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DIY Boot Rack Storage for Sanity’s Sake

We all have those places that need some…ahem…attention. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Either a clutter spot or drop zone, or just an overall mess. Now this corner of my garage used to have more to it, but it had to go through a change. Let me explain how I got to our DIY boot rack, plus extra storage.

Helmet Storage Mess Before |

A few months back we built a bike shed on the side of our home, just around the corner of our garage. However, we regrettably took it down and instead put up a fence (see here) with sidewalk and privacy screen trellis. I won’t go into detail on it other than we have neighbors that have caused us much grief and we decided to avoid taking them to court for what is legally ours. It’s a long story that I don’t want to relive or give any more brain power to…movin’ on!

I had planned this DIY boot rack for years though mine won’t be as romantic as some I’ve seen. I’m going for DONE. I was so excited to put it in place as soon as our shed was built. Now, however, I have to add one more feature to the mix so we can have our bike helmet storage too. That puts me at making the best use of this space here.

Garage Corner Before DIY Boot Rack |

The only hangup in my way were these two wires for our phone and internet (can we say dated? just a bit. ahem).

Wires in Garage Corner |


No problem though, as I can work around and over it. First, I took measurements of my space and headed to the home improvement store. While I needed to make adjustments, I initially referenced a few tutorials, including this one by A Farm Girl in the Making, so head there if you’d like the full steps.

It basically boils down to bunch of dowel and at least a 2″ x 8″ board. Thankfully, I found just the right size board in the clearance bin (always check there first!). Don’t you love my jerry-rigged dust collector. bwahaha! Hey, it works.

Cutting Lumber with Miter Saw |

Then, I cut it up with my miter saw into the sizes I needed to fit my space. Next, I cut all the dowel to length as well. Here’s the tricky part if you don’t have a jig. You need to use a spade bit on a drill to make the holes at a 45° angle. If you don’t have a jig, you can do like I did and use a speed square clamped on your surface to rest your drill to get the angle. Every DIYer should have one of these in their tool arsenal.

Quick Square Used for Right Angle Jig for DIY Boot Rack |

I was going to make myself a jig, but got lazy and just wanted the project done fast. I’ve had so much on my plate lately. Last, I use my favorite wood glue in the holes, but also added a screw through the back for added support.

Titebond Wood Glue for DIY Boot Rack by Prodigal Pieces |


As soon as it was assembled, I mounted the DIY boot racks on the wall, then started on the next step. You see, I also had 8 helmets to find a place for. That’s where another scrap 1″ x 4″ board came into play. I made a smaller set of racks using dowel from…get this…those handles that you find on disposable foam brushes. Yes, yes…this girl pulls off those things before discarding the used foam brush. They still have use!

DIY Storage with Boot & Bike Helmet Rack | #prodigalpieces #diy #woodworking #storage #home #homedecor

You can see how I had to work around the wire. We’ll get to updating that someday soon. I’d say that’s quite the eye-pleasing sight.

Now for the reality shot – you know I have to keep it real, don’t ya?

Build this DIY Boot Rack with Bike Helmet Storage too | Head to Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #storage #homedecor #storage #woodworking

Not too bad, right? This is actually something that makes my heart burst because just look at all that love. I have my kids and husband with me and this is evidence of my joy. And for the record, I also feel that way with messes, laundry, dishes, you name it. It all means I have someone to care for and I’m surrounded by those I love. Though it doesn’t mean I love messes all.the.time., I just don’t let them rule me.


As for our current situation with our surroundings, we are lifting it up to God asking for guidance as we have some major decisions to make. No one should ever have to be put out by someone else for just living. We are a happy family and try to be a light in all we do. That doesn’t mean we won’t encounter those that have nothing better to do then to cause trouble. Here’s a hug for any of you going through a similar situation. {{hugs}}

Do pin and share this DIY boot rack to help other find sanity too. tee hee!

DIY Boot Rack for Indoors or Out | Storage Solutions made easy | Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #homedecor #storage #woodworking

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Wooden Salt & Pepper Set Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

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14 replies on “DIY Boot Rack Storage for Sanity’s Sake”

Larissa, I am so sorry your family is going through this with your neighbor. That is the WORST. Hope it is soon resolved favorably.

A big group hug to your family! {{HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG}} Thanks for sharing the boot rack. It’s just what we need and it will fit our cozy, little space.

Hi Larissa, too bad about your bike shed, dang! What you have done with building and installing the rack for helmets and boots is very good and serviceable. The community I live in has a “Community Outreach” program that helps with concerns; if your city has one please try it. It feels like you really need someone to talk with. Will say a prayer for you and family.

Thank you, Mary. We have been talking to the right people and are doing what we can within the law. God is good and will see us through. Thank you for the prayers.

I am truly amazed at your creative talent. I love your projects.
I’ve lived in my home for 5 years and all of my neighbors are wonderful, except… right side neighbor had a major drama fit when I had a garden on our adjoining property side removed. There much more to it as I’m sure you know but he accused me of damaging his retaining wall purposely and with malice. There is about 12” between the wall and my yard and weeds had taken over including poison ivy and weed trees of they were aware but never did anything. He then decided he could, and I quote, “come onto my property “ whenever he wants. In other words trespassing. He spoke to and treated me condescendingly, rudely, insulting and not believing me. I no longer talk to him and his partner. There was no damage by the way. Of note- he watched my contractor digging everything up but didn’t come outside to stop him. 😔🤨😒 I will include you in my prayers 💜

Thank you, Christine. Sounds like your neighbor and ours are related…wow. I’m sorry you have such an experience to relate to. It seems there are just some out there that really are troubled. Thank you for your prayers and will do the same for you.

Hi …. So sorry you are having such a problem. Have experienced the same thing with a neighbour and his dog. Had to take him to court to get him to keep it away from chasing us as we went for a walk on our road. Had my sons up a tree for a long time as they were scared to get down. It takes all kinds. The rack turned out lovely. You are so innovative!

I’m saddened to read that you had to remove that amazing and VERY handy bike shed, Larissa. The shed was on YOUR property! Sorry to hear you’re still having struggles with this neighbor. Your tenacity paid off with a fantastic “privacy” fence and new way to house and organize the bike helmuts. Hugs from Canada! xo

I just need you to come down and be my neighbor, girl. We would have a blast! 😀 Thank you for the love. As for the shed, we didn’t have to, but chose to so we could block off that side of the house.

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