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Vintage Vanity Painted a Soft Pink

Do you ever have conversations with someone that leave you saying, “That was really weird”? While perusing Craigslist I came upon this piece advertised as a desk. To me it looked like a vanity without a mirror. I called to inquire, and he said he still had it. Sweet! Stay with me as I show you how this “desk” became a vintage vanity painted a soft tea rose pink.

Vintage Vanity Before Makeover |

I continued to ask the seller if there was anything wrong with it and if it was smoke-free. He replied that it was solid as a rock, smoke-free, and would take him quite some time to dismantle it to get it out of his basement. He also said he had another buyer coming to see it first. I said, “Oh, it’s that big?” He replied, “Yes, and you’ll need help to load it.” I went on to ask more questions, but still getting the feeling like something was off.

Okay, so at this point I’m like…we can’t be talking about the same desk. We ended the conversation as he said it was already spoken for, but something kept bugging. It just didn’t add up. So, my inquisitive self-called again and said, “We are talking about the maple desk with 5 drawers correct?” He laughed loud in my ear and said, “Hahaha!! No! I thought we were talking about my $800 executive desk. Yes, I still have that small one.” tsk.


So, here it is in its worn-down state and I was right! {{fist pump}} Stamped on the back is VANITY. It had no mirror, but no fear. Junkin’ mama has the solution!

Worn Top of Vintage Vanity |

A couple of years ago I redid a mirrored dresser in this post. When my client purchased the dresser, she didn’t want the mirror. Funny thing is that back in that old post I mention that my son and I were redoing two mirrored pieces at the same time, and he took my mirror and painted it purple. We finally switched them back and I painted it green to match the dresser. So, here I am with this forlorn mirror needing a new purpose.

Vintage Vanity Mirror for Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |


First order of business, get that damaged vanity top sanded down with my sander to reveal that gorgeous wood. Call me crazy, but I love to smell the wood when it’s revived and definitely touch it. mmm… Once ready to go, I used a selection of three different stains to get the color I was after (Early American, Provincial, and Espresso)

Sanded Vanity Top |

I will admit I was tempted to go all wood, but my favorite finish kept begging me to do it. Using a stain/paint combination is a favorite of mine. Not only does it showcase the wood but gives it an updated feel.

I used a polycrylic to topcoat the stained top. Now onto the base of the vanity. Since I’m pairing that mirror with this, I needed to give them all the same base coat. I intend to distress this set, so I use a dark gray to blend them all together.


Painting Hurricane Gray by Dixie Belle Paint | Prodigal Pieces |

After one coat of gray cured, I used my wax to touch the areas I wanted to peek through when distressing the next layer. It allows me to distress without going all the way back down to the wood.

Adding Wax to Drawers for Distressing Method | Prodigal Pieces |

Pink isn’t really one of my go-to colors, but a soft shade seemed perfect. It’s feminine without being foofy. It reminds me of days-gone-by and and old farmhouse quilt.


The vanity base and mirror get one coat of the pink and then it’s time to reveal this beauty.

Simply Chic Vintage Vanity Painted Tea Rose Pink by Prodigal Pieces |

Vintage Dressing Table with Needlepoint Chair in Tea Rose Pink by Prodigal Pieces |

What a fun makeover this was. First, because I got to pair a couple of cast-offs to make a sweet marriage of vintage. Second, because I got to use some wonderful paints to bring it all together.

Vintage Vanity with Paint & Stain Combination by Prodigal Pieces |

Do you remember from my Toile Secretary Desk post I found a chair to go with it? The same seller had this gorgeous needlepoint chair as well. Isn’t it perfect? I had been searching for months (MONTHS!) for a chair to pair with this set. The hand-carved back and splat make me drool.

Antique Needlepoint Chair for Vintage Vanity by Prodigal Pieces |

The needlepoint inspired me to add a bit of the same floral design to the mirror to tie it all in.

Tea Rose Pink Vintage Vanity with Needlepoint Chair by Prodigal Pieces |

Farmhouse Chic Vintage Vanity Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

How exciting to see it all come together. If you love it too, you can find it available in my online shop.

