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Upcycled Dresser & Mirror Made New

You know you are loved when your friends bring you gifts like this…right? Mandy is always getting her hands on some sweet finds and she set aside this mirror saying it had my name written all over it. What do you think? Well, I gladly accepted, though I wasn’t sure if I should. Check out how I created an upcycled dresser with this mirror that makes it look like they belong together.Cast-off Dresser Mirror Upcycled by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

I’ll never deny I’m a sucker for mirrors in all shapes and sizes. They add light and depth to a room, but can be reworked in many ways. The size of this one kinda limited its repurposing capabilities, but you know I’m game to try.

My first thought was to find a dresser suitable and if that didn’t work out, I’d find a new use for it. Well, within 5 minutes of looking online, I found this antique gem right in my neighborhood. SCORE!

Antique Dresser Before Makeover by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

It’s in solid shape with much wear, but nothing I can’t handle with some DIY elbow grease. The top wasn’t in good enough shape to refinish and the sides both had messed up veneer, plus a broken caster.

Damaged Veneer on Dresser Side |

We set the pair together to see if it was a go, and I was happy to see that I thought I could make it work. We have 1980’s paired with 1920’s…haha…a match made in heaven, right? The both even have the same awful orangey finish.

Mismatched Dresser Set Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

*post sponsored by HomeRight and contains affiliate links so you can find the products I love to use too. (see full disclosure)

In order to make the pieces jive I needed to find a way to tie them together. First, I took off the bullseye in the center of the dresser and replaced it with a similar applique as the mirror has.

Bullseye Applique on Dresser |

New Wood Applique for Dresser |

After that, I filled all the damage with wood filler, and also filled the drawer pull holes because I planned to replace them. I sure used a whole lotta filler, but that stuff works awesome.

Repaired Drawer with Wood Filler |

Once the filler has cured, I use my sander to take it all down and make it ready for the finishing touches. Another detail I wanted to add were some key escutcheons. I’ve had these in my stash from making our custom blanket chests and have used them on many pieces. They make a nice feature that adds a story.

Adding Key Escutcheon to Furniture for Definition |

Now time for the fun part…paint! {{happy dance}} This is my color of choice – a seconds latex paint I have yet to name. Isn’t that blue pretty?

Blue Paint Color for Upcycled Dresser Set by Prodigal Pieces |

To get the paint party started, I set up my HomeRight Large Spray Shelter and pull out my favorite sprayer, the Super Finish Max Extra Paint Sprayer. Both of these tools make my job a breeze.

HomeRight Spray Shelter and Super Finish Max Extra Paint Sprayer for Furniture Refinishing by Prodigal Pieces |

The shelter sets up in a matter of minutes and I have my sprayer ready to go using the blue tip. You can see it in action in my video below:

To begin with an even coat, I start moving the sprayer using my shoulder and elbow, not my wrist. That is key as you want the sprayer to project an even stream. Feel free to practice on cardboard or scrapwood to get the hold right, as well as adjust the flow.

Spray Painting an Antique Dresser with the HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Paint Sprayer by Prodigal Pieces |

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Paint Sprayer and Spray Shelter to Update Furniture by Prodigal Pieces |

No primer is needed in this instance, but if I were concerned about bleed-through I would start with a Kilz primer.

Once the first coat has cured for about two hours, I repeat with a second coat and let cure as well. After the paint was cured, it was time to assemble. Now, remember that this is an upcycled dresser set, so I had to find a way to connect them. I added two brackets to the back of the mirror as shown.

Dresser Mirror Brackets Added for Support |

For inside the dresser, I used my Kreg Jig to make pocket holes to attach a 1″x 4″ for added mirror support. I placed it just behind the middle drawer as I wanted plenty of length support for this size mirror.

Adding Mirror Support |

Ready to see my upcycled dresser set assembled and done? I am!

Vintage Blue Mirrored Dresser with Glass Knobs | Made New by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Gorgeous Blue Mirrored Dresser Set by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

You would never know this set didn’t belong together, right? The paint helps to make it all gel, and the added details brought new life to it too. I simply added highlights with an antique white latex and a bit of brown wax for depth.

