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New Beginnings and a History

Five years ago on Mother’s Day, I was in a mood. A sort of irritated mood that was affected by the day’s events and people that had been building up that made me decide to take action on an idea that had been brewing. Little did I know that by paying my $10 fee to claim a domain as my own would take me on such grand adventures. Hang with me today as I take a stroll down memory lane, and share some new beginnings I’ve been working on for the last few months. (giveaway alert!)

Time for New Beginnings as a Seasoned Blogger by Prodigal Pieces |

Some of you have read my stories of how I started out, but it’s worth repeating for those that need a bit of encouragement today. I had no idea back in 2013 what I was doing, but I knew Read more

2nd Year Blogiversary & Desk GIVEAWAY!

Wahoo!! I’ve made to my 2nd year blogiversary and I want to thank YOU readers for all your love and support. Β Without you I wouldn’t be here! Just wait until you see the gift I have for you!

Let me take a minute to reflect on my beginnings. It all began on Mother’s Day two years ago when I signed up for my blog, though didn’t actually start posting anythingΒ until the early part of the following June. I took most of May to learn, set things up, and create graphics. I was bleary eyed from all the code, but having a blast learning. As of last May I was new to being a mom of 6, had to run in high gear because I had medical bills to pay from being in the NICU with our babe, so off I went like a mad-woman painting and selling furniture in my shop. There were times we needed the money the next day and I was scrambling around trying to figure out how we were going to make the payment, and my latest piece would be listed and sell within a half hour. BAM! God is so good. He knew what we needed and when. Like when I finished this feed sack chair. It sold lightning fast and was a hit on the internet. Living Vintage Behind the Blogger Series with Prodigal Pieces I like to highlight some of my favorite pieces over the last year. One was an antique table makeover with my favorite color: Aqua An Antique Side Table Get an Aqua Makeover - My FAVORITE! by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces Read more

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