Shop Prodigal Pieces Furniture, Vintage Finds, Handmade Goods, & Supplies for your home | #prodigalpieces

Sweet Vanity Vignette by Prodigal Pieces |

My hope is to have inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to your home. You can make it your own and it be affordable too. Do pin and share my vintage vanity painted pink to inspire others to give DIY a try!

A cast-off mirror and vintage vanity painted in a soft pink for a makeover you don't want to miss. See more at Prodigal Pieces |

Up next, I’m sharing the build plans for my concrete tables as I promised in my fire pit reveal. If you missed it, you really want to check it out as there is much to see. Such fun!

DIY Outdoor Concrete Table for Patio or Deck by Prodigal Pieces |
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  1. Christina in FL says

    Wow!! I am not a fan of pink yet I love this makeover! The color is so soft and warm!! The top is perfect. Again, wow!! I love the mirror on it and the chair with the details is perfect with it. Your staging is understated and elegant. Way to go!!! Happy dancing with you!

    • Larissa says

      Hooray!! Yes, pink is a color I have to have in just the right shade to love it. This one fit me to a TEA (pun intended). πŸ™‚ Thanks so much, Christina!

  2. Gret says

    Love the combination of refinished wood and paint. I have a side table just waiting for a similar make-over!

  3. Donna Gonzalez says

    I am not normally a pink lover, but that is GORGEOUS!

  4. ColleenB.~Texas says

    Not really a fan of pink, but that is absolutely darling and what a great addition by adding the mirror.
    If I should happen to win; I probably would repaint my cute little tea cart. Been wanting to do so for quite sometime now but just undecided on color.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

    • Larissa says

      It just needed to be a vanity again for someone to love on. Thanks, Colleen!

  5. Frances Batson says

    I love the wooden top. Looks great with the paint.

    • Larissa says

      I had to figure out a way to showcase that gorgeous wood while marrying the mismatched pair. Win-win. Thanks, Frances. πŸ™‚

  6. Carol S says

    Nice touch with the painted roses on the mirror, Larissa. It’s those kind of things that take your work to a higher level. Love it! Excited to try Dixie Belle paints.

    • Larissa says

      I wholeheartedly appreciate that, Carol, and glad you take notice. Thank you!

  7. Susan says

    I’m not a huge fan of pink, but this is just gorgeous ! Bet that one flies out of your shop.

    • Larissa says

      It is just the right color for a feminine, but not too girly, feel. Thanks, Susan.

  8. Deb says

    I love it! I have a vanity that just needs that beautiful color!

  9. Leona Gibbs says

    Well I have a vanity that was old when I got it. And you have inspired me with this makeover to try to do something similar. I was of the belief that you should not paint wood but I have changed my mind. Now I just have to make some time.

    • Larissa says

      I really debated on how to finish this one as it is hard maple, but the only way to tie those two pieces of different woods together was to paint. I just love the outcome. Thank you for the love!

  10. Lezlie adams says

    It is lovely. I love the pink. It is a perfect choice for this piece.

  11. Carole says

    So cute for a little girl! No a “pink” person, but I love the way you married the two pieces, and it all came together for a fabulous piece.

  12. Elaine says

    I have three small wall cabinets (second hand store finds), and I am wanting to paint them in complimentary colors so that they can be grouped together. I’m loving the hurricane gray you used.

    • Larissa says

      Sounds good! That color works with so many eras. Love it!

  13. Joy says

    Pink is my fav! That tea rose color is great!

  14. Roberta says

    Wow! That is really pretty!

  15. Robin Fleming says

    Love the makeover! I’ve used Dixie Bell products and love them. Wish I could sell them in my shop!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! Have you signed up to be a retailer? These paints would sell themselves. πŸ˜‰

  16. Judy Burnside says

    The set turned out great and I really like the way you used the mirror to complete the vanity – as it should be! The pink with gray underneath gives a real aged and well-worn feel, like it might be sitting in my greatgrandma’s bedroom. And thanks again for sharing your technique for using wax to make distressing the piece easier – I’m definitely going to try that. Have a blessed day.

    • Larissa says

      aww…you got exactly what I was after, Judy. Thank you!

