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Painted Entertainment Stand in Hale Navy

It is on a daily basis that I get asked questions either about a project that I have worked on in the past or a person has their own project they’d like some advice on. I’m eager to help and try to be informative. This time around, however, I am able to physically help out a local follower with this piece she had. Her second-hand find is about to become a painted entertainment stand. Check it out.

Entertainment Stand Before Makeover |

Kathryn contacted me about this entertainment stand via social media per suggestion through some friends of hers. Originally, she asked for advice on how she could paint this the easiest way. My first advice to her was to prime and paint using a Round Brush to get into all those nooks and crevices, since she didn’t own a sprayer.

Ornate Entertainment Stand Before Being Painted by Prodigal Pieces |

Eventually, a few weeks went by and she mentioned she still hadn’t tackled the stand and wondered if I’d have a go at it. I’ll be honest, it’s not often I take on custom work because I’m always so busy. However, this time around I knew I had just the thing to get it done quickly with the best finish.


The day that Kathryn dropped off the stand, I was eager to take a peek at this ornate piece. She mentioned that she had removed the doors and had two broken teardrop pulls. At first glance, I saw that this was basically a mix of manufactured wood and real wood. So, it’s not a high end piece, but who would know, right? It sure looks sweet, though that finish is…well…horrid.

Ornate TV Stand Top |

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It has a super thick glossy poly on it that was kinda a hot mess, which can make it hard to get a smooth finish when concerned with all those details. You don’t want build-up and drips.

First, I used my sander to lightly sanded down the existing drips, and also the surfaces that would take the most wear. Then, once I had it prepped, it’s time to break out my favorite HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer! [it’s at this point I have hands on my hips with cape flying behind me and sprayer in hand with dramatic music playing! Think Super Mama…gotta have fun. tsk.]

Priming with HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Paint Sprayer by Prodigal Pieces |

Notice that I also have the stand set up in my Medium Spray Shelter and also on my handy DIY Furniture Turn Table (tutorial HERE). Take a peek at all my past sprayer projects in these posts.

TV Stand in HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter |

Tools certainly make the job easy and professional. I’m a tool lover and remember my motto: #TOOLSOVERJEWELS {{fist pump}}


Okay, so we are now ready to go. First order of business is to get that Gripper primer on. Why Gripper? Well, like I mentioned, we have a super thick topcoat to go over. Plus, Kathryn will be using this daily and has small children too, so you know it will take on much wear. You can see other applications I’ve used it on HERE.

Spraying Gripper Primer to Entertainment Stand with HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra |

I simply fill my canister with primer and thin per manufacturer directions suggests. While spraying, I make sure to move with my elbow, not my wrist. It’s important to begin spray before you hit your surface, and continue to spray until off. Also, I make sure my flow is set properly before beginning by practicing on a scrap piece of wood or cardboard.

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces Priming Entertainment Stand with Gripper Primer using the HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer |

Then, when done I let the primer cure, and clean my sprayer so it’s ready for the next round. The primer is already making this look so much better, don’t you think?

Primed TV Entertainment Stand |


Now for the fun! Because this painted entertainment stand is a custom piece for Kathryn, she is choosing the color and I second the nomination. BLUE. Isn’t this a gorgeous color? It’s called Hale Navy and is custom mixed into a satin paint.

Hale Navy Blue Paint for Painted Entertainment Stand |

Again, just like before, I follow manufacturer instructions and fill my sprayer canister. The stand is getting two coats of paint, so I want to make sure my undercoat is as good as the finish coat.

Spraying Navy Blue Paint onto Entertainment Stand with HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra | #prodigalpieces

Doesn’t this make you go oooh…?


Finally, after all is cured the painted entertainment stand is ready to take center stage.

Navy Blue Painted Entertainment Stand by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #furniture #home #diy #homedecor #paint

Ornate Navy Blue Painted TV Stand by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #furniture #blue #home #diy #homedecor

Doesn’t that satin blue look perfect? The details of the wood really pop out now. Kathryn had picked out the replacement knobs in a soft silver – a beautiful contrast.

Navy Blue Painted Entertainment Stand Top by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #home #homedecor #furniture #diy #blue

Painted Hale Navy TV Stand with Tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #homedecor #furniture #blue

Also, for a bit of fun, I suggested that Kathryn pick a contrasting color for the interior of the cabinet. It would have been to dark to use the blue in there as well, so she decided on a soft green I custom mixed. It’s the same color I used on my upcycled chest into map cabinet.

Blue Entertainment Stand with Soft Green Interior by Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #diy #home #homedecor #furniture #modernchic

Hale Navy Blue Painted Entertainment Center with Tutorial by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | #prodigalpieces #furniture #diy #home #boho #homedecor

I had to giggle at one point when going over colors and such with Kathryn. She said, “Wow, how long have you been doing this?” Well, let’s just say over 7 years in blog land, but color and design have always been my thing in every area in my life. Isn’t it fun to look back into our past to see our journey to today? Both the good and bad bring us right to where we are. I’m so glad to have worked with Kathryn.


