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Finding Home Episode 2 ~ Two New Chapters

A month has flown by since my family and I launched our Finding Home program and we couldn’t be more excited to be back at it with two new chapters. In my last post about this program, I shared we did a triple gift delivery of three furniture pieces to three different deserving families. This time, I’m not only sharing the happy ending of two more of those three stories, but inviting you to the beginning of Finding Home Episode 2.

Prodigal Pieces Finding Home - a furniture re-homing program for those who need it most |


In my last update, I shared the story of the blue chest of drawers delivered to one deserving couple. Today, I’m proud to share with you the other two stories from our program beginning.

Nominee #2:

Lynne sent in her nomination for Taylor & Lindsey. They are a military family with three little boys and a whole lotta determination. Having a family member serving our country is tough on the entire family during deployment. Often their service requires moving from base to base. They have found they can make a home with cast-off furniture from fellow military families and curbside finds, but have never been treated to the luxury of their own furniture. Working hard is the only way they know to be. I highly respect that.

To honor their service and devotion to our country, we chose to send them my son’s antique Art Deco buffet he redid in this post. You can see how we prepare our items for shipment in our last post mentioned above and at the bottom of this post, but we try to make it fun and keep it a secret gift surprise as much as possible.

Because Taylor & Lindsey were moving across country, they had to be let in on the surprise. You can imagine their excitement when they arrived at their new home and they see this tractor trailer backing in their driveway. Woot!

Freight Delivery of Finding Home Furniture Gift by Prodigal Pieces |

Delivery Truck Arriving with Finding Home Furniture by Prodigal Pieces |

Even the delivery man was getting in on the fun. I love it!

Finding Home Program Making Furniture Delivery |

Time to Open the Surprise from Finding Home |

To see their smiling faces made it all come full circle for us. What a blessing to see!

Taylor & Lindsey Receiving Finding Home Buffet |

I love how even the dog had to join in the fun with a sniff-check. tee hee! A true happy ending for all. From the bottom of our heart, we thank you Taylor and Lindsey. And thank you Lynne, for nominating this deserving family.

Military Family Recipient of Finding Home Furniture Re-Homing Program |

Story #3

Debra nominated her daughter, Lisa, to receive a Finding Home furniture piece. Lisa is described as always giving of herself, to her church, friends and neighbors, and taking care of her daughter as a single mom. Through difficult times she doesn’t give up, and rarely takes time to herself. She’s experienced a loss of her father a couple of years ago, however, that made her feel like giving up. We chose Lisa because wanted to let her know we care.

Our family decided to send her my daughter’s project dresser so she could have a treat to pamper herself and just feel special. It just so happened that the dresser arrived the day before the anniversary of his passing. She said it was “a huge bright spot in an otherwise dim week.” That totally confirmed to us we sent it to the right person.

Art Deco Waterfall Dresser Sent to Finding Home Nominee by Prodigal Pieces |

Thank you, Debra, for helping us make your daughter’s day a little brighter. In Debra’s own words: “Your kindness brought a special light to Lisa’s heart.  She kept saying, ‘I felt so special. I’ve never won anything’. I praise God that he led you to pick her!” {{goosebumps}}

Time to make another story!!

You have the opportunity to honor someone you know that would benefit from a custom-finished piece of furniture. Your honoree will have the BIGGEST gift ever when the tractor trailer pulls up and unloads a giant present wrapped just for them. Can you imagine how fun that will be?!

Maybe your honoree has a need, has difficulty with health issues, or simply deserves to be rewarded for their work for others. Either way, the idea is to bring light to someone’s life that deserves a giant HUG. Let’s give them a gift they’ll never forget! BTW, I’m hoping to keep this a secret from the recipient, but will understand if they need to be told.

I will select furniture that I have done (or my kids have done) or will do to be offered for the Finding Home program. There is NO COST for the furniture itself. All you have to do is submit an honoree (not yourself), agree to terms, and agree to cover costs of shipping to the continental U.S. – $145. Of course, local pickup is available as well. Our shipping cost is half of what retail would be as we get a shipping discount from JC’s workplace (my husband). Normal retail shipping is between $300-400.

JC Haynes with Loaded Towmotor Carrying Finding Home Furniture Delivery by Prodigal Pieces |

That shipping fee amount can be collected from as many parties as would like to honor the selected person. All I need is that the fee be paid from one PayPal account. You can read full terms in the application document below. Get your friends, family, neighbors involved to make it a fun surprise!

Haynes' Kids Helping Wrap Finding Home Furniture Shipment by Prodigal Pieces |

My furniture choice for this Finding Home Episode 2 announcement is one that is near to my heart. I worked very hard on it and wish I had a spot for it somewhere. However, I would much rather see this light up someone’s day. This antique Larkin library table was a fun story as I found it and brought it home. You can read that HERE.

Antique Larkin Library Table Refinished by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | DIY details at

This table does come with the two baskets and will work in most any room of the home.

While we aren’t able to offer three furniture pieces this time (at least we think), we are excited to be able to do anything. It’s long been a dream of mine to be able to do more and this sure does make my dream come true.

Submit Request Application for Prodigal Pieces Finding Home Program |

Please know we are so overwhelmingly excited to do this Finding Home Episode 2. We also hope that our generosity is not abused by those seeking with greedy intent to fill their pocket. This program is solely to bless others – a sort of paying it forward, returning the favor, paid in full, kind of gesture. Deadline for applicants this time around is Tuesday, July 17th, 12 PM EST.

Soon after we select the applicant and furniture is arrives, I will have a follow up post of the recipient receiving the gift as I did today.  A summation of the honoree’s story is then made live with respect to privacy. So be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the announcement in your inbox. If you don’t get picked the first time, you can notify us you would like to reapply your current honoree as each chance arises.

Got questions about Finding Home? Feel free to contact me using the contact form at the top of my blog or leave a comment below. I’m happy to help.

Do pin and share this Finding Home Episode 2 to get the word about what we are wishing to do and so that others can benefit. Thank you!
Know someone who needs or deserves a hug for life's trials or good deeds they do? Submit your honoree to the Prodigal Pieces Finding Home Program | Details at
Up next, I do something fun with this vintage king size headboard. It includes a giveaway for you too. Yay! See the transformation HERE in this post.
Vintage French Provincial Headboard Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

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I’ve been wondering about these stories and I’m so glad to see them! Both are stories of true sacrifice and endurance. Congratulations to them both! I can’t wait to meet more beautiful people/families and hear their stories. Many blessings to you all!

Such heartwarming generosity from you and your family. You are so special and touch so many lives. May God heap His many blessings upon y’all!

Just wanted to send you a hug. I cry every time I read these stories. Being Canadian I can’t participate (understandably so) and if I knew of a deserving family in the USA I would certainly submit. I have so much respect for you and your family! xo

What a beautiful post and story Larissa!! I bet both families are thrilled to bits!! This is such a wonderful gesture and you have inspired me to kick something off in Australia with full credit to you my friend. Just beautiful 💗💗💗

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