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I am an Overcomer and so are YOU

Well, ladies and gents, I am on a new chapter in my health and wanted to update you. I wish I could say my new year started off with bang and I’m ready to take it all on. However, God is commanding my attention. With that I am proclaiming, “I am an overcomer”.

If you remember, I shared that back in November I had what I believed I to be signs of a stroke (a TIA). You can read that post HERE. I am not one to sit and wait for trouble. Over a year ago, two of my blogging friends had major strokes within a year of each other. Right then I began to research what causes stroke and how to avoid it. At that point I decided to cut out much in my life because I could see how I might end up on the same path. I am a dietary health nut, so I don’t take things lightly.

After that November occurrence, I tried to get into a general physician a few days later so that he/she could refer me to a cardiologist. However, they immediately told me to head to the ER despite the fact my vision impairment happened days ago. Mind you, they didn’t listen to me and what I was saying.


So, feeling kinda hopeless, I headed to the ER hoping to get some answers even though I didn’t believe they would be able to find anything. I was right. After many tests, they sent me home with instructions to follow up with an optometrist. I didn’t believe my eyes were the problem, but rather a symptom. But, being the good girl I am, I headed there anyway.

More tests were performed and the doctor told me he believed I had previously experienced retinal migraines in the two events I had earlier last summer, but it didn’t explain my last episode. I asked him what if it happens again, he said we just will have to wait and see. I didn’t like that answer. Wait and see? What if I have another and it’s stronger?

The optometrist then suggested I follow up with a chiropractor because I had been having alignment issues. That could be very likely, but I still wasn’t convinced. My family on my paternal side has a history of heart issues and I didn’t want to wait around. So, I head to the chiropractor and get an alignment and no answers. Here I am again…I am an overcomer.


Two days before New Years, I began to feel that same pressure in my left eye and then a few bouts of dizziness. On New Year’s day, I had another episode where I saw kaleidoscopes again. This time they were longer. Afterwards, I have the same symptoms…supremely weak, woozy, and tired. It’s because brain cells are damaged and your brain is working like crazy to make repairs. Plus, it interrupts your sleep doing the same repair work. No fun.

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces on Being an Overcomer | #proidgalpieces #truth #bible #hope #overcomer

I am still in that place as I type with slow improvement, thankfully. On that day, I called the ER to see what steps I should take, they told me I needed to figure it out for myself that they couldn’t tell me what to do. Ummm…yeah. Then, I called the optometrist and he referred me to an ophthalmologist. I still don’t believe my eyes are the problem, but ophthalmologists can see signs of stroke or tumors, so I headed in immediately.


After two hours of testing to show that my eyes are perfect, he pronounced. “You’re having strokes”. An enormous wave of relief mixed with panic set in and I started to cry. It hung with me for a minute or two until the doctor asked me if I work. I replied, “Yes, I am self-employed.”

“Okay, what do you do?” I wanted to respond…what don’t I do? haha.

“I’m a blogger”. Knowing full-well he most likely didn’t know what that was offhand.

“What’s that…what’s blogger?”

“I create content online with DIY’s for just about anything.” He then picks up his phone and starts to search me out online. He pops open my blog and is like, “oooh….!!” He got so excited that I began to laugh and laugh. Boy, did I need that laugh right then. God is good. Laughter is the best medicine.

The doctor continued to be excited discussing my projects and blaring my videos. Smart man, I tell ya! He then showed the office (and the whole waiting room could hear his phone) what I do. There I stood eyes dilated, with vertigo, and head full of thoughts mixing around. I decided to choose joy that I can move on to getting some answers. *please refrain from offering medical advice. If you feel you truly have something to share with me, just email. Thanks!


So, tomorrow, after much work by the doctor’s office to secure me a quick appointment, I am heading to a cardiologist to see what’s going on. FINALLY. I covet your prayers for direction in this for all.Just think though…it could have been worse. Without a doubt, God has me in the palm of His almighty hand. I am an overcomer and I choose JOY. Death has tried to take me before. However, I came back mighty and ready to complete what He has planned for me to do.

