organization

  9. Marisa Hood says

    Love your paint supply cabinet redo! It’s always so hard to keep supplies accessible but organized! I haven’t used a paint srayer…yet…but it’s on my to buy list for faster furniture flipping!

    • Larissa says

      It sure is. I plan to add a caddy to the bottom so I can fill it with what I need for a project and then unload. You will love this sprayer!

  10. Lori Sawyer says

    I love your closet! Thank you for inspiration to clean my paint supplies up. I dont have any storage so i modified a curbside bookshelf

  11. Susie Wilcox says

    This is so impressive! I love nothing better than an organizing project, with DIY thrown in, and a show piece at the end. I have several pieces of furniture that need a re-do including our kitchen table and chairs. I suspect a sprayer would make chairs a lot easier to redo! Thanks for always having great give-aways and inspiring projects.

    • Larissa says

      I’m just glad I don’t have to hide it and wish I could show it off! haha! Thanks so much, Susie. I wish I could give one to everyone.

  12. Diana says

    I enjoy your blog and admire your vision when you use materials to create something new with them!

    • Larissa says

      You are so sweet to say so, Diana. Thank you. I so enjoy sharing and inspiring! 😀

  13. Ginny says

    Your paint storage area looks great! It’s amazing how much more space you now have from just a few changes! I just bought a small container of paint to redo my one bookshelf. A paint sprayer would come in handy for this project!
    Thank you for all your awesome and creative ideas. I look forward to your next project!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! I’m relieved to not only have it clean and organized, but also to have opened up 3 other cabinets for less clutter. Yay!

  14. Stacey Vass says

    Looks great! You’ve inspired me to get organized!

  15. Julie says

    I love it! I’ve been trying to find a better way to store my spray paint and this is a great solution!

    • Larissa says

      Yay! That just made my day. I’m excited to have used up my scrap wood. haha!

  16. Donna says

    I have so many storage spaces that need to be organized. Thanks for all the ideas!

    • Larissa says

      I know the feeling! My basement and workshop need it bad…again. I’m the one and only and I do it often.

  17. Kathryn says

    Great organization project!

  18. Jeremy McLaughlin says

    Love it! I would paint our kitchen cabinets.

  19. Tim says

    I would use the sprayer to paint the interior doors of our home. The previous owner painted them with a brush, and while the brush strokes aren’t that noticeable, since we are painting them anyway, we may as well get the smooth finish that the sprayer will give them.

    • Larissa says

      Ugh…that drives me nuts. The sprayer is perfect for that.

  20. Kimberly Smith Taylor says

    Hi Larissa! Your paint/supplies closet looks so good! I need the paint sprayer for a bunch of projects around my house. I would start with some furniture that could benefit from a new coat of paint! 🙂

    • Larissa says

      Yeeehaw!! I’m so excited to have it done. Thank you for the love. The sprayer is definitely a saver for furniture.

  21. Cathy Bizti says

    Mud room looks great….so organized and update. That was a lot of work but turned out to be excellent use of space, Again, great job.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! It wasn’t fun working out in 12 degree weather to build, but when I was focused I didn’t feel it. 😉

  22. Tricia says

    This is an awesome organization project! Reminds me of the house I grew up in, built in 1790. The cellar stairs had storage space on both sides and Dad had had shelving with all his paints/products lined up. Great job! I love all your projects!

    • Larissa says

      Aww…I love that! So many stories in homes for sure. 😀 Thank you for the smile, Tricia.

  23. Lenora Ayers says

    Your projects give great creative solutions to what could seem overwhelming! That sprayer may tackle my fireplace wall that is driving me crazy ?!

    • Larissa says

      oooh… I know what you mean. I had one of those. You have made my day, Lenora!

  24. Doreen S Hill says

    You are so talented! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  25. Teri Morfenski says

    I love how your closet turned out! So clean and organized, everything in it’s place. I would use the sprayer to paint a roll top desk. Not looking forward to all the slats on the roll top!

