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Mug Rack with Shelf from Repurposed Pallet

Do you ever have projects that have to wait until you have time? I bet yours don’t take you nearly 3 years…at least I hope not! Back when I started blogging over 3 year ago, one of my first posts ever was how to create barn wood style shutters from pallets. It was a hit! Then, I shared my pallet clock, plate rack, and centerpiece trough. When I finished those pallet projects I had a piece of pallet left over that I didn’t get to. Well, today it becomes a repurposed mug rack. Trust me on this one, k?

Piece of Pallet Before Repurposing | Prodigal Pieces |

It doesn’t look like much at first glance, but I saw its potential. And I couldn’t wait to finally get to it. Even my husband gave me the look, “What are you going to do with that??” hee hee hee. You would think he would have learned by now. tsk.

Back of Piece of Pallet | Prodigal Pieces |

I had visions of a mug rack, so I set to dig in to my stash and pulled out a bag of corbels I had scored from the thrift store for $1 each, plus I used my 20% off coupon. Score! I just used my drill to attach them to the soon-to-be mug rack and then added a board to the bottom.

Attaching Corbel to Pallet Mug Rack | Prodigal Pieces |

Once that was done, I added some wire hooks I took out of our bathroom remodel, and then decided to add some typography using my transfer method. If you’ve been with me long I love typography projects. See my past projects HERE.

To finish it off, I added a wall cleat for secure hanging and flush mount design. Just like I did to this wall cupboard I found at the thrift store.

Let me tell ya, I love how this thing came out. It’s whimsical, serves a purpose, and will be a conversation piece in the kitchen or office. The mug rack is finished and is available in my shop. (SOLD) But, if you also take a closer look, this project was also the perfect time for me to showcase the newest item I’ve added to my shop selection.

Repurposed Pallet Mug Rack by Prodigal Pieces |

I’m so super excited for this project not only because it was fun, but also to show you my #trashure mugs. Trashure is my slang term and babe idea born ages ago for me. It’s a term I have always used to describe: “One man’s trash is another one’s treasure”. My first use of it was back in this post nearly 5 years ago.

#Trashure Campfire Mug by Prodigal Pieces |

Hanging Prodigal Pieces Mug | Prodigal Pieces |

This two-sided mug has fast become my favorite sidekick because it looks like enamelware, but is actually ceramic. That allows you to get the rustic style, but modern day convenience.

Front and Back of Prodigal Pieces Campfire Mug | Prodigal Pieces |

Another bonus is that it is 15 oz, so perfect for your morning cup of joe, as a desk organizer, or even a mini planter.

Sipping Tea Vignette by Prodigal Pieces |

Because I am a tried-and-true junker and know that I am not alone in my junkin’ adventures, I want to give a mug to two of you. Fun, right?! All you need to do is fill out the widget below and I will announce the winner in next week’s post. Open to U.S. and Canada residents. (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)
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Prodigal Pieces Mug | Prodigal Pieces |

I hope you enjoyed my trashure transformation because you are why I do what I do. My goal is to inspire you to see beyond the obvious and look for the hidden treasure.

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Mug Rack with Shelf by Prodigal Pieces |

Do pin and share this funky mug rack creation to inspire others to think outside the pallet.

Repurposed Pallet Mug Rack with Mugs by Prodigal Pieces |

Up next is my mudroom update. Yes, it’s time for an update plus another giveaway! If you want to take a before look, head to this post. Head HERE to see the after. Stay tuned by signing up to my newsletter PLUS get my free furniture buying guide and a special discount to my shop. Let’s get our DIY on!

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140 replies on “Mug Rack with Shelf from Repurposed Pallet”

When I saw the cups (before getting to the bottom) I thought to myself, ooooooo I hope the cups are the giveaway! Those are the cutest and would be honored to drink my morning coffee from them.

My favorite repurposing is using everyday items that go into the trash or recycling and giving them a second use. I cut a vinegar jug into a grain scoop for the chicken food. It’s not beautiful or sexy but a metal grain scoop costs much money and two years later, I’m still using the one I made out of a vinegar bottle. Money saved.

I have had so many “trashure” adventures that it is hard to pick just one item. However the time that I found a whole house of stuff has to be the most memorable. When I flipped up the lid of the garbage can and it was filled to the top with silver platters and serving pieces, I was like a kid in a candy store.

I visited FB and commented under the silo picture but dont use twitter so no entries there, However, if you ever decide to sell this mug in your shop, I would love to order one!

My favorite repurpose is using old canning jars to store my sewing stuff in. I have several that are one & a half quarts so they hold more stuff! It looks pretty & you can see what’s stored where at a glance!! Love the mugs!!

