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Dining Set Makeover ~ From Trash to Trashure

Oh what fun it is to be with friends! Today is Trash to Treasure Tuesday where my blogger gals and I get together to share our latest makeovers and creations with you to INSPIRE. What you see below is my focus of today’s post – you will see my friends’ posts in a bit. My good friend, Mandy, spotted this entire set on the curb and claimed them for me. Woot! Therefore, you are in for a dining set makeover. Vintage Rose Back Dining Chairs Found on the Curb |

I will be honest that when Mandy sent me the picture of the chairs that she had found asking me if I wanted them…I hesitated. Why? Well, if you’ve followed me for long, you know that I have undoubtedly sworn off working on all painted furniture. For good reason too, I’ve earned my promise to self by mentioning past problems before.

Vintage Rose Back Chair with Upholstered Seat |

However, I adore rose back carved chairs. There were 6 of them, so that meant I could have an entire set. Now to find a table to match this Mid Century style. Oh, and by the way, these chairs are by Park Furniture Company, known for their gorgeously, intricate pieces.


My story continues when I hopped on Craigslist to find a table. I was determined to not drive outside of my city to make a purchase. I have no spare time and needed to know if this was going to work. Within 5 minutes I found the perfect table to go with this dining set makeover. I was stoked, but also that pit in my stomach feeling like headed up the first hill of a roller coaster. Know what I’m sayin’?

Vintage Dining Table Set Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

Now, when I say this table was perfect, I mean that the leg taper matched the chairs, and the routed top match the lines of the seat of the chairs. As for the actual table, it needed much TLC. Nothing I can’t handle, right?

Damaged Dining Table Top |

Vintage Extension Dining Table Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

The table is made of solid maple and has potential. However, I definitely have my work cut out for me. Even the legs had been chewed up by a dog.

Dog Chewed Dining Table Leg |

*post sponsored by HomeRight and includes affiliate links so you can find the products I love to use too. (see full disclosure)

Not a problem for my Bondo. hee hee. I’ve used this awesome stuff in many makeovers, as seen here, and works like a charm. In this picture, I’ve applied it and it just needs to harden and then be sanded down.

Bondo Repaired Table Leg |

While the leg repair was curing, I set about to sand down the table top with my orbital sander. Since the finish was so worn, it came off pretty easily with a 120 grit paper.

Sanding Dining Table Top with DeWalt Sander by Prodigal Pieces |

While sanding, I did notice a few deep watermarks and stains. They were slight enough that I hoped would be invisible once stained. Here’s hoping!

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces refinishing Maple Table Top |


After all the sanding and prep work was done, it looked as though all was good to go for staining. I chose to try a new-to-me product this time, General Finishes Gel Stain in Java.

General Finishes Gel Stain in Java for Dining Set Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

My reasoning for choosing this particular stain is because maple can be hard to stain. It can come up blotchy and I’m all too familiar with the headaches it can bring. I have only heard rave reviews on General Finishes gel stains, and did my research to find out they are known for breaking the blotchy barrier. What I mean is, no wood conditioner needed. There are no taking lengthy steps to get the blotches to go away. Honestly, it sounds too goo to be true, but I am game to try.

The stain went on easily and gave the look I was after. However, there was one minuscule spot that resisted about the size of the tip of my pinky finger. Ugh…for real? It had to be because I missed it while sanding. Since it was on half of the table I fixed that side only. First, I wiped it down with mineral spirits to remove any residual stain so it wouldn’t clog my sanding pads. Then, I used the 120 grit paper again to tackle it one more time.

It worked like a charm, but too well since the extra sanding opened up the grain to soak more stain in. The side I just redid was a bit deeper than the other side and the extra leaf. Do you see where I’m headed with this? I head-smack myself and then tackle the extra leaf and other side in the same way. Needless to say, this was a user problem, not the stain and am happy to report all worked out fine. Whew!!


While the top was curing, I gave the skirt and legs a nice coat of a soft white with my Fan Brush.