  17. Cecilia says

    Ok, I’m not a pink person but this really turned out beautifully! Love it! It’s so soft and romantic.
    I’d love to try Dixie Belle Paint! I think my farm table might be my victim, lol. Or a sweet little bench needing a makeover. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. JERI says

    Love the soft pink color. I have used the Dixie Belle paint on one project and really love the coverage it provides. I wish I would have known about their Gator Hide product – can’t wait to try that!

    • Larissa says

      It goes on so nicely and bonds like a dream. Just love it!

  19. Karen Reeves says

    I am also not really a fan of pink, but this is beautiful. Nice job!

  20. Laura Werley says

    I would have called it a desk, also. I love the gray as the first coat and the pink is a great color. Love the color of the stain. Thanks for another great give away.

    • Larissa says

      Oh definitely. I just knew it had potential to be more though. Thanks!

  21. Lisa says

    I ❀️ Hurricane Grey with the Vintage Pink combo finished off with the stained top. That’s my go to look as well, very classic. Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize package.

  22. Kim says

    What a sweet set! I’m thinking I need some Dixie Bell paint in my life.

  23. Sian says

    I love it, and I have a similar vanity that I would also paint.

  24. Jane says

    Nice job! Love the color combination. Keep up the good work.

  25. susan says

    Pink is a controversal color, it seems some people love it or loathe it. My daughte, slender, white blond, pale eyes, would NOT wear pink, ever. When we were shopping for he junior prom, she ended up with a lovely, pale pink dress and we both could not believe that the color she had avoided, was, happily, her beautiful choice. It was such a classic, it still looks beautiful in photos. Some designs are dated and sometimes, we laugh at our choices, but that dress was a winner.

    • Larissa says

      Good for her! I like pink, but solely depends on the shade. πŸ˜‰

  26. Lee Ann Oliverio says

    I love that old-fashioned pink! Just beautiful. I would paint my dining room chairs first! Not pink for that project, though! Pinned!

    • Larissa says

      haha…sounds good to me! Got your extra entry. πŸ™‚

  27. gwen says

    well, i’m not a pink-kinda-gal either, but i have to admit – this vanity is lovely! (you had me when you said it reminded you of a vintage quilt – what’s not to love?) i love the natural wood-paint combination you chose! the chair you paired with it is beautiful and i wish i could hand-paint (?) the flowers like you did. i’ve pinned the post, gone to Facebook to visit Dixie Belle Paints. my plan is to paint two waterfall bedside tables with this beautiful paint! JOB WELL DONE LARISSA!

  28. Maureen says

    Love this. I’m not a huge pink person but it is perfect on this vanity and mirror. Nicely done. Haven’t tried Dixie Belle paints yet but I would love to!

  29. Kathleen says

    I just bought this color last week to use on a vanity! So pretty!!

  30. Dawn Reid says

    Loving this makeover; tea rose is a beautiful color ! Have an old dresser to redo, which should look lovely in this color ! Following you via email now & will sign up for Pinterest & Instagram ! Lovely redos !!

  31. Jane says

    I AM a huge fan of all things pink and I LOVE the Dixie Belle pink that you used. It does remind me of a time long ago….very soft, nothing brash about it. Your makeover on the vanity and mirror are beautiful. Love it!

    • Larissa says

      Excellent! I do love pink for sure, just more in my clothes than home. Thank you for the love!

  32. Kimberly says

    Beautiful piece. I just had a similar piece given to me as a “desk”. You did a great job of refreshing it while keeping the vintage charm.

  33. Cheryl says

    ❀️❀️❀️❀️ Larissa, beautiful job! I am a pink gal, as far as clothing goes. I’m priming to refinish a desk in Anne Sloan Scandinavian Pink! Pushing my edge?

    • Larissa says

      Me too! I have pinks and all sorts of color, but tend to not have it in my home as much. Good for you!

  34. Patricia Dianne Allmond p says

    Larissa, your tea rose vanity is sooo pretty. As, I’ve said before you are so talented. Love your work. Wish I lived near your shop so I could come see and shop!!

  35. Karen Baumgardner says

    Love the mirror with that vanity..they look as if they were always a pair. The power of paint never ceases to wow me. I’d love to try the Dixie Belle brand – I have many pieces awaiting their wake-up call in my basement.