I choose JOY free printable cards |

I believe, without doubt, that I am under attack from the devil. He wants me to shut up speaking truths to YOU. He wants me to quit, he wants me to succumb. Ain’t nothin’ doin’!!! Remember this from my last post?

God's Love is Unfailing button |

For those of you concerned about the possibility of stroke or similar, I suggest the Life Line Screening. It is affordable and they cover the basics for looking for stroke, cancer, and heart disease.


If you are also faced with trials (health, finances, work, relationships) that seem larger than a mountain, say, “I AM AN OVERCOMER”. Give it to God. He’s got the biggest shoulders in the world to carry it all. Share with us your overcomer stories! We need to uplift one another.

Most of all…never give up. All we are asked is to have the faith the size of a mustard seed (Luke 17:6).

Believe in the truth that is there to set you free. Be an overcomer |

For added encouragement, I wholeheartedly suggest diving into God’s word. Open it up and explore all there is. It can be daunting, but start by looking up promises. Also, getting your hands on the movie of the same name, as well. Inspirational! Plus, this new book called, “Praying Through” looks promising to help us all when we are not sure how to pray.

Also, I invite you to pin and share so others will join with us saying, “I am an overcomer”. There’s nothing God can’t do.

Are you facing trials that are knocking you down? Health, finances, relationships...they can run our lives OR we can proclaim, "I AM AN OVERCOMER". No one has to stand alone. Detail at #prodigalpieces #health #finance #relationships #prodigalpieces #family

Thank you for joining me in my journey. My family and I are so grateful we have wonderful support. {{hugs}} Here is an update in this post and video below.

UPDATE 2023: It wasn’t until June of 2022 that I realized I’ve been married to a neurodivergent man, that some of my children are also neurodivergent. What is more, I’ve learned of my family of origin having enormous impact on my physical health in October 2023. ALL OF THAT is what’s causing my unknown “strokes”. You can read my journey beginning HERE.

Ask Prodigal Pieces | A Blogger Interview by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

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Also, more hope as I am an overcomer:

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  1. Kim says

    Praying for His peace (beyond comprehension), joy abounding, rest, and answers. He is the perfect physician that we can trust. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing. You are a blessing to us.

  2. Claudine says

    I’m praying for you & for your family, Larissa. This cannot be easy on your hubby. How blessed we are to know that God is for us, not against us.

  3. Edna Fortner says

    ??? for you and yours! You are right, GOD has this! I look foward to seeing GOD use your story to show others how you mightily overcome Satan’s attack!

    • Larissa says

      Thank you for the uplifting words, Edna. Yes, He sure does.

  4. Susie says

    I am praying that you get some answers has to how to face this health issue. May God grant you peace as you go through this journey. Take care of yourself first.

    • Larissa says

      Thank you! Yes, hoping for definitive answers to it all. Thank you!

  5. Babette says

    Hi Larissa,
    I have the exact same thing. In 2017, I was talking to my husband who is a retired police lieutenant and I was talking but not making any sense. He knew right away something was wrong. So we went to ER. They said it was an ocular migraine because my heart seemed fine. I knew it wasn’t. I have the same symptoms as you. I see what I call is a corona, get so tired, and have to rest. I’m on blood pressure medication and take a coated baby aspirin everyday. I was on these pills for migraines but those changed my personality so I had to stop that. I’m on a new health journey myself and I totally understand your feelings. Thank you for sharing this because it has so encouraged me. I pray that you will receive good answers from the cardiologist and maybe your sharing your journey will help those of us affected by TIAs. God bless you.

  6. Debra says

    My prayers are with you. I had my 2nd stroke last year and that is why I stopped blogging. You will overcome and you will be stronger.

    • Larissa says

      I have been praying for you hoping all was well, Debra. I’m sorry to hear that. Thank you for your prayers and know you are in mine.

