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DIY Fire Pit ~ Backyard Budget Decor

It is finally summer and I am so excited!! Why? Because my cabin fever stent is over and my family and I can finally get into our back yard. I have been staring out my windows all winter scheming and planning new and improved ways to make it more hospitable. I’m also about making it easier to care for (can I get an amen?). Today is all about our forlorn fire pit. It has served us well over the last four years, but today is demo time. Follow along as we show you how to create your very own DIY fire pit.

Top View of Messy Fire Pit |

Before we get started, I wanted to give you a bit of history on this fire pit. Four years ago I shared this original post detailing how blessed I was to be able to create it for JC on Father’s Day without spending a dime. All the materials were sourced from Read more

Backyard Fun ~ DIY Style #1 ~ Sand Table

Summer is quickly coming to an end, but there is still plenty of time left to enjoy the beautiful weather and outdoors.  Previously, I had shared with you a couple of backyard projects, the fire pit and my mud bar that were created by using reclaimed materials.  This time, my project is not made with reclaimed wood, but most certainly could be.

Check out one of our favorite backyard projects….the sand table!

DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Not only was this easy to build, but you could use reclaimed materials as well – decking, fence posts, or even turn a pallet upside down (I would have done that if I would have thought of it sooner!).  We wanted a place where the kids could play without sitting in the sand or creating a community litter box (you know it happens!).  We also wanted it large enough that all our gang could build their sand castles, highways, and sand pies.  Ours measures 50.5″L x 36″W x 24″H.  This table is over 2 years old and is still going strong, even after 5 kids!
DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpiecesIf you want to build your own, the layout is simple.  The construction is similar to a deck with a frame and decking attached.  Here is a view from below:
DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpiecesBasic 2×4 frame with decking on top and 4×4’s for the legs, reinforcing with carriage bolts.
DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces
BUT how does the sand stay in, you ask?
Naugahyde!  (Otherwise known as marine grade vinyl.)  You can find it on ebay or in specialty marine stores.  You see, I wanted a table where the sand stays in, but can also have the option of removing the sand so that it can be used with water as well!  {Pump fist – yes!}
DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces
DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpiecesThe naugahyde is attached with a stapler by folding in the top edge and folding up the corners – no cuts made to the naugahyde at all.  When buying the fabric, just measure the bottom surface, add the height of the walls (4 sides) to your dimensions, plus an inch for folding under.  Just make sure your staples are well-driven in so your little guys don’t catch themselves on it.  You can view my tips here – it’s the same as adding upholstery.  We’ve never had a problem.

As for keeping out the critters, we just use a small tarp and bungees to keep the rain and neighborhood furry friends out.  The main problem you will have is keeping your kids out of it once you get it built!

DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpiecesThis table nd our mud bar are by far the most used and most loved toys we have.  Your kids will love it!

DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

DIY Sensory Fun Sand Table by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpiecesGot questions?  Please feel free to ask – I’d love to help!  We are working on putting together a diagrammed tutorial, so become a follower to get all the details.

More DIY projects:

Build Mud Bar Play Station out of Reclaimed Wood by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

DIY Farmhouse Cotton Branches by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Upcycled Footboard into Home & Garden Decor

It’s not a surprise I love a good challenge. This time around, my dad brought me this solitary footboard. I told him I really didn’t have room, but I’d take it. Do you feel an upcycled footboard project coming on? {{dramatic music begins}}

Cast-Off Footboard Before Upcycled Makeover by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

My sweet father brought this to me in late summer and I tucked it in for the winter hoping for inspiration to hit by spring. Honestly, I had in the back of my brain to just set it out for spring clean-up if nothing came to mind to do with. Funny, not funny, was I missed Read more

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Do you hear that? The proverbial angels are singing because we have come to the day that I can finally show you our farmhouse kitchen remodel reveal. It’s been a long time coming and this post definitely won’t be short and will have MANY pictures (no apologies, ahem). So, come along as I take back to our beginning and fill you in on our DIY adventure.