Soft Blue Vintage Dresser Made New by Prodigal Pieces |

Beautiful Blue Vintage Mirrored Dresser by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

The glass knobs added a little bling, while the escutcheons gave it a bit more of a formal feel. Plus, the added applique helped tie it all together. With all those lovely carved decorations, I just had to add some embellishments to draw them out.

Upcycled Mirror on Antique Dresser by Prodigal Pieces |

Ornate Vintage Dresser in Blue by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

So there you have it. A complete new set made out of two mismatched beauties. This was a fun set to do and share with you.

Farmhouse Bedroom with Simple Decor and Soft Design by Prodigal Pieces |

While I enjoyed having the dresser in my bedroom, it’s not there to stay. It’s now available in my shop (SOLD) along with all my other handmade and found creations.

Shop Prodigal Pieces |

Beautifully Transformed Dresser Set in Blue by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

Bouquet of Limelight Hydrangeas in Vintage Milk Glass Vase by Prodigal Pieces |

Because HomeRight and I are all about empowering you to give DIY a try, we are giving to one of you your very own Large Spray Shelter and a Super Finish Max Spray Shelter. yahoo!!

Easy entry – just complete the widget below for as many entries as you like, daily even for more entries. Open to U.S. and Canada residents 18 years of age and older. Winner will be notified via email, and will have 24 hours to claim their prize.  Be sure to check your spam! (giveaway is closed)

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Do pin and share this upcycled dresser makeover to inspire others to make their house their home.

Fantastic! This cast-off mirror is married to this antique dresser for a lovely upcycled dresser set makeover by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | See the details at #prodigalpieces #furniture #homedecor #handmade #diy

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188 replies on “Upcycled Dresser & Mirror Made New”

What a Beautiful make-over and such a lovely color. Was like the 2 pieces where meant for each other.
Actually 1st thing I would tackle with the sprayer & tent would be anything and everything that isn’t already painted; of which makes up for quite the list. :-}
Thank You for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.

I love love love this dresser! I love the color and how the added details really tied the two pieces together! The first project I would tackle with the HOME RIGHT sprayyer and shield would be a pair of antique bentwood chairs! I have been putting off off painting these chairs because it will be tedious with a paintbrush but a spayed would make this project a breeze!

Love that shade of blue! I didn’t follow exactly where you put the 1 x 4 for added support. Is it added to the inside back of the dresser where the two top drawers fit? Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Thanks! It is behind the middle drawer, but could be at the top. We wanted the upright supports to be long to hold that tall of a mirror. Just depends on what you’re dealing with.

Larissa – The dresser set is just beautiful! I am so fascinated by the way you take an object and turn it into something that coordinates so well. You truly have a gift. I love the blue – soft and feminine. I think my first project with a spray set-up would be a large dresser I have, that I would like to change into a cabinet for the TV in the living room. It’s been waiting in my garage for more than a year! Yikes! I better get busy…. Blessings to you and your family!

Wow, what a great makeover! I adore the way you pulled pieces from your stash to meld the two pieces, and eras, together. The blue is perfect. I have a CD storage unit that I would love to paint an off-white color and the Homeright system would be perfect for that project.

Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the color and you pulled it all together beautifully! I really have to get myself a sprayer.😌💖

simply beautiful! and like everyone else, I LOVE the color! changing the appliqué was an excellent idea, it married the two pieces perfectly!

Love, love the set. They do look like they were always a set. The color and the bling ties it all together. I think it would be great to try the Homeright system for a similar look. Thanks for sharing.

Love love the dresser! It being blue just makes it that much better. The sprayer would be so great to have. Projects right and left.

This is beautiful! The new embellishment really ties it together perfectly! You have great eye for detail.
I’d love to have a sprayer and shelter like you have. I have an antique dresser and a server that are just waiting for a new lease on life. They could both use a little Home Right love!

