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Painted Fireplace Insert ~ Step-by-Step Tutorial

We may have a sloth’s pace when working on our home, but not by any decision of our own. The key is we get it done. Folks, we are so close to wrapping up our family room remodel that I’m brimming with excitement. For one, it will feel good to be done. Two, I need my house back! haha. Stuffing the contents of the biggest room into the other rooms of your home is not so fun. However, we are appreciating the home we do have. With that, I’m sharing how to update your fireplace insert with a painted fireplace tutorial. Here is said fireplace in question…

Farmhouse Style Sandstone Fireplace Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

That beauty and this room has come a long way from where it started 15 years ago. To catch those of you either just joining our fun or maybe missed our past details on our family room remodel, here are some links to check out:

After ripping up the archaic carpeting, we had to build a floating subfloor that needed to come up about 6 inches in order to achieve level status in this room. Yeah…it was that bad. More to come on how we did that. We are about ready to install our hardwoods, build our built-ins, and call this puppy done.

Since we are up to our eyeballs in finishing this off, I couldn’t let the fireplace insert go without a much-needed update. I typically repaint it every couple of years as it’s our main source of heat and works like a beast for us. I’ve created a video tutorial for those of you that prefer to see it in action. You can view that down below.

Left Side of Fireplace with Insert |

Fireplace Insert Door with Chipped Paint and Rust |

While we clean the chimney and insert every year before burning season, it’s been more than a few years since I’ve painted the insert. However, this time around I’d doing it proper-like and changing it up. Big surprise, eh?

Right Side of Fireplace Insert Before Makeover |

Right Side Fireplace Insert Door Wear |

*post sponsored by HomeRight and includes affiliate links so you can find the products I love to use too. (see full disclosure)

As you can see, the paint has faded and flaked. Also, there’s a bit of rust showing up too. By giving this painted fireplace a refresh, it will not only update its visual appeal, but also keep it running top notch.

Step 1

First, I can’t say enough how cleaning your surfaces is key to a good finish. Any job is all about the prep work. Having the right tools to make it easier is a bonus. After I use my shop vacuum to suck up the debris, it’s time to really clean.

For a job like this, I pull out my handy HomeRight SteamMachine Elite. It has all the tools on board for easy access, comes with a tool caddy, and gives me a chemical-free clean like none other. You can see how I’ve used it to clean my kitchen appliances HERE, my car cleaning in these posts, and also my bathroom and floors in this post.

HomeRight SteamMachine Elite with Attachments |

Simply fill it with distilled water using the funnel and cup provided. Then, plug it in and wait for it to build up steam. At first, both lights will be lit, but when it’s ready the orange light will turn off.

Step 2

Attach the appropriate brush or tip to the nozzle. For my project, I used the large black nylon brush. It will help me removed caked-on soot and not scratch my surfaces. Time to blast away the bluck!

Dirty Fireplace Door Ready for Cleaning |

Steam Cleaning Fireplace Insert with HomeRight SteamMachine Elite |

Cleaning with the SteamMachine is as easy as squeezing the trigger and scrubbing with the brush. You can see it in action in the video below. That soot was no match for my SteamMachine! {{laughs wickedly}}

Steam Cleaning Fireplace Insert Door |

After steaming and scrubbing, use the cloth provided to wipe away the soot. I finish the exterior using the same method

Steam Cleaning Tile on Fireplace Insert |
See the difference? Love it!

Dirty and Clean Tile Comparison Using the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite |

Best part is that it’s all done in a matter of minutes. Easy!

To clean up, let your SteamMachine cool before emptying. Also, wash up accessories with mild soap and water and return to storage compartment.

Step 3

Next, it’s time to paint. Normally, I would have used my HomeRight Finish Max Extra paint sprayer to knock out the painting in a jiffy. You can see how I’ve used it for my past projects here. However, the color I wanted for my painted fireplace insert in a special stove paint was only available in a spray can. I chose to use Bark Brown. I’ve had black for over 15 years and wanted to change. I almost went with a pretty blue. tee hee.

To prep the area, I used a piece of cardboard underneath, hung a tarp to block off the rest of the fireplace, and use painter’s tape to cover the places I didn’t want painted (glass and tile). Also, since the paint is nasty stuff, I opened all the doors and windows, and hung plastic to keep this space separate from the rest of the house. I don’t want the fumes getting pulled into my furnace return ducts and possible causing a BAD hazard. Taking the insert outside would be optimal, but not happening for me at this point.

In addition,you must wear a respirator to protect yourself. I use this one for my DIY projects.