    • Larissa says

      Just need to keep my kids from making it crazy again. haha! Thank you so much, Teri. Roll tops are definitely a bugger with a brush!

  26. CeCe Graphenteen says

    Isn’t a finished project just the best??? Love how this turned out…inspiring me to tackle my laundry/sewing/craft room…
    Thanks Larissa!

    • Larissa says

      You nailed it…YES!! I waited far too long, but we are never not busy. So glad it’s done!

  27. Susan Skidmore says

    I love the new storage you made. My craft area is in my spare room. I have a lot of craft stuff in there. I could use more storage. Would love the sprayer, it would make things a lot easier.

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! That’s awesome you have a dedicated space. Yes, I LOVE this sprayer and all their tools.

  28. Mariah says

    Great job! Definitely puts me in the mood to do some organizing of my own. As always, thanks for sharing.

  29. Cheryl Atkinson says

    Hi Larissa, what a great job! All of my paint is in a Cabinet but everytime I have to look for a specific color I just mess it up again. I think I need those shel es that look like stairs. Thank you for the opportunity to win wagner sprayer. I have been trying to win this from you for years. Maybe this will be my lucky time. Thank you for all of your inspiration.

    • Larissa says

      Yes! I almost made those, but added the strips on the sides instead. You will sigh relief when you can do that. I’m glad you haven’t quit trying! 😀 Fingers crossed.

  30. Audra says

    Looks great! We re-org’d our paint cabinet last year, but I’m sure it needs a refresh again! I would tacke a buffet I have been wanting to redo if I had one of the HomeRight sprayers!

    • Larissa says

      Right? I tell ya, these things always do. I wish I had a sprayer for everyone…really!

  31. Toni says

    That’s the best closet re-do I’ve seen in awhile. Everything is now so visible and easily accessed. That sprayer did a great job, too!

  32. Arlie says

    I love everything you do.

    • Larissa says

      Awww…sending a virtual hug to you, Arlie. Thank you. 🙂

  33. Susan W says

    Your paint closet is outstanding! You must feel so happy to have tackled that project. I’d like to try a paint sprayer on a wood cabinet I recently purchased.

    • Larissa says

      Literally a huge load off my back for sure. Thank you, Susan.

  34. Sheryl says

    That looks so good!! That sprayer is awesome!!

    • Larissa says

      Yahoo!!! It literally cut my job down to less than an hour to paint. So amazing!

  35. Kathy E. says

    Larissa, there is no end to your talents! Are you for rent???
    We’ve got some old shelving in our capped garage that could be made “almost” pretty with a coat of paint using this sprayer. I might even be inspired to organize some things on it then! Of course, I’d need to wait til spring since it’s below zero down there right now. But in spring, then I want to work in the garden. There’s always something to do!

    • Larissa says

      hee hee! I would love to help for sure! Thanks for the smiles, Kathy. I sure love to create and make my home my own. I feel ya as I was building my storage out in my workshop while FREEZING. Oh, to have a dedicated, large, heated, well-lit workspace. 😀

  36. Karen H says

    I LOVED your makeover! It looks awesome! You really did a great job!

    I have my late MIL’s china cabinet that I really want to make over, but I am so hesitant to start it with a brush! I’ve only done a few pieces of larger furniture… and I keep procrastinating doing it! The sprayer would be SO helpful! Someone will be very happy to win your giveaway!

    • Larissa says

      Awesome to hear! Thank you, Karen. I know what you mean about those looming pieces. The Super Finish Max for the win! 😀

  37. Alicia H says

    I always enjoy seeing what you are working on! Happy new year to you and your family!
    May 2022 Bring you much joy and happiness……..and many more new and exciting projects! xoxo

    • Larissa says

      Sending sweet hugs, Alicia. Thank you for the well-wishes and smiles. Blessings to you too!

  38. Cindy B says

    Your project looks great! I have some shelves and some small birdhouses that I want to paint!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks, Cindy! That would be fun with the sprayer for sure.

  39. Felicia says

    What an inspiring post, Larissa. We have just moved into a new (old) home with much less storage space than our previous home so I’m going to have to get creative too. Thank you for sharing.