Zibra Fan Paint Brush to Paint Dining Table by Prodigal Pieces |

Now for the daunting task of getting those painted chairs ready for a new coat of paint. Honestly, I dreaded all the prep work. However, I was also excited to see them made new at the same time. My little Corner Cat sander worked like a beast to help me whip these chairs into shape. What a workout that was!

Sanding Painted Dining Chairs to Prep for Paint |

Once the chairs were done, I cleaned them up and headed out back to break out my HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer. mwahahaha… Bring on the fun!

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra with Interchangeable Tips for Paint and Stain |
You know I love my sprayer and have shown you many times how I’ve used it to save my sanity in these past posts.

I filled up the sprayer and am ready to go. The key to a great finish is:

  1. Use the right tip for the job (I used blue)
  2. Have the right paint consistency (follow manufacturers instructions)
  3. Get the flow right. I suggest practicing on scrap wood or cardboard before you start.

Spray Painting Dining Room Chairs the easy way with the HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Then, I used a custom color I had from a previous project. I love its muted, neutral tone. It’s a flat finish, but I intend to use a satin poly topcoat once my paint has cured from two layers with two hours in between. Can you believe I had each layer on all six chairs done in less than twenty minutes? No brush could beat that! Onward with the dining set makeover…yippee!

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra to easily paint dining chairs by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |


Before I added my poly topcoat, I wanted to draw out those lovely carvings. To do that, I applied a bit of glazing with another custom color I had on hand.

Glazing Dining Chair Carvings by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

After the paint cured, I applied the two topcoats with my sprayer and let cure. During that time, I recovered the chair seats in new upholstery using my stapler, and we’re ready to roll. I’ve always referred to tackling upholstery is like wrestling a cat as it can be painfully scratchy. This was no different, but my AirStrike sure made the job of putting on new upholstery easier!

Upholstery Work with Ryboi AirStrike Stapler by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Let’s see this motley crew dining set makeover, shall we?

Beautifully Restored Vintage Dining Room Table with Upholstered Chairs by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

The outcome is just as I’d hoped and more so. Here’s to deadlines and crummy weather! haha.

Mid Century Vintage Dining Table in General Finishes Java Gel Stain with Satin Topcoat by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Country Style Vintage Dining Set with Java Stain Top by Prodigal Pieces |

Isn’t that top such a rich looking beauty? That stain did such an awesome job getting that dark contrast I was after. And the three coats of poly I used made it shine new again.

Vintage Fluted Milk Glass Vase with Floral Arrangement by Prodigal Pieces |

Then there’s the chairs… They were a cinch with to work on with my Super Finish Max.

Vintage Captain's Chair with Rose Bud Carved Back by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Seeing the soft muted tones of the chairs play against the table makes my heart sing. The fabric sets it all off nicely, I think…do you?

Waverly Red Rose Upholstery on Vintage Dining Chairs by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

I’ve always thought that the best part about extension tables is that you can have a large space or small depending on company and your home size. When friend and family come, break out the leaf. Yay!

Traditional Vintage Dining Set with Extension Table and Upholstered Chairs by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

My dining set makeover is complete and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how one man’s trash is turned into another’s #trashure. You can find this set and more available for purchase in my shop. (SOLD) We do ship to your door with the best rates around.

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

Absolutely beautiful Mid Century Modern Dining Set Made New by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |


Now time for some giveaway fun! HomeRight and I are all about getting the right DIY tools into your hands. You can have this Super Finish Max Extra paint sprayer sent to you. Yay!

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Do pin and share this dining set makeover to inspire others to make their own home story using thrifted (or even curbside) finds.

Grab those curbside finds and give them a new look with your HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer. This dining set makeover is one to see by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

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225 replies on “Dining Set Makeover ~ From Trash to Trashure”

I might have missed this part – did you apply the same satin poly top coat to the table? Did you use the sprayer to apply that topcoat to the table or a brush? Thanks!