  7. Tracey says

    Oh Larissa, you and your family are in my prayers. I’m so thankful for you, and His light that you constantly share. XO

  8. Karen says

    I will pray for you and your family. I know this is an extremely stessful time for all of you..

  9. Diana Segura says

    Prayers for you and yours, as always,


  10. Candy Walsh says

    Praying for you~as someone with multiple diagnoses, some that took longer than others to identify, I certainly understand how you feel. Many drs leave you with a fear of the unknown and then dismiss you like it’s no big deal. After 14 years of this, I honestly don’t know where I would right now without my faith and God’ steadying hand. Hang in there and stay strong, good for you for being vigilant! I also wanted to add that your blog over the holidays “Choose Joy” is one that stayed in the forefront of my mind, heart and attitude this year and really helped me get thru a rough season.
    You’re always an inspiration!

    • Larissa says

      Glad you got it figured out, though I wish our bodies would have a print-out that would tell us exactly what is going on and what we need to do. 🙂 Thank you for giving me positive feedback. Hugs!

  11. Deirdre Breau says

    Larissa you are in my prayers. As a christian I believe that God has a plan for each and everyone of us. When you were born He knew that this day would come. I feel that He has given you this platform to tell everyone about Him. God does not cause the ailments that come against our flesh, however if we listen to His voice for leading and guidance, He will allow us to use these times to grow our faith in Him and to share the gospel with others. I too have been through a recent medical event with my husband. He is 59 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer 1.5 years ago. Of course when the word cancer was spoken, immediate fear and grief flooded forward but I distinctly remember a feeling of peace quickly took over both of us. Well fast forward to December 7th, my husband had a radical prostatectomy and is now CANCER FREE in the mighty name of Jesus!!! God didn’t cause my husband to have cancer but He lead us to the right doctor, after going through two others and He is allowing this situation to grow my husband’s faith and giving him a platform to tell others about Jesus.
    Through this journey, there has been a song that forever loops in my head, I am sure you have probably heard it a time or two yourself.
    He is, waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness,
    my God that is who You are! That is who You are! That is who You are!!!!
    I am standing in the gap for you Larissa! God is with you and will see you through. HE and HE alone is your true physician! God bless you!

    • Larissa says

      Amen and hallelujah!! That is wonderful news!! Yes, thank you for that song…so powerful.

  12. Esther Walton says

    Praying for you Larissa
    For God has not given you a spirit of fear but love power and sound mind.

    Blessings from Australia

    • Larissa says

      Thank you so much, Ester. I’ve been in prayer for your country as well.

  13. Betsy says

    Wishing you well! Doctors appear to treat symptoms today and aren’t concerned with what causes the symptoms and why now! Good luck in your endeavor to find the cause and heal yourself. Keep posting as you encourage others to seek answers for symptoms.
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers❤️

    • Larissa says

      Thank you, Betsy! Yes, so many with questions. I remind myself and other often…doctors are “practicing” medicine and don’t know everything. Some are more in tune than others tho. 😉

  14. Cindy Gaston says

    Praying for you and your family.

  15. SONJA HANSEN says

    May our Father-in-Heaven bless you and your family with an abundance of His blessings of healing and peace.

  16. Alice says

    God is good all the time; all the time, God is good. “The Lord will fight for you; you have only to keep still.” Exodus 14:14.

    As a fellow overcomer, I hold you in my prayers and ask a hedge of protection surround you as you seek answers. Continue spreading His good news. He loves you and He has this situation. He has been here and knows exactly what He is doing. Prayers for your family’s peace and endurance as well. It is difficult watching loved ones suffer.

    • Larissa says

      Yes, you are so right. Stressful on my family indeed. They’ve seen me down in health more than I would ever wish on them. Thank you, Alice.

