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Clothespin Sheep Ornament Tutorial

Can you resist cute farm animals? I, for one, can not. I won’t say I have a favorite, but I truly adore cows, chicken, horses, goats, pigs, and sheep – any and all. A few years ago I made each of my kids a woolly clothespin sheep ornament and that inspired me to make a larger version a while back (tutorial HERE). As a result of sharing that tutorial, many of you asked for a DIY on how to make the smaller ornament too. Well, today’s the day!

Adorable Farmhouse Sheep Made from Repurposed Materials | DIY tutorials by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

This little flock is so easy to create in a few minutes. In fact, even kids can do it! The best part is they make wonderful handmade gifts from kids of any age. You can string them up to be ornaments on a Christmas tree, stick them here and there on your shelves, or tuck them into arrangements for a bit of whimsy.

Adorable Woolly Clothespin Sheep Ornaments in a Row | Video Tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

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Ready to make some of your own? Let’s get started. First, I created a video tutorial for you. I know I’m not the only visual learner out there.

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Wool Yarn and Clothespins to make Woolly Sheep Ornaments | Video Tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Here’s what you’ll need:



Woolly Sheep Parts for Ornament Craft |


First, print out the body template in the materials listed above and trace onto your cardboard. I like to make several at a time. For this reason, I like to use a piece of paper board as my template. It holds up to several uses better than paper. Just grab the backing off of a notepad to make one.

Tracing Woolly Sheep Ornament Body |


Second, clip your clothespins to the edge of a box or similar. This step makes it easy to paint them. Afterward, use your artist’s paintbrush and black acrylic paint to give the clothespins a coat of paint. Let dry.Painting Clothespins for Woolly Sheep Ornament |

For instance, this task is so simple that your littles can join in.

Toddler Painting Clothespins |


Then, using the same black paint and brush, paint your woolly sheep ornament face. The rest of the body, however, will be covered with yarn.

Painting Woolly Sheep Ornament Face |


Next, it’s time to add your clothespin legs. Add a bit of hot glue to the spot where you want the legs to be and clip on. Make sure the body is tucked down against the clothespin spring. Also, make sure the legs sit splayed so your woolly clothespin sheep ornament will stand up. (see video for demo)Naked Clothespin Sheep |

He’s looking like a cute sheep now!


Time for some woolly fun! Previously, I mentioned I prefer to use the wool blend roving. Not only does the sheep assembly goes faster, but also it looks more realistic too. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a wool roving sheep compared to an acrylic yarn sheep. Do you see the difference? The acrylic is on the left, while the wool roving is on the right.

Yarn Comparison for Clothespin Sheep Ornament |

To get started on your woolly adventure, begin by adding a bead of hot glue to your sheep. Place the end of your yarn in it and let it cure for a minute or two.

Starting Woolly Sheep Ornament with Wool Roving |

Next, wrap the yard around the middle for a few passes, and then wrap down around one of the clothespin legs to cover the springs. Then, work your way back up around the middle and down around the second clothespin. (see video for demo)

Wrapping Woolly Sheep Legs on Ornament |


Once you’ve wrapped the legs, continue to wrap around the body working from one end to the other. I share my tips in the video how to make it as easy as possible to cover those rounded ends. Cut a your yarn leaving a trailing tail when you think you’ve made it woolly enough. Last, tuck in the tail and you’re done with the yarn.Adding Clothespin Sheep Ears and Tail |


For the next step, cut 3 small teardrop shaped piece of your black felt for two ears and a tail. I prefer to use the Tacky Glue to attach these since the glue dries clear, as opposed to hot glue.

At this point you can call your woolly sheep ornament done. However, if you’d like to add a ribbon around the neck with a bell, you can do that too. In addition, you can add a ribbon hanger to make a hanging ornament. Simply use an awl to poke a hole in the sheep’s back and thread a ribbon through.

DIY Clothespin Sheep Ornament with Video Tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Aren’t they cute! I must say these delight my heart – both the large version and these small ones. I know you and your friends will love them too! You can even add a tag that reads, “Thank ewe for ….”. Ewe get the idea. tee hee!

Make your Own Clothespin Sheep Ornament Herd with this simple to follow video tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Just for Kids ~ A Simple Clothespin Sheep Ornament Tutorial with Step-by-Step Video by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Feel free to ask any questions as I’m happy to help. Okay, I have to ask…which one is your favorite? The white or the gray?

Wooden Farmhouse Bowl of Woolly Clothespin Sheep | Tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Do pin and share this clothespin sheep ornament tutorial to save for future use. Not only is it my desire to inspire you, but also inspiring others. It’s what I’m all about.

So cute!! You can create a woolly clothespin sheep ornament with this easy video tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | A perfect kid craft for kids of any age (even 99!) | Head to #prodigalpieces #kids #crafts #diy #handmade #farmhouse #videos #tutorial #home #homedecor #homedecorideas

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I’ve always liked these sheep…they are very cute! The first ones I saw were the big ones and then it wasn’t until fairly recent that I saw the little ones. I’m going to make some just for the fun oof it! 😊😜😘

I love the sheep now if you would please figure out how to do a llama I would be forever grateful .Loving your site as always

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