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New Beginnings and a History

Five years ago on Mother’s Day, I was in a mood. A sort of irritated mood that was affected by the day’s events and people that had been building up that made me decide to take action on an idea that had been brewing. Little did I know that by paying my $10 fee to claim a domain as my own would take me on such grand adventures. Hang with me today as I take a stroll down memory lane, and share some new beginnings I’ve been working on for the last few months. (giveaway alert!)

Time for New Beginnings as a Seasoned Blogger by Prodigal Pieces |

Some of you have read my stories of how I started out, but it’s worth repeating for those that need a bit of encouragement today. I had no idea back in 2013 what I was doing, but I knew Read more

DIY Workbench Fit for a Junker

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but they eventually turn out right or even better than planned, right? I am debuting my Christmas present today, one month late. tsk. You see, my husband had but one request from me for a gift. I wanted a DIY workbench that would allow me to not only store all my tools, but also be mobile and have an awesome work surface to boot. Not too tall an order, right?

Things were going as planned until we all got sick the week before Christmas, and then life goes on and it takes awhile to get back on course. So, FINALLY I can say I have my gift that both my husband and I can enjoy. I am one happy junkin’ mama. (yes, it is 20 degrees outside, sunny, and a great day to work! This is how I always look.)

Prodigal Pieces Gets Her Workshop Table by Prodigal Pieces |

Last winter I began a mission to dejunk my garage (aka my workshop). I am not a clutter bug and while I was pregnant I couldn’t work and my work piled up, literally.

A Junkers Delight Stash (aka Mess) | Prodigal Pieces |

This drove me crazy!! Read more

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