  17. Lynn denBok Hawton says

    Larissa……13 years ago I suffered a heart attack which was very sneaky with only minimum pain so that I didn’t realize what it was. On the 3rd day I started having cold sweats & went to the hospital where the nurse in ER told me to go home. I would not. I now have 3 stents. In 2014 I had a stroke …..while I fully recovered the Dr. could not find out why so he sent me to a brilliant specialist who discovered my calcium levels were 4 times what is normal…still it took a year (of IV’s in hospital every week to keep my count under control) for them to operate & remove a parathyroid gland which has malfunctioning. Calcium counts are not checked in normal blood work & so we must make sure our Doctor’s are on top of things…we must be our own advocates always!! I pray for you & yours!! You are always a light in this sometimes dark world. God Bless ((Big Hugs))

    • Larissa says

      I’m so glad you persisted! Thank you for the love, Lynn.

  18. Sheri Vitek says

    Yes choose Joy! You are sooo loved. The fight you fight is a witness to your children and us. Be strong! My husband had kliedescope episodes in his eyes and he has a history of strokes in his family. But it was the cholesterol medicine he was taking. When he changed it, it slowly went away. We all suffer with being human! Be the best human ever!!! Love ya

    • Larissa says

      Wow! That’s scary. Yes! Trying to be the best I can be, Sheri. Thank you!

  19. Gail Bigelow says

    Much like you, I have occular migranes. They scare the crap out of me, but thankfully they don’t come around often. Mostly when I am stressed to the max. So it is important to focus on you and let God take the wheel. Oh yeah, prayer works wonders. Good luck on your journey. I’ll say a few prayers for you and your family.

  20. Tammy Brady Jones says

    Being validated that something is happening to you is BIG, prayers for strength and peace as you go forward. I understand specifically when you say you feel like you are under attack as I have experienced this. Stand strong against evil, while allowing the Lord to carry you . ❤️

    • Larissa says

      It sure is. Thank you, Tammy. I am doing all I can! 😀

  21. Darlene says

    Our God is a Big and Mighty God and a Healing God!! I’ll be praying for you! ❤️

  22. Patty Martinez says

    Larissa, Praying for you to Jehovah Rapha and the God Almighty who was with Job. Believing with you that satan means it for evil, BUT GOD means it for good. I raise a hallelujah in the presence of the enemy, I raise a hallelujah, Heaven comes to fight for you!

  23. Jo-Anne Reavis Anderson says

    Many prayers lifted in your behalf as well as your family. So thankful you never gave up trying to find the source of your troubles. No one knows you, like you! (Except the Lord)

    We searched for 20 plus years for the answers to my husband’s health issues and even had one doctor laugh at him! Almost 3 years ago they found the culprit! He had a rare slow growing cancer that was zapping all of the energy he had right out of him!
    When it was found it was almost too late. Neuroendocrine tumors are hard to diagnose and thankfully there was a new treatment at Duke! He is thriving now but still very sick. We will never give up and we too choose Joy!!! ❤️?❤️

  24. Judy Newell says

    Prayers for good health for you and your family and for wisdom, knowledge, and compassion for all of the medical staff you meet with.

  25. Raylene says

    May God bless you and keep you as you go on this journey, Larissa. You are loved and not alone. ❤

  26. Jane Windham says

    You are in my prayers, Larissa. Isn’t it amazing that there are still so many people who don’t know what bloggers do? I’m so glad you went to an ophthalmologist to get you on the road to finding answers.

    • Larissa says

      Thank you, Jane. Yes, but I think he did, just not the term. This is the same Dr. whom my grandma used to see. I would drive her to appointments at 16 years of age. He is such a sweet man.

  27. Tammy says

    Count on our prayers as well, you got this and our loving Father will tend to your every need. Rest in his love and grace Larissa.

    • Larissa says

      I so appreciate them, Tammy. Where two or more gather in my name… Thank you, Tammy.

  28. Sandi Allen says

    So Sorry to hear this is happening to you. Sending you a (((Big Hug))) & Prayers
    You got this Girl❤️

  29. Patty Soriano says

    Larissa, I was told once by my general doctor that I was more aware of changes in my body that most people. That sounds like you. We know our bodies the best, and we know when something is irregular. Listen to those gut feelings! Research, as I do. Learn. And when you don’t agree with someone’s answer, seek out a different doctor. I had a weird episode the other day and I need to get in to a cardiologist to see what it could be. I’d rather know something that scares me, than not know anything and keep guessing and worrying. I hope you find answers too.