Yes, I mentioned using it on the table too. I used a foam roller for the table top since I did a different topcoat to the table base. Hope that helps! 🙂

The table looks so perfect with the chairs! Job well done!! I would love the sprayer and shelter because I have so many items to paint and clear out my garage!!

Wow, Larissa, you worked hard on this set and the results are gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration.
I’d like to paint my CD storage chest using the HomeRight sprayer and shelter.

The table and chairs look great. I just tried gel stain last week. It’s really different but I like it. I read that you don’t have to sand down to bare wood. I’ve put on one coat and it looks a little streaky. Do you think it’s best to use in on bare wood? Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! Yes, I used to hate Gel Stain, but had only tried one brand. I do like this much better and don’t think you have to be on bare wood, but it helps. You could wipe it down with paint thinner and try again.

Wow Lara, I hardly know what to say, I LOVE these chairs, hard to believe that someone put them by the road! What were they thinking???? LOL, The table and chairs together are gorgeous but I don’t think they would ‘ve been without that great stain. Hard, (for me), to tell what color the chairs are… it all just flows together beautifully. Another fabulous work of art by Lara!

OMgosh, I forgot to mention … I’m in love with your darling shed/tiny house/hideaway in the background of your pictures. I want one too, lol!

You did a beautiful job on the table and chairs. Love it. I have several things that I would use the sprayer on.

I stripped & painted chairs once, oh my goodness it was so labor intensive that I swore I would NEVER paint another one! This sprayer could make me change that promise! All of your makeovers are fantastic!

Certainly fits the old saying of trash to treasure! Very well done. I have been researching gel stain, so glad to have read about your experience and preferences. You just gave me the boost of confidence I needed to try it. 🙂

What a beautiful make over. Did you use any kind of top coat on the table top. It looks amazing. Love the color combinations. Great #trashure. These posts are my favorite. Love the collaboration. Thank You!

Stunning! I am new to painting furniture and have a desk I am itching to do. I would love to try the sprayer.
Fingers crossed.

You are so talented! I love what you did with the dining table and chairs.

I would tackle our three outdoor sheds first. They all need a good paint job.

What a Perfect match. I couldn’t believe it when I first say the picture just how much the table matched your chairs. Love them curves and the detail.
What a beautiful make-over and looks great in your eating area. Really like the fabric you choose for your chair cushions. Really adds some color to the area. Great Job.
Let’s see; thing I would tackle first with the sprayer probably is to spray my hubby if he doesn’t leave my paint and stain brushes alone. :} Actually I do have a couple of chairs and a small outdoor table that could use a nice paint job and the sprayer would be really handy in doing them jobs; seeing that most of my brushes are missing or ruined.

Beautiful job! I can’t believe the projects you tackle, haha! What a whopper! So pretty in the end! I’ve got a couple of dressers that need a hit with a sprayer!

Your dining set project looks amazing. I can’t believe that you were able to paint the chairs so quickly with the sprayer. Now I’d like to have one too 🙂 My first project would be a bench that is waiting to be built from an old crib that I picked up from the curb 🙂 It is always windy here, so the spray shelter has been on my wish list for sometime already. Thank you for this opportunity to win these items.

Beautiful! I love saving old things and making them beautiful again…my house burned down and we lost everything but I’m staying positive by thinking of all the new old treasures I can now rescue for our new house!

I love the way it looks, really nice 🙂 You and some of the other Trash to Treasure ladies make me nervous to buy painted furniture. I love the look of it but if I ever get tired of it, it sounds like it would be a horrendous chore to repaint it. I have a ton of vintage metal furniture that I would like to paint. I wonder how the HomeRight would do with metal furniture? Do you think it would stick? I would have to choose a color that I could live with forever because stripping metal probably won’t be very fun. I have been following you guys for ages to get inspiration but have always been too nervous to try it lol. Thanks for all of your beautiful posts!