I love how the dresser and mirror turned out! After all the finishing touches they go together beautifully! I would love to use a homeright sprayer and shelter for so many projects! I have a table setting on my porch right now that I’ve been meaning to paint for a while.

I love this dresser! I so wish I had a sprayer so I could make beautiful pieces! Would make my jobs so much easier!

Now that is one, no two, beautiful pieces! I love the way the detail you changed out matches so perfectly! I don’t think this will last long in the shop! Your friend must know you very well to bring you such a beautiful mirror and you did her proud!

You are amazing as usual. This piece is gorgeous. Thanks for always sharing your talents with us. I would love to repair and paint my grandma’s vanity first. Then a few more projects that I have not started. Thanks for the giveaway and all of your inspiration and tips.

I do love your project, Larissa, like I love all of them! Cornflower Blue hit me first for a paint color name, but that’s so over-used. Maybe Melancholy Blue? I have several old picture frames that I’d like to paint using this product.

It’s absolutely beautiful! And what a gorgeous blue. Would love to win the Homeright sprayer and shelter. It would help to finish a few projects before fall is here. Keep up the good work.

Larissa, what a gorgeous color of “ops” paint! I always check the ops cans of paint, talk about trashure, right!! I have a couple cans of nice “ops” paints just waiting to be used on a project!!

Your friend Mandy did a great job finding this mirror and you my dear, put them together and made them sing 🎵

The escutcheons and embellishments really take it from pretty to fabulous! Is the paint latex? Hard to pass up paint seconds -I have a small collection awaiting future projects 🙂

What an absolutely gorgeous piece! The blue color is perfect! You always do such a professional job! Thanks for the giveaway.

Well that turned out perfectly…who said different generations can’t get along! It also goes great with your bedroom!

Really great job once again! I love the way you tied the two pieces together and updated the dresser to give it a glam look to match the mirror. Love the lighter effects on the embellishments. I too am wondering – white wax?

Your beautiful piece inspires me to paint the Singer sewing machine cabinet and stand that I prepped two years ago. The sprayer and tent will help the process and let me move on to several dressers. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

I love how you married these pieces. It is so much fun to customize things and not have the same cookie-cutter furniture as everyone else.

Oooh la la! That dresser is so lovely and in the prettiest shade of blue (that also found its way to you for this project). I look forward to being amazed every time that I open your post and you always deliver. I was looking forward to this reveal because I recently picked up a dresser mirror at a yard sale that I thought would go with a dresser that we have (that I still have not redone). Neither piece is as lovely as what you started with they are very plain and masculine; which is perfect because it would be for my husband. Maybe if I could acquire a sprayer and tent, I could get er done before the rainy season. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

Your words truly mean much as I try to inspire. It’s much work, but fun too. thank you, Paula. I can’t wait to see who wins. It sure would help you in your own furniture adventure!

The swapping of those little appliques changed everything and it ties them together so well. Brilliant!

I haven’t done a thing this summer due to my grown-up children coming home, but I sure did enjoy them.

Hope I get to have a brilliant make over like you did before it gets too cold. 😆

Beautiful!!! My neighbor gave us a dresser that he longer wanted in his garage and my daughter has claimed it. A sprayer would make this job so much easier to tackle! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Love, love, love the color! So sad you can’t identify it for us so I can use it to pain built-in s i am currently working on. If I won the sprayer the timing would be perfect as I am getting very close to being ready to paint!

Larissa, you inspire me and you are such a lovely role model. I would love to win the spray shelter. I have a houseful of curb shopped furniture that needs to be beautified. Tables, chairs, dressers. I donate many of my finds to an organization which helps refugees and I’d love to do more than just clean up the furniture. I love what you’ve done with these two pieces you show-cased today. I also have a spare mirror that needs to be attached to something, so this helps me to figure out how to do that. Thanks so much for the opportunity to take a chance at your generous giveaway!

Hi Larissa,
I’m a new follower of yours and you did a great job “marry-ing” this dresser and mirror! I’m planning to build a very looong bench soon and I hope it turns out as I envision. I better have a plan B though. Lol Thank you for your encouraging us all to DIY!

