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Girl’s Bedroom Set Refreshed with Paint, Paper & Pulls

It’s always good to know when to pick your battles, right? For instance, I know that when I am on Craigslist I will find projects, and when I find projects, I will not be able to resist them. Then, that leads to overload in my workshop and me asking myself, “What did you do?!?” Solution: STAY OFF CRAIGSLIST. There. I said it. To validate my logic, let me show you what happens when I take a peek at Craigslist. See this? That is the result of looking for 5 minutes. Yup. Now, stay with me here as Mr. I and I will show you how it became a girl’s bedroom set.

Vintage 1950's Bedroom Suite found on Craigslist | Prodigal Pieces |

I am innocent, really. Read more

Teen Boys’ Room Reveal ~ Vintage Industrial Style

Vintage industrial style is hot and currently trending, especially for teen boys. Who can deny the funky fun of metals mixed with woods, and the fact that texture abounds? If you know me, you know I love vintage and tend to have an industrial twist in my home. It’s rubbed off on my oldest son and was our focus for our teen boys’ room makeover.

To catch you up to speed, take a minute and head over to see all the BEFORE goodness of their bedroom. I’ve got fun details over there and will help you get the full scope of this project.

Our boy's room is getting a vintage industrial makeover from ceiling to floor. We are removing storage space to save our sanity! Come see why. by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

We’ve gone from a nature-inspired room to a factory-inspired hangout that is full of metal, wood, and oodles of texture. Come on in and take the tour!

* a huge thank you to our sponsors, eFaucets, HomeRight, Ink Shuffle, and Hickory Hardware. This post does contain affiliate links.

We are so pleased with out bright and fresh our boys’ room has become. From the ceiling to the floor, it’s amazing what a little paint and DIY can do for a space. Read more

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Grand Finale

{deep breath} It’s done. Our year-long journey of remodeling to give us our farmhouse master bedroom is complete. If you’re new here, there’s more to the story that meets the eye. We are a family of 8, but not when we started this project. Having lost two babies mid-term just before expecting our 6th child was enough pressure, but when baby came 6 weeks early it put EVERYTHING on hold.  Our full baby story is here.

To catch new readers up to speed, here is the before of our bedroom…

Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom with Sunbleached Gray Floors by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

I’m not going to fuss around…Are you ready?  I am!

With all the work involved in this project, I first want to give praise to God for blessing our family beyond measure, and to my family – my husband and kids. Without their efforts and love, it just wouldn’t have come to fruition.

You’ve seen how we’ve refinished our floors, created a faux barn beam ceiling, added plank walls, and finishing touches, now join me on a tour through our refinished (an all mine) bedroom…

Budget-Friendly French Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Come on in and see for yourself how to change a room with a DIY attitude. Read more

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