It just depends…haha. Repainting isn’t bad if the original paint job was a good one. I just hate fixing others messes. You can most certainly use on metal as I have with no problem. Choosing the right paint is key and prep work is key. You can do it!

Such a beautiful Job! I would love a tent and sprayer to paint a beautiful secretary desk that I picked up on a roadside. My lineup of painting projects is endless! Living in an apartment makes painting a bit more difficult……every day I dream about getting a spray tent.

I love this project, especially the chairs! I have some “ trashure” chairs I would love to paint with this sprayer.

It’s amazing what a coat of paint will do! I have some chairs that I would love to try the sprayer and shelter out on!

I absolutely love those chairs. What a great find! I have one that I got a very long time ago. Painted it in the style of the time. Still love it, but definitely time for a redo. Great find on the table too! This was a huge project to tackle. Great job!!!

Just beautiful! I love the dark stain with the white skirt and legs.
I have mismatched chairs in my kitchen, so I would spray them all to match!
Love your work❤️.

I love how this set came together, and how well that gel stain worked! I’ll have to give General Finishes a try, soon! As to the Home Right sprayer, just be sure to spell my name correctly, when I win! 😉

I would love to use the HomeRight sprayer and shelter for the backlog of chairs I have in storage waiting for a beautiful new life. (Forgot to add to my previous comment.)

It turned out so beautifully! I also just started using Java Gel Stain and LOVE it! I would love to get my hands on that sprayer! I have a similar project – large table plus 6 chairs to tackle in my shop right now!

I always love your work. You are definitely are inspiring. I will use sprayer to refinish furniture more efficiently

Wow, I am so impressed! That table turned out amazing, and the chairs are just lovely! I love seeing all your make-overs, you are so talented. I want to try that stain, I really love that table. What poly coat did you use on top? And I am afraid that the sprayer would not first be used on furniture here, but on our paddock fences. Ugh, they take forever to paint by hand.

Yay!! I’m so happy to hear it! I used a Varathane Poly (link is above). I would use it on that too and on anything! The sky’s the limit with it…really!

Love the makeover! You were lucky to find such a compatable table too! I’ve never used -sprayer but it looks like it’s the way to go! I’ll probably become addicted to refinishing. Or at least I could start On the furniture that’s collected in my garage!

I love that you gave this set destined for the trash a whole new chance at life…it is just beautiful! Threw my hat in the ring for the new and improved sprayer too…I could use it! XOXO

Oh, how beautiful! Everything is so seamless! I’m trying to get up my nerve to try my first project… You make it look so easy!

Larissa, what an awesome friend! Those chairs are just so pretty, I understand why you broke your rule about previously painted pieces! You have created a beautiful dinning set. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest for the HomeRight sprayer too!

All of your hard work on this paid off as they turned out so beautiful! You always turn things into items of such beauty. Especially love the color of those chairs! I have a table and chairs that need painting so the paint sprayer would definitely make that work easier. I didn’t realize you could use the sprayer to apply the top coat. Learned something else new!

Every thing I have read about this sprayer is wonderful. I have a different sprayer and I used it once, Not user friendly. would love one

Beautiful make over! I have a dining set that I want to make over with chairs that have a lot of carvings on the back, a sprayer would definitely be the way to go. Thank you for sharing !

Beautiful makeover! I love the abc floor covering under the table and chairs. PLEASE tell me you didn’t make that too! And then please tell me where I can find one. I don’t know where you find the energy but everything you make is very impressive.

The table and chairs turned out just lovely! I have two antique pieces that have so many swirls and nooks and crannies that I can’t bring myself to tackle them with a paintbrush. A sprayer just might save my life!

I love it! This style chair with the rosettes is my favorite! I have a collection (from 3 separate sets) to get me my 2 arm and 6 side chairs for my dining room. And truthfully, every time I see them, I always want more! Beautiful transformation.

This has got to be one of my favorites, Larissa! The two-tones together are beautiful and the fabric chosen for the chairs are perfect! I need to refinish a small chest of drawers and this product would make my job so much easier!