Love the rack! I’ve done so many trashures that it’s hard to pick – or even remember ! – just one.
I love that I can decorate my home in my favorite style, Country Prim, for a fraction of what it would cost to shop in stores.

I guess my favorite re-purpose project is when I took a garage sale plate rack I paid $1 for and turned it into a coat/purse rack for my daughter’s apartment. I found some old door knobs at various flea markets, antique shops etc and added them to it. She loves it!

I look forward to seeing what goodie you repurposed. One day soon I hope I’ll have a better place to work out of, but the favorite thing I’ve done is took a Cabinet (not even sure what it’s original purpose was) and distressed it and use in my entry way.

We scored some pallets last summer and spend a few weeks building several things from them: trays, shelves, beer caddies, and candle holders. My favorite was the wine racks. I can see that we need to put together a cup rack now, too! Thanks for being so inspirational!

The mugs are adorable! My favorite trashure project was using some heavy solid wood drawers I picked up off the side of the road, (I call these things my Road Kill) and made cute doggie beds for my fur babies.

One of my favorite makeovers was a picture frame turned serving tray. I painted the frame, replaced the bottom with lightly sanded pallet wood (the colors were beautiful) put the glass back over it and added handles. It brought in $85 dollars for a charity!
I Love the mugs!

After my mother passed away, I claimed an old four drawer dresser that we used in the “Boys room” (there were ten kids, so rooms were divided into Boys or Girls!). This dresser was so damaged that no one else wanted it. I took it home and refinished it. After sanding the horrble brown paint off, the beauty of the wood shown through. I stained the wood on the top and the drawer fronts, painted the sides and added a small stencil along the bottom. It now sits in my entry way and reminds me of Mom and home everytime I see it. That’s why the dresser is still my favorite project.

My favorite repurpose has to be the one I just gifted to a friend. I made a beaded suncatcher with a piece of driftwood. Everything on it was from something else. Jewelry wire, chains, and beads were from broken jewelry from friends who were going to throw it away. Someone saw it on my friend’s instagram and they want me to make them one!

I like to resew Victorian pillows, taking their trim (found in thrift shops) and adding to another pillow. I never throw some things away. Trim is hard to find and expensive. I love the cups! You have wonderful vision and am always inspired. It seems you never sit down, your brain is always working. I like the word “trashure” and use it in my vocabulary. Thank you

You sound like me, Sherry. I always tear things apart to save bits and pieces. My main goal is to make sure I make use of them instead of making clutter. Thanks for sharing!

Larissa, you never cease to amaze with your transformations! The mug rack is so nice with the added graphics and, the new mugs! I love the look of the mugs!!

my favorite project I’ve done is my reclaimed from a demolished house hand built China Hutch. Stained and a crackle finish, burlap fabric on the back and it will hold my Mothers treasures.

I have to admit, I saw no potential from the piece of pallet laying there on the ground other than firewood. However, again you proved me wrong with your great eye for potential! One of my favorite things I have done was an old four paned window that I re-enforced and used for the background of lasered wood family name. Even my husband liked it which is pretty good since he never compliments anything unless it is warranted. Your mugs are the bomb! I love the word “trashure”!!!! Describes so many thing perfectly!

Whoa! That came out SO cute! I wasn’t expecting that!

I think one of my favorite repurpose project is a potting bench (that I use more as a buffet/countertop) that I keep on my deck. I love it for serving food when we have firepit parties in the yard. I love it so much that I just made a second one last fall (while it was still warm enough to woodwork outside!) for my mom for Christmas!

Ooohhhh….I saw the mugs right away and was hoping we were on the same wave length! I know I say this all the time, but I’m continually amazed at your creativity and your ability to see past the obvious!! Thanks so much for sharing; wishing you continued success <3

omg. i wanted the pallet mug rack so much i found myself trying to pluck it right out of my tablet! and i love your faux enamel mugs! the one with trashure being a favorite. love your creativity!

I am so envious of your energy!! How do you do it all?? I love this and those mugs! Where did you have them made? I love everything you have done so far and always look forward to seeing what you do next!! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I’m certainly not as creative however I have upcycled a tire into an ottoman, using sisal rope. It’s pretty neat and so so easy to do!! Thanks again!!

My favorite repurposed item was using a change table at the end of my cutting table. It provided 3 shelves for fabric storage and only needed a few inches of lumber across the top to make the table extension level. I could use your mug to store some sewing tools . Great display for my creations!

How fun! I always use coffee quotes and feel bad that it wouldn’t work for non-coffee drinkers. This works for “a cup” of anything!

