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DIY Christmas Swag & Planters from Foraged Greens

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Now that I have that stuck in your head, let’s talk about our Reduce, Reuse, REFASHION time. The last Tuesday of each month I take you on a journey with the intent to inspire. Today, I’m getting the holiday spirit rolling with a DIY Christmas swag and planters (1) created on a budget (2) super easy (3) and perfect for the entire winter season. (not just Christmas)

Larissa of Prodigal Pieces in her Reduce, Reuse, REFASHION series upcycling a flannel shirt for Christmas Decor | #prodigalpieces

In order to do that, I’m making use of this super cozy, yet worn out flannel shirt. Don’t you just love a worn flannel? mmm…so soft.

Reduce, Reuse, REFASHION series hosted by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces | Come learn to create for you and your home | #prodigalpieces

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Repurposed Cupboard Door Jewelry Cabinet

Happy dance goin’ on over here as it’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday! This fun day is for you – to inspire you to give DIY a try. You’ll see my friend’s projects below. Today is all about a fantastic haul I was gifted with recently. You know I never turn down wood, right?  Well, this orphaned cupboard sample crew is about to become a repurposed cupboard door jewelry cabinet. Game ON!

Set of Cupboard Door Samples Before Makeover by Prodigal Pieces |

Before I show you what I did with these, first, let me tell you how I came upon them. A huge thanks goes to my friend Sue. She sent me a massage asking if I would like some cupboard doors. Apparently, her son does cabinetry work on the side and had some doors that were new, but had a flaw or two so they couldn’t be used. She mentioned he was going to burn them because he didn’t Read more

Repurposed Door Mirror ~ Trashure Goodness

Curbside shopping is what I call a trashure hunt – that one’s man’s trash is MY treasure kinda thing. A few years ago I went on my first major trashure adventure with my oldest son and we scored huge. We got desks, dressers, cribs, old wood, and even this old front door with screen and glass insert. Would you have passed it by? Maybe you’ll change your mind when you see what I created for Trash to Treasure Tuesday. This the day where my blogger friends and I share our creations with you. Bring on my repurposed door mirror…and a giveaway for you! {{enter in dramatic music}}

Salvaged Door Before (AKA Trashure) | Prodigal Pieces |

You may remember that a few months ago I took the screen door and repurposed it into a chalkboard. The transformation and DIY tutorial are HERE.

Chalkboard Made from Repurposed Screen Door by Prodigal Pieces |

This time it’s the main frame’s turn. I’m planning on Read more

Repurposed Screen Door Chalkboard

Mmm…love me some trashure time. When the second Tuesday of the month rolls around, my blood starts pumping because it’s Trash to Treasure time! {{happy dance}} My fellow rethunk junkers and I get together to share with you a makeover of some sort to get you inspired and thinking. The project I have for you today has been in my brain for over 3 years. So I hope you enjoy how I am creating a repurposed screen door chalkboard from this…

Salvaged Door Before (aka Trashure) | Prodigal Pieces |

A few years back my oldest son, Mr. I, and I were out during city clean-up doing our first jaunt together ever and we came upon a house that had a nice long dresser set out. Obviously, that caught my attention so we stopped and began to load. While loading the man of the house brought out a few arched frames. I had no idea what they were for, but I wanted them.

I was in a stupor and I had to have looked like a linebacker ready to tackle the anyone who tried to get them before me. My son and I Read more

Chippy Door Turned Into Fabulous Decor

Have you ever seen a chippy door laying in the trash or out curbside after neighbors remodel?  Snatch it up, I say!!  Okay, so I’ve well-established I love junking, and if you didn’t know that yet, you can read more about it in my pallet adventures or my trashure finds (that’s treasure out of trash…don’t you love my word?).

A lovely lady on Craigslist had posted that a wall needed removed from their back lot, I guess the demolition crew got bored and left one wall laying on the ground. So, of course I sent my willing hubby to salvage what he could of that awesome chippy siding – isn’t he great?! In the background of the photo was a solid wood paneled door that screamed, “Take me, take me!”

I asked the lady if the door came with the wall, and she paused…then said, ” That is a piece of junk. It’s not good for anything.” I replied, “Okay, but can I have it?” “Sure”, she said, while I’m sure questioning in her head why in the word I would want a piece of junk. All the while in my head I’m screaming, “SCORE!”  I did a happy dance and my husband wanted to check my temperature. tsk.

Here’s my beauty!

Antique chippy white door becomes functional decor with the addition of barn beam pegs by Prodigal Pieces |

Don’t you just love the character?

Antique chippy white door becomes functional decor with the addition of barn beam pegs by Prodigal Pieces.

This chippy door sat in my garage until the right idea came to me and I had finished painting the paneling in the room it was to go in.  Again, on craigslist, another lady was selling some old barn beam pegs for $5.  I went to go check them out and found them to be more rough than I thought, or at least not enough in good condition to use them for what I had originally had in mind.  I told her that I would have to pass because they might crumble if I cut them.  She said, “Oh, well, in that case you can have them for $1”.  No problem.

So…the happy ending to my story is that the door and barn beam pegs would have a happy meeting and become a centerpiece to my room.

Antique chippy white door becomes functional decor with the addition of barn beam pegs by Prodigal Pieces. www.prodigalpieces.comWant to make one?  Here’s how.

I’m completely positive that you will have horrible trouble trying to locate antique barn beam pegs, so what to do?  Just grab some tree branches similar in diameter, or better yet cut one long branch with similar diameter throughout and then cut them to a 7″ length.  Take all the bark off with a knife and leave them in the raw, that will create a more rustic effect.  Hey, even leave a little bark on for even more dimension.

You could even use a store-bought dowel rod and beat it like crazy with a hammer, score with a knife to create hand-chiseled look, then do a wash with a brown paint to give it texture. To make the wash, just take a small amount of brown paint and add a bit of water.  Wipe it on, then wipe it back off until you get an uneven effect.

Next, grab your drill and a hole saw bit the same diameter of your branch or dowel, and mark where you want your pegs to be.  Drill through on one side.

Antique chippy white door becomes functional decor with the addition of barn beam pegs by Prodigal Pieces.

You won’t be able to go completely through because your drill bit won’t reach, so using the pilot hole the bit created, just turn the door over and finish the hole from the rear.

Antique chippy white door becomes functional decor with the addition of barn beam pegs by Prodigal Pieces.

Just tap the pegs in, they should be snug if you used the right bit.  I didn’t glue or secure mine because I wanted the option of flipping the door when the mood hit me.

Antique chippy white door becomes functional decor with the addition of barn beam pegs by Prodigal Pieces.

My chippy door changes through the seasons with its decorations.  During winter & Christmas I use a crochet scarf with some ice skates, and a pair of child’s knitted mittens that are connected to keep them from getting lost. During spring and summer, I like to feature beautiful blooms drying.

Rustic Farmhouse Eclectic Style Family Room with Leather and Fireplace | Prodigal Pieces |

I even use it in most of my shop’s photos as a backdrop.  When I sold my very first piece to a photographer, she said she’d love to have it, but I told her it was priceless.
What do you think?
Don't throw out your old chippy door. Turn it into decor! See how Prodigal Pieces did it at prodigalpieces.comJoin in the chippy love and find that door you’ve been looking for!
In case you’re wondering what I did with that chippy siding, here’s how it’s currently being put to use:
Build a reclaimed wood tote using cast off chippy siding, baby crib parts, and barn wood by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces
Can you tell I’m having fun? ♥

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