  36. liz says

    I always love your work. You really are so talented. I would paint my end table that recently was rotated into service in the living room.

  37. Christy says

    This is gorgeous, Larissa! Good thing you realized there was a mix-up when you were talking to the seller ha ha!

    • Larissa says

      Thanks, Christy! This was to be my FFF post, but ah well. Yes, so good I called back. Too funny!

  38. Lisa says

    I have been following your blog for a while now. Beautiful work!

  39. Mary Jo says

    I love this vanity! Pink is my favourite colour and it looks great. I have so many things in my house that I would love to refinish and your blog inspires me to get going and give it a try. Thanks

    • Larissa says

      How wonderful to hear you are inspired. Thank you, Mary Jo!

  40. Kelly says

    Gorgeous! Great shade of pink! Can you explain why you use 3 shades of stain? It’s beautiful!

    • Larissa says

      I wanted to find the right blend to accent the chair. πŸ™‚

  41. Susan Coleman says

    I have used Dixie Belle before but am now inspired to return to my local outlet to see and buy more. Why I didn’t trust my own judgement in the first place is beyond me- it’s like I need a pro like you to A-ok a product but hey that method works for me! Buying more!

  42. Jonnie says

    I love that you kept the table top wood. It really makes it pop! I would paint my blanket ladder.

  43. kimmylouwho says

    I love this redo! So pretty and perfect in pink! I would love to try this Dixie Belle paint; have a project waiting for paint!

  44. Marcie Lovett says

    I recently picked up a vanity and matching dressers from craigslist. They need some work, but they’ll be pretty fabulous when they’re finished. Still trying to decide on a color, though….

  45. Marie|The Interior Frugalista says

    I LOVE Dixie Belle Paint and this one color I haven’t tried yet but is on my Must Try List. What beautiful makeover, Larissa and one lucky girl is going to be VERY happy having this in her room!

    • Larissa says

      You will rock it, Marie, I know it. Thanks for the love!

  46. Wanda Hernandez says

    Thank you Larissa, you give me courage to to love what I am learning to do…with my furniture make overs!

  47. Toni says

    I just came across this site & love what you did with this vanity, it is gorgeous.

    • Larissa says

      Hi Toni! I’m so happy to have you. Thanks for the kind words. πŸ™‚

  48. Fran Legler says

    I’m not a bright pink person either, but this is gorgeous! You have such a great color sense!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Larissa says

      I try to keep the piece true to its era. Thank you for getting me. πŸ™‚

  49. Keasha says

    I love pink and I really love the desk. I have several pieces that I would love to try Dixie Belle on. Love your blog.

  50. Maria says

    Would love to try out this paint – hadn’t heard of it until today… thanks for the opportunity!

    • Larissa says

      Wonderful! It’s a mineral based paint that really impressed me the minute I dipped my brush. That’s saying much as I have tried dozens and am picky. πŸ™‚

  51. Sue says

    Your makeover is beautiful! I love the pink color and stain too ~ I have tried Dixie belle paint on a couple of small chairs but I’m looking forward to painting an old china cabinet I picked up over the winter; I was just waiting for the perfect pink and I think I’ve found it!

    • Larissa says

      How fun is that?! I’m so happy to hear it, Sue. Thank you!

  52. Michelle says

    Larissa, this is so sweet and feminine, and I love how you married the three pieces that just so happen to be perfect together! I love your work!!! ?

  53. Lisa Filiberto says

    The pink over gray is gorgeous and the mirror is a perfect fit, very pretty!

  54. Patty Soriano says

    Did you paint flowers on the top of the mirror ? so cute! Would love to win some paint so I can get a good start on so many pieces I’ve been collecting. A lot of little tables and chairs. Thank you for the chance, Larissa !

    • Larissa says

      Yes, I mentioned in my post that it just needed something, so I copied the needlepoint chair. yay!

  55. Patty Soriano says

    It’s on my Pinterest board!

  56. Michelle Cotter says

    I was just looking at Dixie Belle paint on Instagram yesterday! I saw lots of colors I loved. You never steer me wrong, everything you have recommended and I have tried has been great! Fingers crossed!