    • Larissa says

      Yes, very much so. I’m in tune with so much and it is wonderful yet aggravating at the same time to get others to listen. I have had to speak up so many times to get heard in times past too. I hope you get your answers. Hugs!

  30. Doreen @ Hymns and Verses says

    Praying for you sweet friend! We have to be our own advocate these days and I’m so glad you kept on until you found the cause! God’s got you!!!

    • Larissa says

      Yes, for sure. I am training my husband to be an advocate for me because he is not quite the bullhead I am. haha. Thank you, Doreen.

  31. Michelle says

    Praying for you! How scary, but glad you followed the nudging of the Holy Spirit to be persistent in getting medical attention and not just making light of the symptoms. God IS good, and He is with you in all of this. I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), and I help people address their health thru nutrition. If there’s anything I can do to help you or any questions you have, please contact me. Blessings!

    • Larissa says

      Thank you bunches, Michelle. Yes, I’m am a foodie and believer in the gut is the second brain controlling it all. I’m preparing myself to battle this and being ready to push when I need to when it comes to meds and such. So much to learn!

  32. Anne says

    I’m so sorry you are going through this. Praying for your full recovery

  33. Rhonda Boulden says

    When I was reading about your journey this morning, I heard God’s beautiful voice say ” It’s not your time yet”. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just those 5 words. I will be lifting you up in my conversations with the Father.

  34. Kimmylouwho says

    Hopefully, the cardiologist will have you see a neurologist ASAP. I am surprised that you haven’t been referred to one yet.

    • Larissa says

      I hope so too if need be. Waiting is the worst. Thank you!

  35. Susan Sosbe says

    Prayers for you, Larissa. I loved your description of the doctor’s excitement over “discovering” you. Now he knows how we feel every time we see a new post! And I’m glad you were able to find laughter through the tears. It’s so hard to give it all to God, at least for me. It’s something I desire but have not mastered yet. I always have to poke my fingers in things instead of just being still. Sigh. You will be in my thoughts and prayers…always.

    • Larissa says

      Yes! I so needed that at that moment. A reminder that He knows… Thank you so much, Susan.

  36. Kim Jones says

    Prayers for answers and healing sweet friend – you are such a bright light! Thank you for sharing your journey XOXO Blessings, kim

  37. Lynn says

    I am sorry you are dealing with All this. But God will bring you through it. I am simply sending you all my love and prayers

  38. Marcia says

    Hugs and prayers to you.

  39. Kaycee says

    Hi Larissa, I am very sorry to hear what you have been going through. I agree with you and those that have replied here, WE know our bodies better than anyone, but God! We must advocate for ourselves to be heard, taken seriously and to be seen, tested and treated. We are NOT all anomalies……there is an answer. I am and will continue to pray for you to receive answers, treatment and healing. I also pray for comfort, peace and joy to surround you and your family. XOXOXO

    • Larissa says

      I am so happy for all those lifting me up. I know your prayers are being heard and they are felt. Thank you so much, Kaycee! 😀

  40. Fran Legler says

    Praying for you and your family. You are strong, but God is stronger!!! Thank you for sharing and knowing that God is every faithful!!!

    • Larissa says

      He sure is and I’m so very thankful for that. Thank you, Fran!

  41. Mary Burnett says

    to one of my favorite bloggers, I read your blog all the way to the end every time it’s published.

    • Larissa says

      aww…Mary! You just made my whole day, my month, my year. Thank you!!

  42. Marie says

    You ARE an overcomer my friend! I’m holding you close in my thoughts and prayers. Please slow down and put YOU on the top of the list right now. Sending BIG hugs your way from Canada. xo

    • Larissa says

      Thank you, sweet Marie! I have slowed down immensely which is why this is racking my brain. haha. I think someone is trying to get my attention for a very good reason. Hugs!!