How to Prep and Clean a Fireplace Insert for Painting |

Once you’re ready, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and have at it. I mention how the brand I chose said to apply the layers in the video. In all I did 3 coats to my painted fireplace. The paint only needed to cure for 2 hours before I could get a fire lit again. Yay!

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces shows you how to clean and paint your fireplace surround and insert |

Fireplace is done and I’m one happy mama. Not only did I get my fireplace clean without chemicals, but now it is refreshed and ready to go. SCORE!!

Farmhouse Style Painted Fireplace Insert with full step-by-step video tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #video #home #homedecor #homedecorideas

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace with Insert | DIY tutorial by Prodigal Pieces |

Subscribe to Prodigal Pieces on YouTube for DIY video tutorials and a whole lotta fun |

I’m diggin’ that brown as a great way to keep my neutral, cozy vibe I’m after. However, I haven’t decided yet whether or not to do a hand-painted design to the tile. Also, what to do with that concrete hearth. Hmmm… I think I’m going to wait until we finish a few things to decide what to do next. Thoughts??

Update your fireplace insert with a clean and fresh paint | DIY tutorial by Prodigal Pieces |

Rustic Farmhouse Stone Fireplace with Painted Insert by Prodigal Pieces |

I will be sharing all details as we go and hope to show a final reveal soon. I’m so ready to get cozy in this space. Do you blame me?

Since HomeRight and I are all about empowering you to take on DIY projects of your own, we are giving away a SteamMachine Elite to one of you. It comes complete with all the accessories and oodles of storage.

Check out the NEW HomeRight SteamMachine Elite with Acessories to tackle any cleaning job chemical free | Details at Prodigal Pieces |

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Do pin and share this painted fireplace insert tutorial. It is sure to inspire others to give DIY a try.

Ready to update your interior decor? Check out this easy step-by-step video tutorial to rock your painted fireplace makeover. Perfect for inserts, surrounds, and screens | DIY at Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #homedecor #homedecorideas #giveaway

Up next, this motley crew is going to get some farmhouse fun. See their new looks HERE in this post.Wooden Thrift Store Items Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

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124 replies on “Painted Fireplace Insert ~ Step-by-Step Tutorial”

what a lovely make-over on your fireplace. It made a world of difference giving it a whole new paint job and steam cleaning it.
Even tho I try to keep my oven clean, it’s still hard to get every nook and cranny clean so I would first probable tackle my oven and then move onto the bathroom.
Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

I love watching all the renovations you are doing. You make it all look so easy. The way you explain your process, the tools and the how shows what a great teacher you are.

I had a steam cleaner at one time. It was wonderful, but somewhere along the way it disappeared in the move from FL to NC. (this is where I make an ugly face!) Looks like the HomeRight might be my next acquisition!
Love the new look of the insert. Black is the standard and it does get boring. The brown is much more friendly and softer. I can’t wait to see what else you do!

Your fireplace looks amazing! If I was the lucky winner I would tackle the mud room followed by every other room in the house. Thank you!

What a great idea! It really changes the whole look of the fireplace. As for the Homeright steam cleaner I would definitely use it to clean my bathrooms. I hate cleaning the bathrooms but I think the steam cleaners would make the job so much easier without the nasty chemical smell.

Great job. Love the color. I have a wishing well that is 4 years old outside and it needs a good cleaning and repainting. I’d love this machine for that.

Love how your fireplace came out! If I won the steamer I would use it to steam off all the old, ugly, wallpaper and give my walls a coat of paint in fun color.

I love the color that your painted the fireplace surround. It is such a big improvement to the look! If I would win the steamer, I would first go after the back seat of my car. My lovely grandson spilled some slime back there and neglected to tell me. Well, the darn stuff dried and I haven’t found anything to clean that stuff off yet. Maybe a steamer would work! Stinkpot!!!!

Wow – what a difference the cleaning and new paint color makes! Great job. I had a thought as to your concrete hearth – my sister had a concrete patio and her son “stained” patterns onto the concrete that made it look like tiles. Looked beautiful – maybe check into that? Would be lots cheaper than adding tiles which can be expensive. Anyway – thanks for the tutorial – would LOVE to have a steamer as my back has gone out and the thoughts of tackling my bathroom makes me cringe! Thanks for all you do –

I was blown away by how clean your fireplace windows became by using the steamer. Wow! I have a few places that could use that kind of cleaning power – patio furniture, bathrooms (of course), kitchen, oven. I’d love to see if it would clean our gas grill.

The first thing I would tackle are my carpets. I have never really been a fan of using chemicals to clean and sanitize my carpets. I really need to sanitize more often with a cat in our home.