  57. Jeane Gallo says

    Love that sweet pink shade. And painting the same flowers from the chair was pure inspiration. Love it.

    • Larissa says

      It just needed something to tie it all together. I’m so happy you like it!

  58. Stacey says

    I love seeing your transformations. Your such an I spiration

  59. Phylis Cummings says

    Beautiful piece…love how you brought it all together!

  60. Jennifer Z says

    Love your project! I would paint my matching set of bedside tables! I pinned this to my pinterest!

  61. Lorrie Geer says

    wow what a beauty I would love to paint my dresser this color

  62. Leah Ward says

    Wow!! I love your post and your work!!! Everything looks amazing.

  63. Patti says

    I absolutely love this vanity! The color is oh so lovely!! And the chair goes so well. A great makeover! I would like to paint a twin bed that my husband will make into a bench that color. It would be perfect!

  64. Tracy Shook says

    Love the color combinations!! A classic look but not too girly! I am loving ALL the Dixie Belle colors after seeing them on furniture pieces!! Great job!!

    • Larissa says

      Yay! What fun to hear, Tracy. It was a blast to get to work on this and see it come to life. Thank you!

  65. Linda Heathington says

    LOve this piece and love Dixie Bell paint.

  66. melinda says

    I have never heard of this paint before. Anxious to use it though. beautiful job on the dresser and mirror,I would of never knew they weren’t suppose to belong together. great job!

    • Larissa says

      It is a mineral based paint that really impressed me the first time I used it. Clings to my brush, great coverage, and brush-stroke free. I have tried dozens and there aren’t that many that impress me. πŸ˜‰

  67. Tracey D says

    I love the stained top and painted body style also. I haven’t seen it with pink before but really like it. You did a great job!
    I have a dresser I would love to refinish if I win a prize package. Thank you for the opportunity.

  68. Kayla Starr-Smith says

    Awesome post! I am hoping to get to my dixie Belle dealer this weekend! Love your color choices for this piece. Thank you show much for sharing πŸ™‚

  69. Brenda says

    Beautiful makeover. i love pink and this shade fits this vanity just right. I also love the wood top and the addition of the mirror. I have two tables that are waiting for attention so that’s what I would paint with Dixie Belle. Thanks for all the inspiration too.

  70. Bryan Patterson says

    Love the project I need some paint for a box I’m making ?

  71. Brenda says

    Beautiful makeover. This shade of pink fits this vanity just right. I love the wood top and the addition of the mirror. Thanks for all the inspiration too.

    • Larissa says

      It just needed a soft touch to tone down the 50’s vibe it had going on. Thank you!

  72. Brandi Bryant says

    If I win, the first thing I would paint would be my Grandma’s vanity. When I was young I used to love watching her roll her hair with those little rollers. Guess what? She also had a bedroom with pink carpet too, feeling nostalgic. Pink is not favorite, but I am seriously thinking about using the same colors and techniques you have shared with us. I hope mine turns out as beautiful as yours when I get a chance to work on it. Thanks for the giveaway and for all you do. Beautiful work as usual.

    • Larissa says

      awww…that is so sweet. I’m sure you will make it shine, Brandi.

  73. Christi Norris says

    Not a pink fancier myself, but really love this project. Especially marrying two different pieces. I’d like to enter for drawing. I I had some paint, I would redo a scruffy old telephone table. Might even paint it pink.

  74. Nicole says

    The vanity is so pretty. I can’t wait to try this color!

  75. Susan says

    Not much else I can say but I love it just like the rest of your projects!!!!

  76. Sara Skidmore says

    Great read and good referrals. Thanks so much.

  77. Kristin rosenbeck says

    I love the gray peeking through. By using wax, does the tea rose not take or does it make it easier to sand back?

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! Yes, it doesn’t adhere and that way you can sand back to gray and not wood.

  78. Shea says

    I love this! Not sure what I would paint first probably the dresser I use for storage in my office.