I love the colors! My daughter wants to (ahem… wants ME to) refinish the dining room set she inherited from her Grandmother. You make it look so easy!

The table and chairs look beautiful! I would love to have the sprayer to work on a dining room set I’ve had for 22 years. I don’t want to get rid of it!

If I won the Homeright sprayer and shelter….I would finish my kitchen cabinet doors that have been waiting for *ahem* a couple of years to get painted and put back on the cabinets! thank you!

You just keep amazing me! These pieces found you and each other; I’m sure look better than what they did when new. I would use the HomeRight sprayer to redo a funky little end table/book rack for the boys’ room. This would be first, then watch out anything paintable or stainable that is standing around.

I think it turned out beautiful! I am a sucker for floral fabric too and it looks perfect together. What a great find and what a great job!! Would love to win the Homeright sprayer too!

I am moving soon and will be looking in thrift stores to replace furniture pieces I am not taking with me. Oh my gosh, a sprayer will make the transitions of these pieces so much easier. I have been wanting one for a while!

That table and chairs is awesome. Wish I had a place for it. And you make it all look so easy. Great makeover Larissa!

I love the table and chairs. The fabric is just right. A lot of work but it looks wonderful. Great job.

Absolutely breathtaking! Those chairs are so beautiful and the top of that table wow! You have such and great eye for finding matching styles of furniture. You are such a talent!

i=I really love the table and chairs! Now you’ve made me realize I can freshen up my kitchen set, as well as the nightstands I wanted to do. I’ve had them on my mental wishlist because I am disabled. But, a paint sprayer would make projects so doable.

Wow! It looks beautiful! I have a wooden hutch that I need to paint but I’m a bit intimidated to even start!

That set turned out beautifully! We have 13 closets in our house, and most of them have louvered doors. It is going to be a pain to paint them all by hand. A paint sprayer would really make a difference in how quickly and how well a job we could do with them.

Looks so pretty! Love the dark table top! I have a buffet in my dining room that needs to be rescued from the “cherry” phase!

Stunning! I have 3 sets of different dining chairs I’ve collected over the years that are in storage to be redone at some point. You have given me so many great ideas since I’ve been following your blog. Not sure which to do first!

Have you fallen under the spell of Java Gel Larissa? It can be habit forming. I have been looking at the HomeRight sprayer! It looks awesome!

Oh man, I neeeeeeed this! 🙂 The first thing I would do it spiff up our back fence. I’m putting it off because there’s no way I’ll paint it with a brush… Then I’m also considering painting my kitchen cabinets but I hear using a sprayer for the doors is the best.

Larissa, there were so many ads popping up on your site that I couldn’t even read the content. Do you have any idea why this would be happening? I’ve never experienced this before on your blog. It’s very frustrating.

20 minutes to paint 6 chairs…I am in sensory overload! I’ve had that sprayer and paint booth in my Amazon wish list for over 6 months and none of my family members have even noticed. I guess I’m on my own on this one! I used the General Finished Java Gel on a buffet I redid 2 years ago. I love it so much I’m going to use it on another buffet I’ll use as an entertainment console. Great job!

Gotta get you one, Carol! I say it all the time that I wish I could send everyone one of these things because they’re that versatile. Yes, the Java gel is fantabulous!

Awesome and absolutely beautiful. I have several “waiting projects” that this sprayer would be perfect for.

a very nice job on these pieces! Isn’t it fun to see the change when you finish? That sprayer looks like it made all the difference to get the job done!

I was not expecting that dark a finish! But I do like it. I have a set of chairs to paint – 6 of them – to replace a set I had already painted, but someone broke one – and I sure could use a sprayer! I do use the Zibra brushes – have repainted 2 bathrooms, including vanities, and have one to go.

The upholstery on those chairs is gorgeous! It is a beautiful set! If I were to win the Homeright sprayer, the first thing I would tackle is a dining set that I have next in line to flip.

