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DIY Candlesticks from Repurposed Materials

I have been having a blast making use of all the things that my dad brought to me from various places. First was my repurposed changing table cart, then my farmhouse side table, and next my piano bench lap desk. He knows me all too well, don’t you think? Well, today I’m making use of those couch parts left on the pile of stuff he brought, plus another curbside find from my stash. They’re going to become DIY candlesticks. {{fist pump action!!}}

Reclaimed Wood Turnings Before |

Story goes like this, my dad has rentals and when someone leaves he has to clean out, refresh the home, and get it ready for the next person, right? Well, he gets left with all sorts of messes and one of them was an old couch that had cat yuck all over it. However, he thought that these wooden pieces up by the head rest looked cool enough to save. I agree!


The post, however, came from my neighbor’s trash a few years ago. They had put two of these posts into buckets with concrete. I told JC that they had too much potential to let go to the trash, so we dragged them over an cut off what we could save. One was ripped in half and used in our DIY faux fireplace – it’s one you should check out. See it in the mantle?

This DIY patio design features a rustic and repurposed touches with a harvest table, faux fireplace, and curtains for privacy. All completed by one couple on a budget by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

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Okay, so let me get started. First, I chopped that post into two different lengths using my miter saw. For the other couch parts, I used my hack saw to cut out the turning. I’m going to mainly focus on the larger two because it’s the same idea for both sets.

Curbside Post Cut into Candlesticks |

I wanted them to have a base, so again using my miter saw and scrap wood from my stash, I cut a couple of pieces for each. To make the top suitable for a candle, I used my jig saw to cut rounds out of scrap wood as well.


Once everything was cut, I used wood glue and my nailer to attach starting with the small base to the large base. Then, attach the base to the turning.  Last, to top off with the wood round.

Assembled DIY Candlesticks by Prodigal Pieces |

I give the candlesticks two coats of dark gray using my favorite Round Brush that makes it a breeze.

Painting Candlesticks with Zibra Round Brush | Prodigal Pieces |

Once the paint has cured, I use a white wax to dry brush the DIY candlesticks. This gives the aged look like I use in my zinc tutorials. Rub off excess with a soft cloth and leave a little here and there to create dimension.

Waxing Candlesticks with White Wax by Prodigal Pieces |


Here they are all finished and ready to go. I love it!

Check out these candlesticks made from curbside finds by Prodigal Pieces |

DIY Upcycled Candlesticks from Repurposed Materials by Prodigal Pieces |

Those chunky turnings make me smile, and it’s kinda funny as I can still see the posts sitting on the curb in concrete. haha!

Chunky Tall Turned Farmhouse Candlesticks by Prodigal Pieces | available at

I had fun with the smaller pair giving them a unique top.

Pair of Farmhouse Candlesticks made from Reclaimed Parts by Prodigal Pieces |

The finish is my favorite. It has the aged zinc appeal I enjoy using throughout my home. Isn’t it neat how the wax gives it such dimension?

Rustic Zinc Finish for the DIY Candlesticks by Prodigal Pieces |

The sweet part about all of this is that you aren’t limited to couch parts and posts. You can use chair or table legs, balusters, pretty much anything you want. Making your home your own doesn’t have to break the bank. YOU CAN DO IT!

Farmhouse Style Candlesticks from repurposed materials by Prodigal Pieces |

I’m happy to say that I’ve created both sets for you, and they are available in my shop. (SOLD) You can also find many other home decor, furniture, and handmade items. Stop by to see!

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

Do pin and share these DIY candlesticks because you never know when that one person is looking to up their decor game and are on a budget.

Create these DIY candlesticks using repurposed materials and this tutorial by Prodigal Pieces |

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15 replies on “DIY Candlesticks from Repurposed Materials”

I have this exact project in the works but have yet to cut the pieces for the candle stick bottoms or tops. I found four bed posts on the curb and that’s what I’m using for mine. Yours look great and it makes me want to get going on my project.

I did the same thing with a smaller table leg! I used terra cotta flower pot saucers as the base and the top. They turned out so cool!

I have 3 chunky end tables that I’ve been struggling with. Too many odors, then they were subjected to the elements and it’s clear the tops aren’t solid wood. I was debating moving them back to the curb after they’ve occupied valuable space for so long. Now I can see some value in the legs and feet and other small elements I can save. Thanks for the inspiration.

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