    • Larissa says

      Congrats on the new home, Felicia! That’s exciting and a new adventure. My pleasure to share.

  40. Tracy says

    I love, love this post! I can see this idea for so many closets in my home. I can’t wait to see your hydraulic shelf installed.

    • Larissa says

      That’s so fun for me to hear, Tracy. Yay! My hardware may never show up, but I’m determined to make use of that upper space somehow. 😀

  41. Patti M. says


    That is such a cool paint closet! Great organization too! I love the pull out shelf. That is a game-changer! I would love that paint sprayer! It looks so easy to use. I have many projects I could use it for. Thanks for sharing your diy!

    • Larissa says

      I’m must a tad skip-happy! What a relief to have it done and filled. I even got to purge, so that’s a win too. You definitely will love this Super Finish Max!

  42. Dianne Anderson says

    You did a great job, it looks so good.

    • Larissa says

      Thank you for saying so, Dianne. It feels so good to see it looking sane.

  43. SONJA H HANSEN says

    Great plan and it is well executed. You certainly opened up a lot of space and made it much easier and I am sure quicker to find what you need. I have two items on the top of my long painting list. I am planning to paint a small pie type cupboard that sits at the top of my stairs in the kitchen . It needs a whole new face lift. I also have a little built in desk with a fold down shelf in the kitchen. I need to paint that. A sprayer and tent will be a huge help. Thanks for all you do to keep me in the know on fun projects.

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! No more digging through four cupboards or trying to tell my kids where something is. I think when we move into a space we just fill it as we go. It’s amazing how 20 years flies by. Your project piece sounds like fun! It’s my pleasure and joy to share. 😉

  44. Marietta says

    WOWZA, Sexy storage closet lady. You kicked it;s behind in shape. Darn impressive!

  45. ae Minx says

    That looks incredible! I’d tackle the outdoor planters and statues that need a bit of sprucing up

  46. MrsSW says

    I have about a million “smalls” that could be taken care of very quickly with a paint sprayer. Also a few chairs, two tables, my 150yo+ bedroom furniture, and on and on.
    Thanks for the give-away.

  47. Dena says

    What would I NOT paint?!!! The garage needs a recoat, the storage shed floor needs to be repaired/repainted, and of course I’ve got numerous smaller upcycle projects that need a coat or two of fresh color! I’m eager to get started. You are such a great source of inspiration, Larissa! I admire your endless energy and unique ideas! Blessings!

    • Larissa says

      How fun!! That’s the spirit, Dena. It truly is fun to share. Thanks!

  48. amy says

    My husband says that I need this – for his sanity! Can’t blame him. I have lots of projects in varying stages of progression. I just purchased black paint for all my interior doors…can’t wait to tell him!

  49. Marilyn Holeman says

    Larissa, your closet is great! If I had a sprayer, I would definitely want to start with redoing our house. Oh, and the giveaway comes with the spray shelter, too! Cool! I would love to use that for a bunch of little projects I would like to paint–wicker baskets, some crates and small tables. How fun! Thanks for the giveaway. I follow you on MEWe.

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! I’m totally smitten with it. Sounds like you have the perfect projects lined up.

  50. Erin says

    I need a sprayer to do the insides of my kitchen cabinets. We live in a house that was built in the 70s where everything was green and the paneling dark. I’m talking DARK. While we were able to refinish the outsides of the cabinets, the insides are still more than cave like. ?

    • Larissa says

      I’ve been there. ugh. Yes, the sprayer will help immensely.

  51. Dale Cundy says

    Excellent job! I wish that I could be motivated enough to get all of my closets done. It is so overwhelming. Slide out shelves are the best…

  52. Melissa Storms says

    I have an old sewing machine table I picked up from my local thrift store that I would tackle first. It really only needs new finish.

  53. Christine Ketchum says

    My husband and I are building a laundry room out of a space that was 3 small closets and I would love to use this sprayer on the cabinets we are building for it (or my new Gentleman’s chest I scored locally for $10!)

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