  43. Charleen says

    Praying for your healing,answers and the continued faith in our mighty God.

  44. Jenn says

    What a blessing to see someone clinging to God and shouting his greatness, even in trials! Thank you for being vulnerable here and sharing your story! Praying for you and your family!

    • Larissa says

      It’s the only way I know, Jenn. He is good to me. Thank you!

  45. Denise says

    All my thoughts and prayers are with you sweet girl.God bless

  46. wanda adsit says

    Sending prayers for you. You are such a sweet person .

  47. Tess says

    My heart goes out to you and your family. You are an inspirer and overcomer! I watched the video and can’t wait to share with others. Be your best advocate. I believe your true instincts are from God. All of your blogging friends l, like me, lift you up in prayer. I will ask my friends to do so as well. Thank you for sharing so that we can pray for you??

  48. Cate says

    You are in God, with God, by God and for God! God lives within you and will bring you the healing you need. I will include you in my prayer group, Larissa. Know that whatever you concentrate on gains power, so we’ll all concentrate on your perfect health, energy, vitality, and buoyancy! In God We Trust!

  49. Laura F says

    Larissa, You are in my prayers and thoughts….sometimes our faith is the ONLY thing we can hold on to for each minute or day….Your story has hit me hard today….I am really struggling at work, and health issues at home are weighing on me heavily, especially today….your share has helped me ….Thank you

  50. Lori says

    Larissa, I am praying for you right now. My sister has had mini strokes and she’s still here (and she still smokes) and I love her so much. I will pray for God to put you in his hands and hold you up. I know he will take care of you no matter what. God’s blessings and better health for you. You are an amazing person.

    • Larissa says

      Wow! So glad she is okay. Thank you for the prayer. They are felt. 🙂

  51. Jolena says

    Dear Sister, you, your family and your doctors will be in my prayers. Praying for wisdom and true care from your doctors with eyes to see and minds to rightly diagnosis/treat. Praying for your family; for the little ones to allow down times and the olders to not worry but learn as they watch you rest in the Lord. And, for you husband… I can’t imagine being the man (the one who’s supposed to fix things) being helpless to fix it -how that must weigh on him. Finally, for you, dear one; that you will take this time that God has given and use it to draw near to him, use it to show your children what life altering faith looks like and that YOUR peace will continue to be wrapped in the sufficiency of all that God has already done for you in Christ. “For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison” 2Cor: 4:17

    • Larissa says

      Thank you. I’m so praying I’m headed to the right doctors as sometimes they have an agenda and I’m anally set in my natural ways. 😉 We so covet your prayers for us all. Thank you for washing me in the word.

  52. Melanie Mixon says

    So sorry, Larissa. Glad you know “whose” you are.

  53. maria garcia says

    My sister was having all sorts of problems,,,,they did a dye test and it turned out her ventricles (in her brain) were not draining properly. Yep, even your brain has a waste disposal system. They placed a shunt from her brain to her stomach. She’s doing great and even her eyesight improved.

    • Larissa says

      wow!! That had to be quite the puzzle to figure out. Yes, hoping for answers. They did a CAT scan initially and foudn nothing.

  54. Cheryl Atkinson says

    Praying for you sweet Larissa. I pray that the Dr’s can find the reason and a cure and God Loves You. You got this girlfriend! We are Over-comers. I don’t want to go into my story right now. Just know i will be on my knees tonight with you on my heart.

    • Larissa says

      Yes, we sure are. Saying a prayer for you right now, Cheryl. Sending hugs.

  55. Paula@SweetPea says

    I am so sorry that you are going through strokes and I’m glad that you have an appointment with a caridologist to try to figure out exactly what is going on with your body and what you can do to prevent any more strokes. I read your post today as I sat in the waiting room at my oncologist office to get the results of my latest CT and MRI. Your words gave me comfort as I anxiously waited. I got the news I wanted to hear, my cancer is still stable. I’ll be praying for you!

