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Last-Minute Cleaning for Guests – Chemical Free

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been in that panic mode when we find out that guests are coming and our home is nowhere near ready for them to see it. Life happens, especially in a family. No fear! I’m here to share my tips on how to get your house looking like you’ve been cleaning for days, but in reality it’s a last-minute cleaning for the record books. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Last-Minute Cleaning Tips for the Guests on the Way | Prodigal Pieces |

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It’s no joke that my house doesn’t stay clean. For the most part, that’s just fine with me as it means my family is here and happily living. However, when folks come over for a visit, I really don’t need them to see that…er… love. ahem. The bathroom and kitchen are the most germy places and, unfortunately, most obvious spots to notice when dirty. So…what’s a mama to do?

Well, Tip #1 in last-minute cleaning is to begin with the obvious. Tuck away those daily-grind essentials. Ya know, open that drawer and shove it in. haha! You can ask my kids that I don’t really do that, but in a rush I will! I know I’m not alone.

Last- Minute Cleaning Tip #1: Remove the clutter |

Tip #2: Toss the linens in the wash so they can be getting clean while you’re tackling the other stuff. Nothing worse than stinky towels and rugs in the bathroom. bluck.

Last-Minute Cleaning Tip #2: Toss the linens in for a quick wash. |

Tip #3: Break out the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite!! No joke, the fastest, easiest, and chemical-free way to clean is with steam. Forget all the bottles of stuff that don’t work and also make for a lovely aroma (dead giveaway that you were in a tizzy cleaning!!) I’ve shown you before how much I love my HomeRight SteamMachine, but guess what…they came out with a new & improved model! {{happy dance}}

Here’s my video showing you how I tackled my oven cleaning (a most dreaded job otherwise), with my AutoRight steam machine. See all my videos and subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE.

While I still love using that, I’m so stoked to have this SteamMachine Elite. It’s got all the bells and whistles of the older model, but with new accessories designed for most any job in the home. And, yes, I’m in love with the white color too. tee hee.

Now I my kids and I can double-team my house and cars!

Check out the NEW HomeRight SteamMachine Elite with Acessories to tackle any cleaning job chemical free | Details at Prodigal Pieces |

HomeRight SteamMachine Elite Storage Compartment for Accessories |

Okay, so you saw in my video how easy it is to set up. Just fill with distilled water using the included measuring cup and funnel. Put the cap on tight and wait for it to build up steam.

Filling HomeRight SteamMachine Elite |

When plugged in, both lights will be lit.

SteamMachine Elite Heating Up |

However, when this bad baby is ready to go, the one light will click off and it’s time for some last-minute cleaning fun!

HomeRight SteamMachine Ready to Clean |

I first tackle my kitchen with all it’s daily mess loveliness. If you missed it, you can see my kitchen reveal HERE. We are pretty much here 24/7, cook all 3 meals plus snacks from scratch, so you KNOW this gets DIRTY.

Kitchen Mess Before |

Dirty Cooktop Before Steam Cleaning |

Before I get started, I hang up the accessory holder and tuck in all my brushes and attachments. This makes it easy so I can grab them and go.

HomeRight SteamMachine Accessory Hanger |

The cooktop was my first frontier. I had yet to clean it with my older SteamMachine since our recent installation. Every night we do dishes and wipe this down, but it still gets dirty. Using my black nylon brush with nozzle attachment, I blast that grim away. Yeah baby! *a word of advice, I do wear hearing protection while using the SteamMachine as it gets kinda noisy. A worthy trade!

How to Steam Clean a Dirty Cooktop |

I only worked this cooktop for about 5 minutes and I am not kidding when I say I was floored that it took off some build-up that I couldn’t get to with a toothbrush. SCORE! Even my oldest son standing nearby was stoked as he hates cleaning the cooktop.

Chemical-Free Cleaning Cooktop Stove |

Next on the last-minute cleaning list is the sink. Another of my cleaning pet peeves is the gunk that builds up around faucets. I normally pull out an old toothbrush to tackle it, but the SteamMachine nails it in a jiffy.

Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning Kitchen Faucet |

Last, but not least in my kitchen cleaning is my tile floor. I’ve never used the Steam Mop attachment before but my back was thanking me immensely. I didn’t have to bend over to wring out a standard mop or deal with dragging around a bucket of dirty water. This Steam Mop also works on carpet. WIN!

