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Paint Layering Technique ~ French Relief Wall Art

While I’m always raving about the wood section of the thrift store, there certainly are other haunts that are a must-see too. For instance, these two plaques were in the home decor section and jumped right in my cart…really. tsk. How about I show you my vision for them by demonstrating my paint layering technique? Game on.

Thrifted Plaques Wall Art Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

So…would you grabbed them? To be honest, the color reminded me of a moss covered garden art, which isn’t all that bad…for a garden. However, I had a better idea. I felt they Read more

Updated Bookcase with Paint & Paper

Ooh…do I have some fun for you today! You know I love a good furniture makeover, but when I get to share the fun with you, it’s even better. Check out this cutie below that spoke to my heart the minute I saw it. eep! Looks like it’s time for an updated bookcase makeover, right? (giveaway alert!)

Outdated Bookcase Before Makeover by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces |

When I spied this bookcase at the thrift store, I took note of how cute the lines were and knew that it had potential. It’s made of inexpensive pine and not an antique, so this bookcase is Read more

Modern Dresser Makover ~ Mid Century Chic

I don’t know about you, but I’m super-excited today! Why? Well, today is my first post joining a wonderful group of ladies for Furniture Fixer Uppers. Each month we will be sharing our furniture makeovers to teach, to share, to inspire you. For this month, I’m sharing this vintage piece that is going to get a modern dresser makeover. PLUS, I have a giveaway for you. Yay!

Mid Century Modern Dresser Found at Thrift Store by Prodigal Pieces |

True story, I walked into the thrift store to find only some sweaters to repurpose for my sheep (see here). I pinky swear. As I was heading to the back of the store, the shop lady was on the phone talking to one of the owners telling them that yes, this particular dresser was STILL there and she was to get rid of it. ahem. I halted my tracks and said, “I’ll take it.” Any sane person would have done the same thing.

My peeps, when this piece is sitting there covered in #trashure, falling apart and being dismissed, we must Read more

Table Transformations ~ 20 Different Styles & Eras

Today I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane…or table lane. So many pieces of furniture run through my shop and I never get the chance to tell you about each one. I thought it would be fun to focus on tables and show you how my photography and skills have changed in the last two years because we’re always learning and growing, right? Check out my table transformations.

I’ve put together 20 of some of the tables that have come through my shop for a whirl through the past.  Ready?  Let’s go!  *consider yourself warned this is photo heavy!!

20 Different Table Transformations by Prodigal Pieces #prodiglpieces

I’m going to start with a library table I happened upon while looking for furniture for the home we had just moved into back in 2003. (I told you I was going waaaay back)

They were having half off on some of the items that had been there too long and I spied this antique pine table. I needed something to occupy our long walls, and though I thought this one was too long, I just had to have it because the price tag was right – $20.

20 Different Table Transformations by Prodigal Pieces #prodiglpieces

We made it fit in our living room for several years, but eventually it was hid behind our upright grand piano standing on end. Sad, I know, but we needed the space for other things. It wasn’t until two years ago I decided to give it a makeover because the top was so badly marked up and it needed to go to a new home where it would be loved. Read more

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