The fireplace turned out lovely,and you’ve got me trying to imagine it blue now too 🙂 The steamer looks totally handy, and I’d probably attack my bathroom with it first!

The cleaner worked great, but I am blown away by how much better the brown looks with your insert. I can’t wait to see the family room reveal.

I love the brown; it looks like copper. I didn’t know that a stove could be made to look even warmer! Nice job! I’ve been wanting one of those HomeRight steamers ever since you introduced me to them. I was at a friend’s house a few days ago and she was using one on her laminate floors. I knew then that I need to move that up on my wish list because I don’t know how clean a laminate floor can get with just a damp mop (even with rinsing with clean water in the sink every few swipes). Thanks for the giveaway and tutorial!

Supurb!!! Now I’m wondering if I should go with something other than black next time I repaint MY fireplace?! I was JUST THIS MORNING talking to my husband about you and your steam cleaner!!! I put one on my wish list last time a kid threw up on the couch. There are just too many ways to use on of those puppies! I bet it could do something fabulous on my fridge and oven!

Wow! what a change! I wish we had some sort of cozy fireplace. But I think I would use my steamer to clean a greenhouse window that I’ve been saving. Thank you for your generosity, Larissa!

My goodness… I didn’t even realize those were windows until you started cleaning them! 😂 That steamer is amazing!
I love that you painted the insert brown. For some reason I never considered changing the color on mine, even though I kinda hate it in black! Thanks for the idea!

ahahaha!! You made me LOL! That soot builds up quick, especially if the wood isn’t seasoned as well. I hadn’t cleaned it yet this year, and do it a few times each season. You should change it up…go WHITE! tee hee.

I was not so sure of the brown color when you first mentioned it, but after the reveal I love it! It blends so much nicer with the room! Cross your fingers for me winning this steam cleaner, I am buying a new home in the spring and I know it will get a lot of use!

Love the color you chose! I sure wish I win the steamer! It would literally be a God send because my hands no longer work like they used to,

I love the way you refinished your fireplace insert. It really makes the wooden beam mantle pop-!
If I had a steam machine, I would clean my shower and bathtubs as they are made out of fiberglass material.
They are old and I cannot after total remodels so I think this steam machine would spruce them up.

I bought a steam machine for myself after watching you clean your oven, and I love it!!! I just gave one to my daughter and her fiance for Christmas! If I could win this one, it would go to my oldest son!

I thought fireplace paint came only in black! Game changer! If I had the steamer I would love to try on our stove insert doors as well. And then I would use on my carpet. How about a skylight? Oh, the possibilities!

I have some wallpaper in my study that needs the steam to get off the glue layer. I’ve already peeled off the outer layer but the glue layer isn’t going so well!!! I could definitely use the steam machine for that!

Fascinating tutorial and what a cool steam machine. Impressive results! Thanks for sharing and offering the give-away with HomeRight.

Another awesome refresh project! I can’t get over what a great job that little steamer did on your fireplace insert. I would love to have one to tackle little home projects like the shower and oven!

I’d use it to clean the bathroom shower door, well actually the whole bathroom, sinks, shower, tub. Then everything would look just great

I love reading about your projects & seeing all the ways you channel your creativity! 😀 I would tackle the kitchen floor first with the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite, then all the window seals!

Wow Larissa! That is absolutely stunning! Have you thought of doing a painted faux brick pattern on the concrete hearth? Just need paint and a sponge!
If I had the Home Right steamer I think my first project would be all the linoleum in this mobile home! Or maybe the toilet in the boys bathroom. Yeah. Boys toilet! That would be first for sure Ha!

Thanks, Tori! 😀 I have considered that and many things. Time will tell what will be the most effective and easy way to go. I can’t wait to be done with our room. Too funny!

I would try the steam cleaner in my bathroom, specifically on the grout lines.

When I first saw the headline I thought you were prepping the brick to be painted. That is a job you can’t undo!!!

Love the fireplace. That mantel💞.
I would definitely steam my stove. Then bathroom shower door and tile.
Thank you for the giveaway.

What a difference a little steam made. I am impressed. I would love to try one on my hubby’s shower, my tile floors and the concrete on my front porch. I love a machine that seems to work like magic and makes my life easier.

I love DIY like this, Make me feel like maybe I can do it too.. I’d love to tackle some ares of the bathroom with that steam cleaner

I’m all about DIY, this is a great tutorial. I would tackle our bathroom and some outdoor patio furniture & fixtures with the steam cleaner.

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