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Homemade Marshmallow S’Mores ~ Grain Free Treat

There is nothing better in the summer & fall evenings that a fun time with family around a fire pit roasting marshmallows. Though, I’ll admit, those store-bought styrofoam balls called marshmallows are not pleasing to me. To enjoy the tasty toasted treat without the guilt or nasties, I’m sharing these homemade marshmallow s’mores with you based on your popular request.

Homemade S'Mores for a Summertime Treat, and they're grain-free! Recipe by Prodigal Pieces |

All it takes is five simple ingredients to get these yummies ready to go.

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DIY Concrete Table ~ Plus DIY Solar Lamps

Are you ready to take your outdoor (or indoor) decor to the next level? I’m here, as promised, to show you how to create the DIY concrete table that we built for our backyard fire pit reveal last week. Plus, I’m also going to share how I create two different solar lamps for a few dollars too. To make things even sweeter, I have yet another giveaway for you to help you get the job done right. So much to share, so let’s get started!

Build this Concrete Table for Less than $30. Easy-to-follow build plans by Prodigal Pieces |

The best part about these concrete tables is that they are very versatile. You can size it to meet your needs and they even look wonderful in

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DIY Fire Pit ~ Backyard Budget Decor

It is finally summer and I am so excited!! Why? Because my cabin fever stent is over and my family and I can finally get into our back yard. I have been staring out my windows all winter scheming and planning new and improved ways to make it more hospitable. I’m also about making it easier to care for (can I get an amen?). Today is all about our forlorn fire pit. It has served us well over the last four years, but today is demo time. Follow along as we show you how to create your very own DIY fire pit.

Top View of Messy Fire Pit |

Before we get started, I wanted to give you a bit of history on this fire pit. Four years ago I shared this original post detailing how blessed I was to be able to create it for JC on Father’s Day without spending a dime. All the materials were sourced from

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Budget Fire Pit from Reclaimed Brick

Welcome back to those returning to see the next installation of the Backyard Fun Series!  If you’re just joining in, you can catch up on the first post about making a Mud Bar. Now the first project was for the kids. (secretly it’s for you so you can catch up on that book you’ve been trying to finish while they’re up to their elbows in fun – ha!) How about something for the family?  For a while, I had wanted a fire pit so my family and I could make memories, just like I did as a kid.  What better than a budget fire pit?  You might be saying…okay, how is that reclaimed?

diy backyard fire pit from reclaimed materials via Prodigal Pieces
If you look closely, there isn’t a single item I had to purchase to make this whole set.  All was found junking. (You can read about my other junking adventures here and here.)

Father’s Day was coming and I was feverishly trying to save up some money to buy brick.  It just wasn’t happening.  While on my city cleanup junking run, I came upon a neighbor of mine as he was putting red brick out for city cleanup.  He even asked me if I wanted his landscaping rocks….of course I do!  God is good!  Do you know I had just enough brick to make this entire set?

diy backyard fire pit from reclaimed materials via Prodigal Pieces
To make the tall table in the picture above, simply stack the brick in a pattern to make it sturdy (3 east-west, 1 north-south, then reverse in next layer).  The other piece holding our roasting sticks is a scrap piece of drainage pipe set on a couple of bricks for stability.
diy backyard fire pit from reclaimed materials via Prodigal Pieces
 I made three different benches using cinder blocks, fence posts, and some scrap 2×4’s…all from city cleanup.  You could use any wood you have on hand.
diy backyard fire pit from reclaimed materials via Prodigal Pieces

To make the pit, lay out the bricks in a size circle you want (mine is about 3ft diameter). Then take sidewalk chalk and trace the outside of the ring.  Remove the bricks temporarily and grab a basic garden shovel (or a sod shovel if you have one…a square nose shovel) and take up the sod.  Then, build your ring to about 3 bricks high, overlapping the backyard fire pit from reclaimed materials via Prodigal Pieces

safety note: red brick is fine to use in a fire pit as long as you don’t plan on building large or very hot fires.  It can pop if it gets too hot, so if you plan on building large fires, then you better go to a home improvement store and purchase fire brick.  We’ve used ours for years with no problems, but we only roast small items over small fires.  It’s also safe to place the pit 12-20ft. away from any building.

We also built another low profile table for little ones, and even scored a plastic table – perfect for containing the food items we use.
You can easily make one of these if you know where to look.  Craigslist free items (or put a wanted post), Freecycle (put a wanted post again), city cleanup, and even word of mouth works.  Is there a neighbor who has a pile of unwanted brick from a building project or fallen chimney? Or lumber they would love for someone to take off their hands?diy backyard fire pit from reclaimed materials via Prodigal PiecesDon’t waste any more time or money trying to figure out how to build your very own budget fire pit.  There are materials just waiting to be found!
Budget Backyard Fire Pit from Reclaimed Materials via Prodigal Pieces |

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