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Bring a color pop to your home with a painted entertainment stand. Larissa of Prodigal Pieces shows you how at #prodigalpieces #furniture #diy #home #homedecor #paint

Up next, my kids and I will be back with our Prodigal Pieces Kids CREATE making use of these old buttons. Come join our fun HERE!

Pile of Vintage Buttons | Prodigal Pieces KIDS Create |

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138 replies on “Painted Entertainment Stand in Hale Navy”

I still have a couple of wooden bar stools to do along with a full size bed frame.
The entertainment stand is absolutely gorgeous. Love the color
Thank You for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

I would love to win this sprayer. I am painting a crib for a friend right now. This giveaway would make this task so much easier!
Love your work. The blue is beautiful and has my brain spinning on where I could use that color.

Wow! The blue is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t attempted much with spraying furniture, but I sure like the outcome. Part of the reason is that I don’t have a good way to do it without getting overspray on everything in my workshop! So the shelter would be “the cat’s meow” shall I say?! You make it look so easy Larissa! I am so inspired by all that you do. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of following your blog. 🙂

haha…meowwwww! You are so right. That is half the battle because, like you, I don’t have a spray booth in my workshop and these pop-ups are perfect. Thank you for the love, Judy!

Beautiful! Love the details on this piece that just needed someone with an eye to bring them out. Thank you for the inspiration. I have a dresser in need of a makeover I now feel inspired to tackle Thanks!

I dabble in refinishing furniture myself, the spray tent would come in handy. I know my husband would appreciate it since I’m doing my projects in the garage (aka his domain!). Love the navy color 👍🏼

I think I’m weird… I love the tear drop pulls!!! Actually Loved the shadowy look of it as it was sitting in the tent ready to be primed?!! Lol I’m crazy! But the after is beautiful as well!!🙌

Love the color of the tv stand! I can not image how long it would have taken to paint this project without this paint sprayer! Now that it is getting cooler in my neck of the woods a spray shelter would be great to use on my porch to paint the coffee table my son brought home last summer from a neighbor’s trash pile.

What an amazing cabinet and your painting is so so good! With a very small yard and no workshop, I’ve been painting in my kitchen and would love to be able to do all of this outside! That tent is amazing!!!

We have an old dresser that is just crying out for some love! I love that blue color! I think sometimes I get in a rut by playing it safe.

Kathryn is a lucky lady! This piece is beautiful. Now, if I had a spray tent, I promise that I would complete every single project that I have ever dreamed of!!

Absolutely beautiful! You have a gift for knowing what colors and finishes will bring out the beauty of a piece. That’s one reason I follow you! Thank you too for detailed tutorials. Makes life good for us who follow.

I like the blue on this piece soo much better than the original finish. I love blue as an accent and I just need to find the right size piece to add to my decor. You did a great job-as usual! I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to each one. You inspire and encourage us all. Thank you for sharing your talents and for the chance to win the spray shelter. I already have the Home Right sprayer, but alas it is still in its box😢 waiting for its shelter “soul mate”! Hope I win!
Hugs, Susan

You are so wonderful to leave such a feel-good comment, Susan. Thank you! I wish I could help you get that out of the box and have at it! 😀 You will fast become addicted when you do. tee hee.

Hi Larissa, I love all the details on this piece and those curvy legs!!! The Hale Navy paint color looks great on this piece and your custom mix paint looks great in the inside of this piece. Great teamwork ladies!!

What a gorgeous piece! At first that color looked like baby blue in the can, but I just adore the deep blue it became! Larissa….do you clean the spray tent after you use it ? if so, how ?

LOVE what you did with the piece! Kudos!! I got an idea from this project for a piece I wasn’t sure what color to paint. Your undercoat looked a silvery grey to me and that will be the color I use on an old cabinet. I’ll also use a glaze to highlight the trims. THANKS! Keep up the great work Larissa!

oh my stars! that blue is stunning! a paint sprayer and tent are on my wishlist. I am forever outside painting something. Endless spray cans are driving me nuts though.

Very nice! I would have never thought of that color but it totally works! I guess I stay pretty boring with off white, black or grey. Maybe it is time I get a little more daring! I have been eyeing a shelter for a while now. I just have a makeshift one that I use now that I use when I use spray paint. That one would be awesome to use with the sprayer! Love your stuff Larissa! You do great work!

Yes, I LOVE this project. It was definitely a diamond in the rough.
I have so many pieces I need to paint that I would have to be blind folded and throw a dart, lol.
I’m not a Facebook user so I can’t check in there and I’m already subscribed to your newsletter.
I especially love your PRACTICAL applications for real people. Keep up the great work.

