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Upcycled Magazine Rack into Book Caddy

I remember as a child that walking into the library was like walking into a gateway of intense adventure. That feeling you get when something fantastic was about to happen. Getting lost in book was the best feeling ever! Of course, as a mother, I’ve passed along the love of books to my children. Sadly though, our public libraries are dwindling, even closing. Today I’m trying to make an effort to bring back life to books. In my quirky kinda way, I’m turning this upcycled magazine rack into a book caddy. Hang with me now…there’s something for you too!

Vintage Magazine Rack Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

Not only was this was a hand-painted piece by someone back in 1980, but it was also falling apart. The sides were popping off and the center divider was completely detached. Nothing a little DIY can’t fix, right? Read more

Flea Market Finds ~ An Easy DIY Update

Flea market and garage sale season is in full swing (I call it fleatiquing) and I have to make myself stay home so I won’t overfill my house. Are you that way? I mean, who can pass up a good deal, especially when it’s a matter of pennies?

You can’t go wrong I tell ya, but sometimes a deal can be made better by giving it a quick update with a coat of paint. Some of the things we find may have been glorious at one point, but now they need to be brought up to date.

Enter in this vintage magazine rack and patio table…

With a can of spray paint, you can update those flea market finds in no time. By Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

With a can of spray paint, you can update those flea market finds in no time. By Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

*affiliate links are included so you can find the products I’ve used too! (see full disclosure)

…both in structurally good condition, and only in need of a cleaning and makeover. Let the fun begin!! Read more

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