  79. Terrie Griggs says

    Love your sense of style Larissa

  80. Becky says

    Woo-hoo! Nice pairing! I really like the flowers you added to the mirror. It NEEDED them. : )
    I’m painting my living room furniture at present, so sign me up for some paint! : ) I need to order one of those lovely round brushes you sell too. Painting some legs gave me an “ah-ha” moment. : )

    • Larissa says

      I think so too. hee hee. Sounds good to me! I love those moments. πŸ˜€

  81. Melissa says

    Great job. Those go perfectly together. I’m not much of a pink girl either but that color is perfect. I’m still working on my youngest daughters bedroom makeover and that color would be perfect on her footboard. Love that you have given us a chance to win.

  82. Mechele Rose says

    Great makeover, love the color. First thing I would paint would be a child’s vanity and chair. Pinning this

  83. Nancy says

    Just gorgeous! How do you find the time for all you do?

    • Larissa says

      I don’t sleep. ahahaha!! (seriously) But…I also have wonderful help from my gang.

  84. Rachel Barnard says

    The first thing I would paint is my pair of mid-century side tables that have just enough water damage that they will have to be a paint project. I also love the finished wood/paint combo finishes, and these tables will be perfect for that treatment πŸ™‚
    I love your vanity project- you did a great job giving a whole new life to both pieces by bringing them together so perfectly!

    • Larissa says

      Your tables sound perfect for this paint prize. Thanks for the love!

  85. Karen Simon Peterson says

    I love this vanity – beautiful! I have an old round table that once belonged to my aunt. It has two levels and some interesting detail on the legs. That is the first thing I would paint if I won. Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. Luanne Parker says

    Once you try Dixie Belle paint you will never go back! It’s so smooth, easy to use, glides on and they have the most amazing colors!

  87. Lynn Carr says

    So pretty! This pink is lovely.
    I just painted an adorable little stool with knobby legs in DB Gulf yesterday. I’ll be putting Gator Hide on it tomorrow. It’s my first DIxie Belle project, I wanted to start small, but I have 5 dining room chairs that are waiting for a Cinderella makeover in Seaglass. ?
    Thanks for the inspiration! I pinned it to my chalk paint board.

  88. Kristina Austin says

    Omg! I love the right shade of pink! This most definitely the right shade of pink! I would sooo love to be able to purchase this vanity it is right up my decorating alley, but alas no funds to spend on this amazing piece. πŸ™ Great job!

  89. Vicki says

    LOVED your tea rose vanity. I’d like to do a vanity as well, but it would be for my granddaughter. Entering the contest with hopes!

    • Larissa says

      That would make you an awesome grandma! Hope you win. πŸ˜€

  90. Debbie R says

    Wow, so beautiful and the needle point chair with ti double WOW. Love the pink color choice!

    • Larissa says

      I just love needlepoint! This one was a gem and feel blessed I could find a match for it. Thank you!

  91. dianne anderson says

    The first thing I will try Dixie Belle Paint on is an old record cabinet.

  92. Meleah says

    I admire the time and attention that you give your pieces, they are beautiful! So many projects, so little time!

  93. Melissa says

    Hi Larissa!
    On many of my projects lately i’ve used milk paint. It comes powdered and I like the fact that I can mix just enough in small batches for each piece. Mostly small tables. Will be venturing into reupholstering an antique love seat and would love to try Dixie Belle Paint for the wood legs and trim work!
    Also recently acquired (side of the road, free!) , twin size, solid wood rounded headboard and footboard. Planning my first rebuild into a bench and it will need paint as well. Always love trying something new!
    Enjoy seeing your amazing work!

    • Larissa says

      Hello! Yes, my favorite milk paint is Junque milk paint. Love the chippy goodness! I’m sure you will love Dixie Belle like I do too.

  94. Robin Fishburn says

    I love the pink as well. Something different…..And I agree with you, there is just something so satisfying about bringing a beautiful piece of wood back to life! What would I paint? Well, I have a friend who just started a ministry to help those coming out of homelessness, or others in need by giving them donated furniture and small appliances. I’d love to help her by refinishing/painting some of the furniture that is donated that is need of some love, or to personalize something to make their new place feel more like home. Thanks for all of the inspiration!!

    • Larissa says

      Yes, that’s it exactly. What a wonderful ministry! That would not only bless others but you too. Yay!