Your set is absolutely beautiful! It came together so nicely. Thank you for sharing all,the little details too. I love the fabric on the chairs.

Wow, the sprayer looks so easy to use. I had another one that just did not work for me. I would love to try this one. I have big pieces to paint. Thanks for the awesome video tutorial. I love your work.

I’m planning to redo a dining set that my husband has had for a very long time. He has wanted to get rid if it, but I refuse to. I know it has another look at life coming up soon. We tried an inexpensive sprayer for another project, and can I just say that I’m glad it was flat boards that could easily be sanded back down (it was awful). A fancy pro-sprayer would be superb for what I have in mind for the dining set, and so many other things on my list of projects to do. *Your dining set turned out beautiful*

First I need to say I LOVE what you have done with this table & chairs … I would love to refinish my Grandma Whaley’s buffet that is in need of some real love!!

Oh my, I Love this! Thank you for the inspiration!! I picked up a table with 5 chairs at a garage sale, very reasonable. I have been wanting to paint it, but I’m afraid to do so because I didn’t know where to begin! I was thinking staining the top and painting the chairs and table base. A couple of the chairs, they put screws through the legs to hold the rungs (dowels) in place. I need to figure that out. Love your work!!

I love those chairs! I have wanted this sprayer and the shelter every since I started following you, which has been about 4 years. Another beautiful job Larissa ❤

Beautiful–absolutely beautiful! You have so much talent!
If I won the sprayer, I would tackle a small project first to get the hang of it. But, then, look out! I’d go to town on all the many wonderful items waiting in my garage to be redone!

Love the transformation! I’d paint my pew Turned deck bench with my new sprayer :-). Haven’t decided on the color yet but I’m anxious to get at it.

Love the makeover! I would use the sprayer for the same purpose – to repaint acorn-carved dining chairs that sat in a barn for years and were pooped on by swallows! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Oh I hope I win that sprayer!!! I have so many projects I would love to do with that, but so little time. It would cut down on the time portion. This dining room set redo is lovely!

WOW awesome job. I actually am trying to redo some chairs that must have 1000 staples in them so the chair is getting quite pitted removing them and they will need to be sanded and sprayed before recovering.

My daughter has a vanity table that was given to her by a family friend, we’ve been wanting to repaint that.

My 91 year old dad just moved in with me and I am redoing the bedrooms in our house. I would use this to paint the walls, floors (and then stencil), and several pieces of furniture. Thanks.

We would use it for the boxes my boyfriend makes . He does a lot of woodworking so would be put to great use.

Your project turned out lovely. The first project I would tackle is a dresser that I had as a little girl. It is over 50 years old.

I would work on replenishing the wooden patio backyard chairs with the HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer.

Years ago I had a set similar to this one (but not nearly as beautiful as your refinished one!)–now I wish I still had it! Lovely job. I love that you chose a floral fabric for the seats rather than one of the white/gray/black graphic patterns that seems to be all I see these days–I love me a bit of color!

I saw this post a few months ago and was so impressed with the Homeright SuperMax sprayer I went and purchased it straight away! I also got the Homeright spray booth! I have used both several times and love them more each time I use them. As for General FInishes Java Gel…well it was love at first sight a few years ago. I now have 2 pieces I’ve used it on, a buffet and my dining table. I love these chairs, and with the addition of the table it’s a fabulous set! Great colors.

How in the world did I miss this makeover… that’s what a real DIY should look like…lol. You have an amazing talent and when I first saw this I thought you were going somewhere else with it. I am so glad you went the way you did. This is a set, or not a set, to die for! I’ve used java gel in many places in my home but never would have considered using this on a table top. But it holds up very well and now may reconsider.
I do have a question for you. Have you ever painted over java with black paint and tried distressing it?? I am thinking of doing this and just not sure of the outcome.

Ok well what I’m after is a brown black blend…very light sandi g to achieve that I would think. Sorry I should have mentionedd that.

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