The entertainment center is a beautiful piece of furniture. The blue paint accentuates the details and your eye is drawn to them. A spray shelter would be a great piece of equipment to have, no more painting in the garage with drop cloths everywhere! It tends to be breezy all the tame here in the desert!

Those details really are the showcased feature on this. I’m delighted you like it. Thank you. I totally here you about the breezes. Fall winds blowing out summer warmth right now here.

That TV stand looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to win the Homeright shelter. I know I will never get one otherwise! Sure would allow more great projects.

Woot! Honestly, this is not all wood, with fake pressed pieces in it and most likely made in Thailand…seriously. But…it looks good and works so we are all about making our house our home. Thanks for the love, Shelley.

That looks soooooooo much better in blue !!! So nice of you to take on a project for someone else, cause I know how hectic and busy life can be !

Absolutely love it! I have an ancient buffet that would look great in this color! Quick rookie question. I can imagine my sons and grandsons moving the TV on the stand in all different directions depending where they are sitting. When do you put a poly finish on? Only when staining or can it be done after priming and painting too?if I want to really protect my projects from the boys (their famous line is “Well, I didn’t know” when they scratch something. Trying to be Super Gramma but don’t want to do all that work only to have the boys scratch it up (inadvertently of course lol). Love your posts always!

Thanks! You most certainly can, though keep in mind most polys yellow over time (I’ve tried them all and not a one doesn’t amber). However, with darker colors it’s harder to tell. I hear ya as a mama to 8…gotta do whatcha gotta do! 😀

Loving this cabinet…you always have such perfect taste in color! My first project with the sprayer would be an old golden oak headboard that’s in our guest room…I’d paint it an almond color.

Ok, not gonna lie. I loved that yellow finish before! But I’ll take your word for it that it was nasty in real life. 🙂 I have some tables and such with lots of nooks and crannies that would be PERFECT for a sprayer! I love using spray paint and can’t imagine how much better customization would be!

No worries! Though, like you said, in person it wasn’t yellow. It was the poly that ambered over time which doesn’t look very pretty…like kinda tacky (in the sticky sense) 😉 This sprayer is the best!

Such a wonderful color for such a detailed piece! I love It! Thanks for the opportunity to win a HomeRight Spray Shelter. 😊 I really need it to paint so many pieces of furniture that remain undone.

THANK YOU for painting it! not sure what color scheme it went with before, but this blue is so much prettier! and i like the inside too!

I’ve been contemplating buying a shelter for spraying for all my upcycling goodies in my garage – but winning would be BETTER! I love the blue you painted this table.

Great color change. And, I am impressed with the size of this shelter. Big enough to do some nice pieces, but not too big to handle.

I am hoping to get my mother’s via her grand-mother’s Singer treadle sewing machine cabinet painted. I have had it primed for a couple of years and life got in the way.

I have so many projects that need painting but it’s too hot for me outside. I could set this tent up in my basement and spray paint away.

The cabinet turned out so pretty. Love the hale blue color. I have several pieces of furniture that i need to paint. This sprayer would make the job so much faster.

Love this project! It is gorgeous. Being able to spray paint have it a beautiful finish. If I had a spray tent, i would first tackle a side 4able for living room.

This is an awesome piece!! Those wood details are so beautiful!! I would love to have a home right sprayer!! My first project would be spraying my kitchen cabinets!! I’ve always wanted to paint them.

Another example of how a coat or 2 of paint can turn an ugly duckling into a “Thing” of beauty. I absolutely love how the cabinet was transformed into something the owner would be proud to use in their media room.

I forgot to mention in my first post that the first project(s) I would tackle with the spray booth would be a 2 piece wooden set for my family room which includes a corner shelf and coffee table.

I love how paint transforms things! I would spray this little toy chest we have that needs a good sanding and painting!

Gorgeous! I’m just curious as to your painting technique for the inside of the cabinet. Did you do that with a brush and you suggest painting the inside after the outside, correct?
And if I had one of these shelters, I would pretty much paint anything that was standing still!!! HAHA

I really love the color on this tv stand, what an improvement with just paint! I have a bunch of smalls I need to paint. I had no idea they had a medium size, just small and large. We have some much wind here that I am thinking of checking into something like this. Have a great day!

Beautiful Workmanship as always! Question: You mentioned that when you paint the inside first, you tape off and then spray the outside. To “tape off,” do you put tape around the inside of the cabinet door frame and then close the door? If so, I’m wondering how much spray enters the cabinet since you can’t press the tape down on the inside against the doors after you close them?

When I paint the color inside a contrasting color, I paint the inside, then, depending on if I want the door sides the same as the exterior, I tape off for that when I do the exterior. I didn’t get any inside on this one, and if I did I can touch up with a brush too. Really super easy.

I have a vintage Cosco stool that I picked up at the 127 Sale a few years back. I would love to have the spray shelter to freshen up this piece.

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