First, let me say a HUGE thank you to my awesome family. JC worked wonders in all aspects of this project. For instance, he took on things he’s never worked on before, all while working many jobs. To our six wonderful kids for being patient as we worked when we could, and for coming along and helping us complete our dream. We couldn’t do it without you! And, for my Lord as I know we couldn’t have done it without Him.

Why the drama you say? It’s just a kitchen, right? Well, to us it’s much more than that. About 3 years ago (2.833 years ago to be exact). While we didn’t work 24/7 on it for that length of time, it still took up much of our free time. And if you know what it’s like being a homeschooling family of 8, that “free time” really doesn’t exist. Also, because of the seasons here, we had to take breaks from it in the summer and work on outdoor projects. In addition, when a vehicle went bad, or overtime at day jobs comes up, we have to stop. So frustrating.

However, we decided it was time to fix a few bugs that were still existing in our home after a quick remodel we did after we moved in. You can see our first post back in 2016 HERE, but I’ll update here as well.

Here is what you would have seen when we bought our home in 2003.

Outdated Kitchen in Before State | Prodigal Pieces |

Ranch Home with Carpeted Dining Area "Before" by Prodigal Pieces |

As I mentioned in my first post, Read more

DIY Coffered Ceiling with Antique Barn Roof Shingles

The time has come for me to share with you the beginning of our family room remodel and the continuation of how we are making our house our home. There is not doubt that owning a home is an adventure and such a blessing. Never did I think we would be here for 15 years, but happily here we are. My goal today is to share with you yet another journey, update you on our past projects, and invite you to learn how to create your own DIY coffered ceiling. (so many have asked!) Let the fun begin…

Truthfully, I hadn’t intended to post much about our next room adventure until our kitchen was complete. If you are new around here, we are wrapping our our 2.5 year kitchen/dining/laundry remodel that began HERE. We did take last summer off to work on numerous outdoor projects too. Since what I am able to help with in the kitchen completion has been on pause, I decided it was time to jump-start our other room – the family room.

The story of our journey really began in 2003 when we bought this house and began the first remodel. Here is peek at the family room we saw when we moved in.

Family Room in the Early Before with New Home |

Pine paneling, old Berber carpet, and open fireplace with built-in bookshelves unseen. You can even still see the drop ceiling just above us. Boy, hard to believe my oldest was a toddler and I was expecting our second baby.

Haynes Family in First Home |

God moved mountains for us to be able to purchase this much of a home in the first place. Never in my wildest dreams would I think we could own a home in Read more

Upcycled Plant Caddy Bamboo Side Table

One of my favorite times of the month is here, Trash to Treasure Tuesday! This is a fun day where my blogger friends and I get together a few projects to inspire you. You’ll find their projects at the end of this post. For me today this pair of ornate iron plates are going to become my upcycled plant caddy project.Plant Caddy Bases Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

Yet again, my dad comes to the rescue. Apparently these were my mom’s plant caddy’s that had the casters fall off. She was going to throw them away. {{gasp}} Mom!! tsk. As soon as he showed me I replied, “They’re cast iron, Read more

Wooden Doll Cradle Made Farmhouse Style

Do you ever wonder what you should have your eye out for while garage sailing or in thrift stores? In my typical jaunts a must for me is to spy anything wooden. When it’s made from wood, it can be altered to your heart’s content and can be transformed with some DIY fun. Check out this wooden doll cradle I found on one of my latest adventures.

Thrifted Wooden Cradle Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

It’s handmade from pine and looks sturdy enough from the pictures, but I had to tell my kids to leave it be until I worked on it. It was wobbly and not very safe for a small child. But…if you look at it, you’ll see it’s in the the raw. Perfect for a little mama & daughter project, wouldn’t you say? Read more

Garden Shed Makeover and Update

When springtime comes, it’s always fun and refreshing time of recovering from winter and watching everything blossom anew. It give us a chance to update and improve so we can sit back and enjoy our summer days to the full. One particular project I’ve been aching to tackle is my garden shed.

Backyard Garden Shed Before Makeover and Update by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

It’s long since needed an update along with repair and some major DIY elbow grease. For the previous owners, it used to be a playhouse for their kids. Apparently they were the coolest kids on the block back in the 70’s because the parents have the shed Read more

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