    • Larissa says

      You have been on my mind, Paula. I was wondering how things were going. I’m so glad that you are stable. I am lifting you up!

  56. Deborah L Beardsley says

    Thankful, yes thankful that you are finding out what’s been going on. We know all “THINGS” work for the Glory of GOD, we don’t always understand the journey. I have found many times that God wanted someone I was in contact with to HEAR about his saving GRACE, so keep your eyes n ears open to what He’s saying and continue to share your LOVE for HIM….. God we thank you for Larissa and what you’re doing in and thru her, we ask for healing in her body , many times you’ve gotten her thru trials and given her the victory and she’s given YOU the Praise for it… do it again. We LOVE YOU LORD and expect to hear amazing results. AMEN >3

    • Larissa says

      Your words mean so much to me, Deborah. Yes, He has, He is, and He will be with me through it all. Thank you.

  57. Kimberly says

    Oh Larissa, I am so sorry that you are going through this and I know that God has a plan. Thank you for sharing your story. As you may know, I suffered a massive stroke two years ago. I continue to recover and share my story because I believe that knowledge is power and our experiences allow us to help each other. You are in my prayers. Please let me know if I can help. xo

    • Larissa says

      I do remember! You and Angie are the ones that made me start researching. I pray often for you. Yes, knowledge is power. Thank you!

  58. Michele says

    Thanks so much for telling your story and reminding everyone to listen to their own body! So often the medical field does not listen (especially to women) when someone tries to say ‘somethings not right’.
    So sorry you had to go through that scary event, but so happy you found someone to listen.
    Hugs to you!

    • Larissa says

      Yes, for sure, Michele. Thank you so much. Now to get some answers.

  59. DIANNE REDDEN says

    Praying for your complete recovery and God’s peace that passes all understanding for you and your family! Our God is an awesome God!

    • Larissa says

      I wholeheartedly appreciate and covet your prayers, Dianne. Thank you!

  60. andrea says

    Larissa… my heart and prayers are with you as you go through this journey. I am thankful that you have been guided to the Cardiologist… I know he/she will know how to proceed. I had a massive stroke from a brain bleed and the only reason I tell you this is because here I am 8 years later… I actually started my blog as therapy… so with your love of God… your faith… your kindness… your determination everything will be good. I just can’t wait to see you getting the care you need! With that and being surrounded by your loving family and friends you are going to Rock this thing!!! If there is anything… anything I can ever do for you… please let me know. Sending you many hugs… tons of prayers and love.

    • Larissa says

      I am so sorry you had to go through that, Dee. I do feel I’m on the right path, but feel that the cardiologist is just a step to the right place. The tests should help me know more and more about my body, so for that I’m thankful. Thank you for uplifting me with prayer and love. It is all felt. Hugs!

  61. joan novertia says

    Larissa, we are all thinking of you and praying for you. You are an amazingly talented, creative and strong woman and mother. I am a two time breast cancer survivor and the video made me cry, seeing these brave people and how they overcame their obstables. Wishing you all the best. Hang in there!

    • Larissa says

      The human body is an amazing thing, but oh so powerful when we grasp the power of our unfailing Lord and Savior. It moves me to be even stronger than I think I can be. Thank you for the love, Joan.

  62. Mary says

    Sending lots of love and prayers your way sweet friend! <3

  63. Jocelyn says

    You are in my thoughts, wishing you the best outcome possible.

  64. andrea says

    Larissa… sure hope you are feeling better today. The one thing I wanted to emphasize and it sounds like you are on the right path is to KNOW your body… I mean be acutely aware of it… you will be surprised what it tells you. If you can, keep a journal… what you eat… how you feel… anything different… reaction of your body after you do certain things. After a few weeks… just by looking back you will find patterns… that can really help you. Also if they suggest a blood thinner… be sure to have regular blood tests for the level. I hope you find the answers soon but in the mean time… take care of yourself… be kind to yourself and treat yourself like you treat others and I know that is with loving care. Sending tons of hugs and a bounty of prayers!!! If you ever need anything… I am an email away! HUGS!