My favorite repurpose was my son’s nursery-room chest of drawer to which I added legs, removed the drawers, painted and turned into a great bookcase……he’s 26 now!

I really tho’t the mugs were enamelware. They look authentic; but practical ceramic to keep the coffee hotter longer. All my projects become my favorite when they are FINISHED & I can begin using them. One door I repurposed came out of a 90-100 yr old cabin in Minnesota. I propped it in the corner & added the words faith, love, & grace. Then I tied cotton ball stems from the door knob . An antique porch light hanging in front was the finishing touch. Wish I knew how to send a photo but I’m still learning this computer thingy!

Love the mugs and this mug station! 🙂 My favorite repurpose has to be an old salvaged window that I converted into a multipurpose picture frame/magnetic chalkboard/towel rack holder

I have done quite a few repurpose projects for our home. Many years ago I had a very ugly concrete floor in my laundry room. We glued down fabric pieces in a crazy quilt pattern, very bright colors. Then we applied polyurethane. It has been 40 years. I have totally redecorated in that room, but my family, especially my daughter-in-laws decreed that we COULD NOT cover that floor. So, we sanded and recoated the polyurethane. It is cheerful, to say the least.

Loving your site! So many fun projects. I think my favorite so far has been my desk that I made from an old five panel door and some old table legs. I built a one shelf cubby unit to go underneath in the middle thereby creating two separate work spaces, one for me, and one for my hubby. A solid piece of tempered glass on top and it’s perfect!

I actually haven’t yet transformed any pieces yet but I do have two that are waiting for a facelift as soon as I have some time! Thanks for all the inspiration!

My favorite make over was a simple small tray into a catchall for my husband’s pocket contents. Really love the mugs and always enjoy your blog posts.

I just love. Your transformations…to look at junk and just see the so much fun…and sometimes you cannot walk away ?I truly enjoy :-O you view “stuff”…you inspire me to get back to doing again….just finished a huge baker rack…when weather let’s me back out side I’m taking on shabby headboard…?

We cut down a tree in our back yard so I decided to turn it into a cat tree! I bought 4 flat planks of wood from the scrap bin at the home improvement store for the different levels to sit on and a base. Attached those to the tree trunk piece that was already sanded. And I used some scrap carpet from when we put new carpet in the living room. So 3 levels for the kitties, matches my living room and I spent less than $8! woo hoo! It was the project I have been most proud of. And my 3 kitties love it!!

love your mugs! I love that they are 15 oz! I love a BIG cup of chamomile tea before bed! Perfect! My favorite project is on e I just did. I was visiting my son a few states away and helping him to clean up his yard. I found a pile of old deck pieces from the previous owners literally buried under dirt. They were cut in unusual angles and had perfect patina! My son thought I was crazy for dragging them all home with me until he saw the amazing and fun sign I made for my coffee station. Now he wants me to make one for his wife lol!

Woot! I love the size because you can use them for soup or planters too, especially holding all my goodies on my desk. Sounds like you’re a gal after my own heart. 😀 Fun!

My favorite recycle project is in my studio. It’s a long rolling console table that started out as a desk bridge. The base is part of a church pew seat. Put together with various pieces of scrap wood and painted all one color with chalk paint, then waxed with dark wax. It was quite a mish-mosh to start with, but looks great now.

My favorite #trashure project I think is a mixed media art piece that I’m still working on actually, it’s not quite finished yet. Made with 2 different hub cap pieces that I picked up on the side of the road. It’s a very cool steampunk piece with repurposed clock gears. I love the trashure term – absolutely perfect. I’m going to have to start using that hashtag.

Love the way this mug rack looks, and love the mugs! This would be perfect for house guests. Just leave it on the counter with some breakfast items, tea, and coffee and it’s a nice little breakfast nook. 🙂

My favorite repurposed project was my grandfather’s table that he and his family ate meals at as a child which was turned into a coffee table that we now use in our living room. It’s super special to me!

That’s a tough question – I probably would say a Victorian Screen door I found in the trash, completed with wear and chippiness that I cleaned up, waxed, put new screen in and use as the inside door in my chicken coop. I see it and love it every day!

So many trash to treasure creations but one of my favourites has to be an old metal cart I found at my local habitat store for $2.50. It was pretty rough but I immediately saw its potential as a coffee table and had a welder shorten the legs then a barn board top added. I get so many compliments on it and nobody ever believes it came from basically trash!!

My favorite is still my parents 1970 something long coffee table with scroll like wrought iron legs…we covered the top with foam padding then stapled on some neutral fabric, and tahdah we have an extra seating bench for our big front window. It also doubles as a dog lookout point during week, covered first of course 😉

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