Steam Cleaning Tile Floor and Grout with HomeRight SteamMachine Elite |

I’m headed back to the bathroom for the rest of my last-minute cleaning fun. I grab my accessory holder and hang it on my bathroom door, then time to tackle the tub and tile.

HomeRight Accessory Bag Hanging on Bathroom Door |

I hit all the tile with my black nylon brush and wipe it clean. Next, I wanted to get rid of the spots on the bottom tub grips.

Bathtub Grime Before |

Scrub the spot while blasting with steam and it’s gone.

HomeRight SteamMachine Elite for Last-Minute Bathroom Cleaning |

My other favorite accessory is the Crevice Tool. It is perfect for getting into tight nooks and crannies that are a pain to clean.

SteamMachine Elite Crevice Tool |

Next up is the mirror. (get it…up? pun intended. you’re welcome) I attached the squeegee and have a blast…literally!

Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning Bathroom by Prodigal Pieces |

Cleaning Bathroom Mirror with SteamMachine | Prodigal Pieces |

FYI, the squeegee also has a cloth bonnet so you can use it to clean upholstery too. You can see how I used it in this post HERE.

Ladies and gents we are now DONE with our last-minute cleaning. {{applause}} There’s still time to fold that laundry and whip up some grub for your guests. Why? Because your cleaning took about an hour to do. YES!! Bonus is that your home is now fresh and no funky cleaner smells to make it toxic too.

Last-Minute Cleaning Bathroom without Chemicals |

Farmhouse Style Bathroom with Dresser Vanity by Prodigal Pieces |

If you’d like all the details on our bathroom remodel, you can read that post here.

Upcycled Bathroom Storage from Treadle Sewing Machine Parts by Prodigal Pieces |

Vintage Style Bathroom with Farmhouse Flair by Prodigal Pieces |

Add a few touches of fresh flowers along with your sweet smile and good food and I know your guests will be impressed.

Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Decor by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Time for some sweet fun for YOU! HomeRight and I are all about empowering you to get the DIY job done right. One winner will receive this brand new SteamMachine Elite with all the accessories. Wahoo!!

Easy entry: just complete the widget below for as many entries as you like (daily even for more entries). Open to U.S. and Canada residents 18 years of age and older. Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Be sure to check your spam!

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Guest coming soon? Don't worry! You can get your last-minute cleaning done in a flash, PLUS be chemical free. Yes!! Full detail at Prodigal Pieces |

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195 replies on “Last-Minute Cleaning for Guests – Chemical Free”

I would start out cleaning all my bathroom and kitchen & laundry room floors and then this would be gifted to my daughter; only after I finish using it of course.
Thank you for the chance on this giveaway opportunity

I definitely want this steam cleaner! The idea of cleaning the oven, carpeting, floors, and upholstery just thrills me! Using the HomeRight Elite Steam Machine would be fantastic for people with disabilities like me. Chores would be so much more manageable. 😊

You are so right! I used to have an older steam machine i scored from a yard sale it lasted a few years and made cleaning a breeze. I would love a new one!!5

I would tackle my range hood first. I really do hate cleaning my oven but I do not clean the underside of my range hood nearly often enough. By the time I decide it needs a good scrub it is a huge task.

I would first clean my shower and glass enclosure! Then tackle the sliding glass doors! They are a mess with rain drops and dust marks! Look like it could really be a time saver!

We had one glass doors when we first moved in and took them out pronto because of the cleaning issue and because I’m tall and would hit my head on the frame. haha. This would surely make it better.

Larissa, I can’t seem to find the pin url on my iPad to add points for the drawing. Any ideas where to find it? Sorry, not very tech savvy!

First, I would clean my oven. Then, head to the bathroom to tackle the tub! This steam cleaner is amazing! This would come in handy throughout my entire house. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!!!

I would start with the bathroom. Using this cleaning machine would be so much better than using chemicals. You do make it look so easy. Thanks!!

First I just found your site , I love it . That steamer looks incredible. I have used harsh chemicals for years not knowing how bad they really were.(sorry kids ). I’m now doing all natural and steam look like an amazing way to do everything .❤️It.

First thing that I would clean worth this amazing tool is my gas stove top. Then, onto the bathroom because our water is so hard that I would love to see if I could stop using harsh chemicals to get my bathtub semiclean!

The first project to tackle would be the shower. No tile here, but a plastic/fiberglass base and just enough texture to catch and keep all the grunge. I’m looking forward to making it go away!