  95. Susan says

    I love that pink over grey!!! Gorgeous! I think I’d like to try the paint on a few upcoming repurposed projects I have in mind! And Im pinning too πŸ™‚

    • Larissa says

      Thanks, Susan! You would rock these paints, girl. πŸ™‚ Got your extra entry.

  96. Sandi says

    I would paint one of my stars. Thanks for the chance to win. Xo

  97. Deanna Hart says

    So many little paint. .LOL! I’m working on my first headboard turned bench project…I would like to try the paints on that!

    • Larissa says

      That would be awesome, John! Sounds good to me. Got your extra entry.

  98. Patty says

    I have a drop leaf dek i rescued from the curb that I have repaired but not yet painted. Dixie Belle has beautiful colors! I think it is time to get inspired!

    • Larissa says

      Score!! Not only the colors, but the ease of use is wow out of the can. πŸ™‚

  99. Tracy Ann says

    I’m amazed and impressed you turned a desk into a vanity. The pieces look like they were made as a set. I have two chairs I’d like to paint.

  100. Patty Eaton says

    I want to paint a vintage waterfall china cabinet in muscadine wine

  101. Charlene says

    Beautiful ! You’d never know they were “married”41

    • Larissa says

      Thanks! I had fun setting up the relationship. πŸ˜‰ tee hee hee.

  102. Teri Ronk says

    Loved reading your blog and seeing your beautiful creation. Truly talented Larissa!

  103. Pamela says

    Thank you for leaving this post up. Just bought this exact β€œdesk” at a flea market for dirt cheap today and wanted to find its history before giving it a makeover. Now I’m torn between making it a desk or vanity. Yours turned out great!

    • Larissa says

      How fun, Pamela! I’d love to see what you do with it. πŸ˜€

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I love it! Larissa is amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then she took care of the rest! This is my second piece I've bought from her and I'm in love! I highly recommend her.

~ Laurel

Prodigal Pieces

~ Laurel

I love it! Larissa is amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then she took care of the rest! This is my second piece I've bought from her and I'm in love! I highly recommend her.

I love this cart, it's exquisite. The item was received in extremely secure packaging, no damage to the item. The delivery person was very professional and courteous. Larissa of Prodigal Pieces is so very amazing. A rating of 10 is deserved. Thank you, Larissa.

~ Stephanie

Prodigal Pieces

~ Stephanie

I love this cart, it's exquisite. The item was received in extremely secure packaging, no damage to the item. The delivery person was very professional and courteous. Larissa of Prodigal Pieces is so very amazing. A rating of 10 is deserved. Thank you, Larissa.

I should have left this review MONTHS ago! I absolute love this lunch bag. I honestly carry this 5 days a week. It is the perfect size! Not only can you put your lunch in it, it can also hold your book. I enjoy reading at lunch, so I have all I need in one cute bag. Thank you so much Larissa!

~ Mikki

Prodigal Pieces

~ Mikki

I should have left this review MONTHS ago! I absolute love this lunch bag. I honestly carry this 5 days a week. It is the perfect size! Not only can you put your lunch in it, it can also hold your book. I enjoy reading at lunch, so I have all I need in one cute bag. Thank you so much Larissa!

Awww…I love this sweet Cat with an attitude!! SO SO adorable! Well worth the money, and he will become a priceless treasure in my home! Thanks Larissa for always making your ideas turn into true treasures!

~ Sharon

Prodigal Pieces

~ Sharon

Awww…I love this sweet Cat with an attitude!! SO SO adorable! Well worth the money, and he will become a priceless treasure in my home! Thanks Larissa for always making your ideas turn into true treasures!

Perfect purchase from start to finish! Absolutely adorable piece so creatively thought out. Packed with the greatest of care with lightening fast delivery. Very customer-oriented and friendly crafter. Could not ask for more! Thank you!

~ Deanna

Prodigal Pieces

~ Deanna

Perfect purchase from start to finish! Absolutely adorable piece so creatively thought out. Packed with the greatest of care with lightening fast delivery. Very customer-oriented and friendly crafter. Could not ask for more! Thank you!
Prodigal Pieces