    • Larissa says

      You got it! I am so in tune that it annoys my doctors because I can answer them before they finish asking. haha! Getting them to listen to me is the key. I have to be my own advocate in a major way because no one is listening. I get it…they’re used to certain things, but I need them to LISTEN. Thank you so much for the boost! 😀

  65. Geneva Perkins says

    I sincerely feel your heart and I love the fact that we can share and pray for one another. I as well have had such a heavily painful year with my job and with our finances. I am constantly trying to keep my faith strong but I am truly beaten down. I would so appreciate your prayers for my new job and for our house. Thank you

    • Larissa says

      Yes, absolutely. I am lifting you up now. We always in that same boat. Hugs!

  66. Cheryl says

    My prayers are with you!! I know God is there for us and He answers our prayers! My year didn’t end well but I am hoping it will be a better this year. My husband almost died last month but had CPR performed on him. My daughter was there to watch the whole thing We found out later in ER that it was an over dose of opioids . So scary. My prayers are with you again.

    • Larissa says

      I”m so sorry, Cheryl. How absolutely frightful to watch a loved one suffer. I pray the same for you.

  67. Lynne Jones Lawler says

    Oh, Larissa, my friend! Know that I am covering you in prayers and sending BIG hugs your way as well.
    You are so right when you say that with GOD on our side, we can overcome anything! Can’t wait to see the amazing, awesome things He is going to do in these circumstances.
    Love and Hugs~

    • Larissa says

      You are so sweet, Lynne. Yes, if God is with us, who can be against us? Hugs!

  68. Mary says

    Hi Larissa! I’ve enjoyed looking through your new site and was trying to find an update on your health, when it dawned on me, perhaps with the coronavirus you have not been able to pursue further testing? Oh gosh, I hope that is not the case. I’ve had some similar symptoms to yours over the last year and I share your frustration with getting medical personnel to really HEAR me…and to think outside the box. Most of the time a medication is prescribed and I don’t tolerate meds very well at all so that isn’t helpful. I continue to keep you in prayer and am hoping you are feeling much much better and have not had a recurrence of symptoms. That would be so awesome! Please update as you can. Love your blog, your projects and I read every post. Big hugs!

    • Larissa says

      Hi Mary!

      I am doing just fine. I originally believed that my issues were in my neck and back. Only the doctors freaked me out saying it was strokes. That was not the case and I have no symptoms of heart or brain issues. So, I have been working with my chiropractor. I still have BPV (constant dizziness), and am waiting to see an ENT to rule out inner ear issues. Thanks so much for asking and I hope you can find relief too. I had planned to do an update soon. Just too much on my plate as of late.

  69. Laura says

    Thinking of you and lifting you up to our Lord and Savior for you and the tribe in your house!

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I love it! Larissa is amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then she took care of the rest! This is my second piece I've bought from her and I'm in love! I highly recommend her.

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I love this cart, it's exquisite. The item was received in extremely secure packaging, no damage to the item. The delivery person was very professional and courteous. Larissa of Prodigal Pieces is so very amazing. A rating of 10 is deserved. Thank you, Larissa.

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I should have left this review MONTHS ago! I absolute love this lunch bag. I honestly carry this 5 days a week. It is the perfect size! Not only can you put your lunch in it, it can also hold your book. I enjoy reading at lunch, so I have all I need in one cute bag. Thank you so much Larissa!

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Awww…I love this sweet Cat with an attitude!! SO SO adorable! Well worth the money, and he will become a priceless treasure in my home! Thanks Larissa for always making your ideas turn into true treasures!

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Perfect purchase from start to finish! Absolutely adorable piece so creatively thought out. Packed with the greatest of care with lightening fast delivery. Very customer-oriented and friendly crafter. Could not ask for more! Thank you!
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