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Repurposed Changing Table Cart ~ Trashure

Do you know what time it is?? It’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday! The one day each month where my blogger friends and I put together some wonderful transformations for you. My project for the day is turning these pieces of trash (aka. trashure) into a repurposed changing table cart. woot!

Broken Changing Table Before |

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it sure is a blessing when people get you. My parents are always telling me they saw something they thought I would like to work on. They’ve blessed the kids and I a million times over with gift of things they found. My dad own several rental properties and one of the not-so-fun duties is cleaning up after someone who has torn apart his hard work.

Here is the aftermath of one of those instances.

Pile of Trash, aka. Trashure |

Thankfully, my dad saw fit to salvage what he could from that pile and brought me that broken down changing table to turn into something new. Let me show you how I made the sides into a repurposed changing table cart. Let’s get our build on!

First, I figured out the layout and headed to my second home, Home Depot. I picked out the hardware I would need and had them cut the ply for me because JC has enough on his plate and why not make use of this free service, right? Here’s my 4′ x 8′ panel cut into the pieces of shelves I requested.

Plywood Cut up for Cart |

*post includes affiliate links so you can find the products I love to use too (see full disclosure)

To give them a farmhouse/industrial flair, I stained them with my Briarsmoke stain. I’ve used it before in other projects you can see HERE.

RustOleum Briarsmoke Stain for Cart |

Because my plywood has an open grain to it, it takes the stain heavily. That’s okay with me because I want some dark features. Did you know that if you want your wood to really take stain deeply, you need to open the grain? If you sand your wood with a 120 grit or lower, it will leave it ready to accept the new color.

Staining Plywood with Briarsmoke Stain |

Once the stain is dry, I sand it down with my sander to give it an aged appeal. Next up is the changing table sides. I removed all the old hardware and filled the holes with wood filler. Then, I sanded those down and made some changes. I cut off the top finials with my hacksaw and the bottom legs to get where I needed to be on dimensions. Now it’s time to paint. woot!

For the life of me I can not figure out why there are no dark gray spray paints available out there. I mean, am I weird or something?? So, much like how I use a zinc spray to create zinc patina, I chose this automotive primer for my finish.

Priming Changing Table with RustOleum |

Two light coats, letting it cure between, and it’s ready to roll onto the next step.

To make side rails, I dug into my reclaimed wood stash from our kitchen remodel and grabbed some reclaimed oak. Mmm…good stuff I tell ya. Do you swoon over aged wood too? All sane people do, ya know. haha.

A few things need to be done to get the wood ready, so I call in some of my favorite tools. I cut it to length with my miter saw and then used my Kreg jig, to make pocket holes. Why pocket holes? It will allow me to make some awesome joints to all my pieces. This is exactly why my motto has been #toolsoverjewels since I was a teenager.

Using Kreg Jig to Make Pocket Hole Screws in Reclaimed Oak | Prodigal Pieces |

You might remember my other changing table found curbside just a few weeks ago. I turned that one into a potting bench with reclaimed wood, but in a different style. See it in this post.

Now it’s time to assemble my repurposed changing table cart and show you what my weird brain envisioned. mwahahaha…

Here it is!

Repurposed Changing Table Cart use for most any room of the house by Prodigal Pieces |

I love the new look with its rustic, industrial farmhouse style. It has oodles of character and can be so handy in most any room of the house. I could see it in a bathroom with towels and toiletries, or used for plants, or even books…so many ideas!

Upcycled Drink Station using a Broken Baby Changing Table by Prodigal Pieces |

Repurposed Drink Station made from Pallets, Barn Wood, and a Changing Table by Prodigal Pieces |

It was fun to stage it as a beverage station along with my DIY mug rack. who does love a warm cuppa, right? You can find the cart, mug rack, and mugs available in my shop.

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

My favorite addition to the cart was not only the barn wood, but those casters. Boy…do I love casters. They sure make my life easier and add an element of fun.

DIY Cart Made Using a Baby Changing Table by Prodigal Pieces |

Farmhouse Style Cart made from Upcycled Materials by Prodigal Pieces |

I hope you had fun following me along on my junking adventures. Getting to build with found things is certainly a delight of mine. I love to make things that you can’t find in a big box store. Kinda like a piece of art, I think.

Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Barn Wood Cart and Changing Table Repurposed by Prodigal Pieces |

Do pin and share this repurposed changing table cart to inspire others to give DIY a try. They just may have a broken down changing table that needs new life too.  Thank you!

A farmhouse industrial style cart made from reclaimed barn wood and a repurposed baby changing table. See the transformation at Prodigal Pieces |

Coming up next, I’m taking another cast-off from my dad’s rentals and giving it a whole new look (see below then head here to see the after). To be sure to get these DIY tips & tricks in your inbox, sign up for my newsletter. PLUS, you will get your FREE Furniture Buying Checklist and special discount to my shop.

Now, don’t forget to head below to see what my blogger friends have created for you too!

Side Table Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

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30 replies on “Repurposed Changing Table Cart ~ Trashure”

That came out great!!! I’ve been using a gorgeous gray spray paint lately from Rustoleum called Anodized Bronze. Not sure why it’s called Bronze because it is very much so gray! Try I think out next time you need gray spray paint, you’ll love it!
I learned about it from Suzy @ Worthington Court’s blog, she has some amazing pieces of furniture done with this paint.

Thanks, Candy! Yes, I saw that one and really wanted to avoid metallics – that’s mainly all I saw. I wanted a flat gray or at least an eggshell. Nothing except this primer. It really worked well! Love Suzy too!

Well aren’t you so clever, Larissa! Your Dad must be so proud of you. I bet he was blown away by what you did with that old trashed change table. Pinned and sharing

I had to laugh at your comment about Home Depot being your second home! My husband said, “You know you’re in trouble when all the workers/cashiers at Home Depot and Lowe’s know your wife’s name!”

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