That project turned out to be really lovely! I have never used a paint sprayer so I think I would choose a small table I have to paint first. I can think of other pieces, too, like a chest of drawers that my grandfather built for me when I was a baby. I painted it to use for my first daughter when she was a babe and it’s had one more coat of paint since then. But it needs a refresher, for sure.

Thanks for sponsoring the contest!

I believe I’ve commented this before, but I’m normally appalled at real wood furniture being painted…. but you have done it and changed my mind again! It’s just beautiful. I think this is my favorite of your projects yet. Though I think I’ve said that before as well!

Genius makeover! You would never know they originally didn’t belong together! Really inspirational! I’ve had my eye on the sprayer…I’ve sworn off brush painting my hoard of dining chairs! Lol. This would make life much easier….plus I’d love to tackle my kitchen cabinets! Hopefully I entered giveaway right! (Fingers crossed;) thank you!

I love how this turned out. I’m always finding random mirrors when I’m out picking. (Or are they finding me? 🙂 I’d love to try the sprayer on a large armoire that I’m about to tackle! Thanks for sharing!

Great Job and I love the blue! The glass knobs really set it off too! Thank you for the giveaway – I would love to win!

I always look forward to your posts. You inspire and amaze. I am a novice at recycling, repurposing, restoring, having recently retired. So still building my “tool box”. I have a small cabinet I am eager to paint and a dresser that has damaged veneer so painting is my plan. Your dresser turned out beautiful. Love the color and your creativity that created the match. Your a genius!

So pretty! Is that latex paint flat? It’s hard to tell in the photos. I have a dresser that has been in my garage for 7 yrs (yes I said 7!) It even made a move with us and I just can’t decide what to exactly to with it, I refuses to “talk” to me lol! It has sentimental meaning as it came from my in-laws after they passed away and I don’t want to mess it up. Maybe if I win the sprayer I will finally just go for it and hope it just starts screaming at me then! Thank you for the opportunity Larissa. 🙂

Another beautiful makeover Larissa! I can’t believe how incredibly amazing the 2 pieces look married together. Only you could have the vision to accomplish this! I have so many pieces I want to paint and the HomeRight sprayer would be such a help since it’s getting to where it hurts my hands to paint things by hand.

I think I have a fear of color. A real fear. I don’t know that I’d ever be brave enough to paint a piece of furniture blue. Maybe someday! I do, however think it turned out lovely and would be stunning in the right place – French cottage comes to mind. Thank you, as always, for such lovely inspiration!

So pretty. You are so creative! Switching out the applique was brilliant and totally made this project but the key eschuteons are pretty fab, too. Details make it

Love the new look of the dresser and mirror “set’! I would be interested to see how you highlighted the details. If I were to win the HomeRight products, the first things I would paint are some frames I have been collecting for signs~ Christmas gifts! Thank you for the inspiration; those frames just might have some embellishments added.

Beautiful! I love the soft gray/blue color. It fits the piece well. I would tackle a handmade oak shelf/bookcase unit I picked up at a church resale shop so it would work better in my sewing studio.

I love your projects and the inspirations you share. This one is by far my favorite. Marrying these two pieces was a perfect match!

Stunning and calming at the same time. Love how you do that! Been thinking about a furniture paint sprayer myself and have gotten so many recommendations for HomeRight. Guess that’s the one to get! I have a petite china cabinet, a curvy buffet, and a Hoosier cabinet waiting impatiently in my garage…

I like your new project..
I would tackle the dresser in the garage with HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Spray Shelter.

Honey, you are a lifesaver. Five years ago a friend brought me this old beat up federal style dresser. Two years later I ended up finding this very same mirror sitting curbside and I snatched it up. I ended up with an unnoticeable but rather outdated looking mix-matched set. I have been agonizing for months about how I could incorporate this mirror into this update. I just never seemed to gel in my mind until I saw your version. I love the idea of using a light color to brighten things up (mine is currently a dark wood). Thank you!

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