Thank you Loretta! I first saw the homeright sprayer with you and now this! Some of my favorite pieces of furniture are in our home, gifted to my children, and I leave a maximum of 3 favorite pieces in my garage to yet be done… I use chemical friendly cleaners already, but this seems like the extra boost that you need for some of the problem areas, in a safe way! Thank you, it is on my wish list!

At my age with arthritis in your spine a steam cleaner becomes a must. This product looks like it would do the job and then some.

This is so amazing. I always struggle to clean around fixtures, even scrubbing with a toothbrush. Some of that gunk just doesn’t want to let go. This looks like it makes short work of it!

I love the machine. I would use it on my oven it is in need of a good cleaning. I ran something over and I cringe when I open the oven to bake something and the mess is still there. Ugh! I really need this machine.

I love your blog! I always look forward to seeing it! That steamer is so cool! It would save my back from scrubbing the tub and kitchen floor!

WOW! I have lots of places in my house I could use this steam machine! I had back surgery a few months ago and have neglected my shower due to not being able to bend over. I can see this as the perfect machine to help me out here. Thanks for the chance to win.

I ‘d never considered a steam cleaning machine before, but this thing looks awesome! You totally sold me when you mentioned that it gets the gunk from around faucets, lol. I would LOVE to have one of these!

Thank you for sharing some more HomeRight steam cleaning tips. I couldn’t believe how well the auto machine worked in your vehicle and in your oven, but this new machine is looking nice in the white color and all those attachments and tools are awesome!

Can you steam clean walls? I was recently reminded how my mother used to have us wash the walls in our house yearly. Don’t tell her that I do not do that in my house now, but I do wonder if you could use the bonnet (or another attachment) and steam clean the walls? I might not do them every year but it certainly would do them more often than prior to painting them.

So excited to see this post today! I’ve been shopping around for a cleaner like this, recently. So many bells and whistles! Of course, i’d have to tackle the bathroom 1st! (Sad face)

What an amazing machine! I’m not sure where I’d start first with so many dirty corners shouting ☺ Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway.

Even though it’s only 2 of us old folk in our little house, our 3 big dogs keep us cleaning! I can imagine how lovely it would be to have this wonderful machine to clean the tiles at the back stairs and landing especially!

Ironically I have been reading lots of reviews about steam cleaners today!!! Then I saw your tips and cleaning secrets and THERE IT WAS — exactly what I want!! First thing I’ll tackle will be the den sofa — better known as “the dog’s sofa”! It’s light beige and I have a blanket and throw across it now because it is an embarrassment!! It’s still in great condition, just doggy-dirty from all our RAIN!!! Then I’ll probably clean our shower, and then and then…

I’d love to win this — and did what I could with the entry form but don’t know anything about pinning or tweeting! Love following all your posts and am convinced you have more than 24-hrs in your days! Love your family!

OK, so I so NEED this machine!! Wowza it sure would make tough jobs so much easier! Keeping my fingers crossed for the win! Thanks for having the contest!

Oh, oh oh. I want one! We have all tile floors in our Arizona home. All that grout drives me crazy. I have been dreaming of a steam cleaner to help me keep up easily. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

I would love to use the steamer to take on my bathrooms! Mainly the tub and shower need a deep clean. But I would also like to try to give my upholstery a good steam!

I am also grossed out by the stuff that builds up around the taps and so that would definitely be the first thing I cleaned. Thanks for the chance to win.

I would love to tackle the kitchen first. I have borrowed one before and I really want one of my own. I know just how awesome they can be and are!

Oh, I would tackle my faucets and then then the grout on my bathroom floor. I’m sure to be amazed by this wonderful steam cleaner!

I almost missed this giveaway, and boy would I give this machine a workout! I’m not sure there’s any surface, nook or cranny I wouldn’t blast. Once I’m finished with the inside of the house, I would hit the outdoor areas like my carport (packrats!) and my rubbermaid shed (more packrats!). Those little rodents are seriously destructive and leave behind quite a mess. I would love the chance to disinfect without chemicals.

You really did some cleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite. I sure do need this especially in my bathroom! My shower and tile is in bad need of cleaning and I know after seeing your review the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite would do the job!

Absolutely loved your holiday cleaning frenzy!! There is so much I’d love to tackle with a HomeRight SteamMachine Elite!! I would start with the nooks and crannies around numerous window and door seals & frames, as well as the spots where several appliances join against each other & the counter/wall. I’d also love to really tackle the FLOOR with a machine like this! 😀 Yay for safe chemical free cleaning!

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